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Keyword: accelerator

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Review of Continuous Beam Electron Machines cw, electron, linac, target 27
  • M. Promé (CEA)
Lasing with FELIX electron, laser, radiation, undulator 46
  • P. W. van Amersfoort, R. J. Bakker, D. A. Jaroszynski, D. Oepts, C. A. J. van der Geer, A. F. G. van der Meer (FOM-Instituut voor Plasmafysica, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)
Operational Experience and Results from the S-DALINAC electron, gun, laser, radiation 49
  • H. Genz, H.-D. Gräf, J. Horn, V. Huck, K. D. Hummel, M. Knirsch, C. Lüttge, K. Rühl, A. Richter, T. Rietdorf, P. Schardt, E. Spamer, A. Stiller, J. Töpper, F. Thomas, O. Titze, H. Weise (Institut für Kernphysik, TH Darmstadt)
An Accelerator for Testing Superconducting RF Structures cw, electron, feedback, field 52
  • J. M. Cavedon, B. Aune, Ph. Bredy, S. Chel, M. Desmons, J. Gastebois, F. Gougnaud, J. F. Gournay, M. Jablonka, J. M. Joly, F. P. Juster, E. Klein, Ph. Leconte, A. Mosnier, B. Phung, H. Safa (DAPNIA/SEA-CE, Saclay), S. Buhler, T. Junquera (IPN, Orsay)
Three Years Operational Experience with LEP injection, luminosity, optics, tune 63
  • R. Bailey, T. Bohl, F. Bordry, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, B. Desforges, A. Faugier, V. Hatton, M. Lamont, J. Miles, H. Schmickler, G. de Rijk (CERN)
Future Accelerator Projects and Collaboration with Industry collider, field, light source, synchrotron 71
  • D. Böhne (GSI Darmstadt)
Review of the Status of Synchrotron Radiation Storage Rings emittance, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 77
  • V. P. Suller (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Review of Free-Electron Lasers (Single-pass) electron, field, laser, radiation 98
  • H. Genz (Technische Hochschule Darmstadt)
Observation and Analysis of Nonlinear Parametric Coupling of Longitudinal Modes in Synchrotrons coupling, impedance, scattering, spectrum 126
  • P.L. Colestock, G. P. Jackson, L. Klamp (FNAL)
Precision Fiducialization of Transport Components alignment, insertion, laser, optics 138
  • G. E. Fischer, V. E. Bressler, J. K. Cobb, D. R. Jensen, R. E. Ruland, H. V. Walz, S. H. Williams (SLAC)
Alignment at the ESRF alignment, booster, field, survey 141
  • D. Martin (ESRF Grenoble)
Recent Developments at the Heidelberg Heavy Ion Cooler Storage Ring TSR electron, feedback, induction, ion 152
  • M. Grieser, C. Ellert, D. Habs, R. v. Hahn, C. M. Kleffner, J. Liebmann, R. Repnow, D. Schwalm, M. Stampfer, A. Wolf (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg), E. Jaeschke (BESSY, Berlin), S. Papureanu (IFIN Bucarest)
The Fermilab Main Injector Project beamline, injection, lattice, site 161
  • P. S. Martin (FNAL)
Commissioning and First Operation Experience of the New Heavy Ion Injector of the UNILAC commissioning, emittance, field, ion 167
  • N. Angert, J. Bossler, L. Dahl, J. Glatz, W. Gutowski, G. Hutter, J. Klabunde, G. Kube, A. Nicklas, U. Ratzinger, D. Schäfer, H. Schulte, R. Schwedhelm, P. Spädtke, W. Vinzenz, M. Wolf (GSI Darmstadt), H. Deitinghoff, J. Friedrich, H. Klein, A. Schempp (Institut für Angewandte Physik)
Completion of the First Phase and Studies for the Upgrading of the ALPI Project at LNL acceleration, field, ion, linac 170
  • G. Fortuna, M Cavenago, F. Cervellera, F. Chiurlotto, A. Dainelli, P. Favaron, A. Lombardi, M. F. Moisio, V. Palmieri, R. Pengo, M. Poggi, A. M. Porcellato (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and INFN), G. Bassato, A. Battistella, M. Bellato, G. Bisoffi, G. P. Buso, S. Canella, A. Facco (INFN, Legnaro), T. Zhang (INR, Academia Sinica, Shanghai), S. Y. Stark (Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute), S. Ghosh (Nuc. Science Ctr., New Delhi), J. S. Sokolowski (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot), K. Rudolph (Univ. Munich)
Upgrading the PSI Accelerator Facility for High Intensity Operation cyclotron, extraction, proton, target 173
  • U. Schryber, R. Abela, S. Adam, H. Frei, G. Heidenreich, W. Joho, M. Märki, C. Markovits, M. Olivo, L. Rezzonico, U. Rohrer, P. Sigg, T. Stammbach, E. Steiner (PSI, Villigen)
Status of HIMAC Construction at NIRS - Japan acceleration, field, ion, linac 176
  • M. Kanazawa, M. Endo, Y. Hirao, A. Itano, T. Kanai, K. Kawachi, A. Kitagawa, T. Kohno, M. Kumada, S. Minohara, K. Noda, H. Ogawa, K. Satgo, K. Sato, Y. Sato, F. Soga, M. Sudou, E. Takada, S. Yamada (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba-shi)
Feasibility Studies of the EULIMA Light Ion Medical Accelerator cyclotron, field, ion, synchrotron 179
  • P. Mandrillon, F. Farley, J. Y. Tang (Cyclotron Laboratory, Nice), N. Postiau, G. Ryckewaert (Centre de Recherches du Cyclotron, Louvain-la-Neuve), C. Carli, G. Cesari, N. Fietier, R. Ostojic, M. Pinardi, C. Rocher (EULIMA Feasibility Study Group, CERN)
High-Frequency Powerful Electron Accelerators Type ILU for Industrial Applications electron, extraction, irradiation, vacuum 182
  • V. L. Auslender, V. G. Cheskidov, B. L. Faktorovich, V. A. Gorbunov, V. E. Nekhaev, A. D. Panfilov, V.A. Poliakov, A. A. Tuvik (INP, Novosibirsk)
Synchrotrons for Cancer Therapy injection, ion, proton, synchrotron 217
  • D. Böhne (GSI Darmstadt)
Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technology for Energy Production and Nuclear Waste Treatment emittance, focusing, linac, simulation 230
  • R. Jameson (LANL)
Use of Accelerators for Environmental Protection electron, irradiation, radiation, thermal 235
  • M. Pachan (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)
Non-Linear Single Particle Beam Dynamics in Circular Machines field, hadron, lattice, tune 264
  • W. Scandale (CERN)
Review of Experience with Superconducting Cavities electron, field, radiation, vacuum 279
  • J. Tückmantel (CERN)
Review of R & D Towards High-field Accelerator Magnets collider, field, quadrupole, quench 289
  • R. Perin (CERN)
Review of Large-scale Cryogenic Systems for Accelerators acceleration, booster, controls, electron 297
  • G. Horlitz (DESY)
Review of Pulsed RF Power Generation collider, klystron, linac, x-band 302
  • T. Lavine (SLAC)
Trends in Accelerator Control Systems controls, proton, software, survey 315
  • R. P. Johnson (Maxwell Labs)
What are Good Operators and Why are They Needed? proton, software, tune 324
  • M. E. Clay (LANL)
A High Power SLED-II Pulse Compression System collider, field, vacuum, waveguide 327
  • N. M. Kroll (SLAC, Dept. Physics, UCSD, La Jolla, CA), Z. D. Farkas, T. L. Lavine, A. Menegat, R. D. Ruth, P. B. Wilson (SLAC), C. Nantista (SLAC, Dept. Physics, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, and visitor from Dept. of Physics, UCLA)
Inertial Fusion: A Contribution of Accelerator Technology to the Energy Problem? electron, ion, linac, radiation 353
  • C. Rubbia (CERN)
Review of Linear Colliders collider, klystron, linac, x-band 372
  • S. Takeda (KEK, Ibaraki-Ken)
Review of Studies of Electron-Positron Factories betatron, emittance, luminosity, tune 385
  • M. Preger (INFN-LNF, Frascati)
What could be a Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at GANIL acceleration, ion, superconductivity, target 412
  • A. Chabert, and The Development Group (GANIL, Caen)
TESLA Accelerator Installation cyclotron, extraction, induction, ion 415
  • N. Neskovic, B. Bojovic, B. Brajuskovic, D. Ciric, S. Cirkovic, A. Dobrosavljevic, M. Josipovic, S. Koicki, M. Manasijevic, Lj. Milinkovic, R. Ostojic, A. Susini, D. Toprek (VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade)
Accelerator Design Parameterd for a European Pulsed Spallation Neutron Source linac, neutron, spallation, synchrotron 435
  • S. Martin (KFA-Jülich), C W. Planner (RAL, Didcot)
First Test Results for an Adjustable Phase Undulator electron, field, target, undulator 489
  • R. Carr, J. Corbett, H. -D. Nuhn (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford, CA)
Status of PLS 2-GeV Linear Accelerator electron, klystron, linac, modulator 501
  • W. Namkung, J. Bak, M. Cho, I. Ko, T. N. Lee, C. Ryu, S. Won (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Installation and Commissioning of PLS Preinjector Linac electron, klystron, linac, vacuum 507
  • W. Namkung, J. Bak, M. Cho, I. Ko, C. Ryu, S. Won (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), D. Liu, S. Zhou (Pohang Accel. Lab, Korea & permanent address: IHEP, Beijing, China)
First Beam Results of the ESRF Preinjector commissioning, electron, gun, spectrum 510
  • P. Berkvens (ESRF Grenoble), B. Grémont, P. Letellier, S. Sierra (General Electric CGR MeV, Buc, France)
RF Cavity Vacuum Interlock System electron, ion, vacuum, waveguide 515
  • K. Jordan, R. Bundy, K. Crawford, H. F. Dylla, J. Heckman, J. Marshall, R. Nichols, S. O'Sullivan, J. Preble, J. Robb, W. Schneider, R. Sundelin, J. Vandyke (CEBAF)
Development of a CW Electron Linac Structure Using a Traveling-Wave Resonant Ring cw, electron, klystron, linac 533
  • I. Sato, A. Enomoto, E. Ezura, H. Kobayashi, K. Nakahara, H. Nakanishi, S. Noguchi, S. Ohsawa, M. Ono, K. Takata, S. Yamaguchi, S. Yoshimoto (KEK), T. Emoto, Y. Himeno, K. Hirano, H. Oshita, S. Toyama, Y. L. Wang (Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Corp., Oarai Eng. Center), K. Konashi, N. Sasao (Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Corp., Takai Works)
A Heavy Ion Linac for the CERN Accelerator Complex acceleration, booster, ion, linac 536
  • G. Amendola, H. Haseroth, C. Hill, H. Kugler, H. Lustig, H. O'Hanlon, T. Sherwood, E. Tanke, P. Tetu, M. Vretenar, D. Warner, M. Weiss, A. van der Schueren (CERN), D. Liska (CERN Associate from LANL, Univ. Torino), M. -P. Bourgarel, B. Bru, P. Sortais (GANIL), N. Angert, G. Hutter, J. Klabunde, E. Malwitz, U. Ratzinger (GSI Darmstadt), F. Cervellera, G. Fortuna, A. Lombardi, G. Parisi, A. Pisent, R. Ricci (INFN, Legnaro), H. Klein, A. Musso, A. Schempp (Univ. Frankfurt), L. Riccati (Univ. Torino)
Measurement of the CERN High Intensity RFQ emittance, focusing, linac, vacuum 542
  • E. Tanke, M. Vretenar, M. Weiss (CERN)
Performance of the GSI HLI-RFQ* emittance, field, ion, synchrotron 551
  • J. Friedrich, U. Bessler, H. Deitinghoff, H. Klein, A. Schempp, R. Veith (Institut für Angewandte Physik), N. Angert, J. Klabunde (GSI Darmstadt)
A High Current Injector for the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring TSR acceleration, electron, ion, laser 554
  • M. Grieser, D. Habs, R. v. Hahn, C. M. Kleffner, R. Repnow, D. Schwalm, M. Stampfer (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg), E. Jaeschke (BESSY, Berlin), S. Papureanu (IFIN Bucarest), H. Deitinghoff, A. Schempp (Institut für Angewandte Physik)
Performance of the RFQ and Alvarez Linac at Kyoto University field, linac, proton, x-ray 560
  • T. Shirai, H. Dewa, H. Fujita, M. Inoue, Y. Iwashita, S. Kakigi, A. Noda, H. Okamoto (Accelerator Lab., Inst. for Chemical Research, Kyoto Univ.)
The 433 MHz Accelerator for the ELSA High-Peak Power FEL electron, emittance, klystron, laser 563
  • S. Joly, P. Balleyguier, R. Dei-Cas, H. Leboutet (CEA, Bruyères-le-Châtel)
RF Ribbon Beam Accelerator For Heating Thermonuclear Plasmas field, focusing, injection, ion 569
  • V. D. Danilov, Y. K. Batygin, A. A. Iliin (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute)
A Project of Ion Linear Undulator Accelerator with Transverse RF-Field acceleration, field, ion, undulator 572
  • E. S. Masunov, N. V. Avrelin, V. N. Leonov, A. P. Novikov (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute)
SURF: An IR FEL with the SC Linac LISA emittance, field, linac, undulator 611
  • M. Castellano, P. Patteri, F. Tazzioli (INFN-LNF, Frascati), F. Ciocci, G. Dattoli, A. Dipace, G. P. Gallerano, A. Renieri, E. Sabia, A. Torre (ENEA, CRE Frascati), N. Cavallo, F. Cevenini (INFN, Sez. di Napoli and Dip. di Fisica, Univ. di Napoli), L. Catani (INFN-Sez. di Roma II)
First Lasing of the CLIO FEL electron, laser, linac, undulator 620
  • F. Glotin, J.-M. Berset, R. Chaput, G. Humbert, D. Jaroszinsky, B. Kergosien, J. M. Ortega, R. Prazeres, M. Velghe (LURE), M. Bernard, J. C. Bourdon, M. Dehamme, T. Garvey, M. Mencik, B. Mouton, M. Omeich, J. Rodier, P. Roudier (LAL Orsay)
Experimental Beam Dynamics at the Third Integer Resonance betatron, quadrupole, resonance, sextupole 652
  • D.D. Caussyn, M. Ball, B. Brabson, J. Collins, S. Curtis, S.A. Curtis, V. Derenchuck, D. DuPlantis, G. East, M. Ellison, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, W. P. Jones, W. Lamble, S. Y. Lee, D. Li, M. G. Minty, T. Sloan, G. Xu (IUCF), S. Tepikian (BNL), K. Y. Ng (FNAL), A. Chao (SSCL)
Fringing Field Effects of the Plane Undulator on Beam Dynamics in Storage Ring field, fringe fields, tune, undulator 664
  • S. V. Efimov (Kharkov Institute)
A Taylor-Expanded Generating Function for Particle Motion in Arbitrary Magnetic Fields field, insertion, multipole, undulator 670
  • J. Bahrdt, G. Wüstefeld (BESSY)
Experimental Studies of Pretzel Beam Dynamics in LEP accumulation, collider, luminosity, optics 708
  • R. Bailey, J. M. Jowett, W. Kalbreier, V. Mertens, J. Poole, G. de Rijk (CERN)
Magnet Sorting Along the Ring of the 1-st Stage of the UNK algorithms, betatron, closed-orbit, field 711
  • P. N. Chirkov, Yu. S. Fedotov, Yu. M. Nosochkov, I. I. Petrenko (IHEP, Protvino)
Treatment of Non-Linearities in Achromatic Trajectory Corrections for Future Linacs alignment, emittance, lattice, linac 729
  • C. Fischer, G. Guignard (CERN)
Coupling Resonance 2Qy-2Qx=0 Excited by Sextupolar Magnetic Fields betatron, coupling, field, resonance 738
  • V. I. Balbekov, P. N. Chirkov (IHEP, Protvino)
Simulation and Correction of the Closed Orbit in the Cooler Synchrotron COSY-Jülich field, ion, simulation, synchrotron 744
  • J. Dietrich, S. A. Martin, R. Wagner (Forschungszentrum Jülich), D. Dinev (Institute for Nuclear Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria)
The Beam Steering in Beamlines and Rings using the Methods of Sequential Filtering algorithms, beamline, field, quadrupole 750
  • S. H. Ananian, R. H. Manukian (Yerevan Physics Institute)
Automatic Beamline Calibration Procedures alignment, beamline, photon, quadrupole 753
  • W. J. Corbett (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford, CA), M. J. Lee (SLAC), Y. Zambre (Stanford Research International, Menlo Park, CA)
Space Charge Effect of Bunched Beam with Different Density Distributions in Linac electron, emittance, field, linac 765
  • Y. Chen (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
Study of Injection Transient in Coupled Cell Linac Cavities damping, field, injection, linac 774
  • Yu. V. Senichev (INR, Moscow)
The Effect of Vacuum Chamber Wall Conductivity of an Accelerator on the Value of Coulomb Tune Shifts betatron, field, tune, vacuum 792
  • V. I. Balbekov (IHEP, Protvino)
Bunch Length Measurements at the BESSY Storage Ring coupling, impedance, spectrum, synchrotron 798
  • W. Anders (BESSY GmbH)
Numerical and Experimental Results on the Beam Dynamics in the Rhodotron Accelerator electron, field, focusing, injection 819
  • O. Gal, J. M. Bassaler, J. M. Capdevila, F. Lainé, A. Nguyen, J. P. Nicolaï, K. Umiastowski (CEA-DEIN Saclay)
Stachastic Cooling with a Double RF System emittance, pick-up, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 833
  • J. Wei (BNL)
Analytical Formulae for the Resonant Frequency Changes due to Opening Apertures on Cavity Walls coupling, field, gun 865
  • J. Gao (LAL Orsay)
Diffraction Radiation of Charges Moving Past Conducting Screens field, radiation 868
  • H. Henke (Technische Universität Berlin)
Transversal Loss Factor of an RF-Focusing Iris Structure with Rectangular Holes collider, dielectric, field, linac 874
  • M. Kurz, H.-W. Glock, P. Hülsmann, H. Klein (Institut für Angewandte Physik de JWG-Universität Frankfurt)
Open Resonator in the Microwave Region coupling, field, resonance, waveguide 880
  • G. Di Massa (Univ. della Calabria), M. R. Masullo (INFN, Napoli)
Iris Hole Rounding Influence on the Disk Loaded Waveguide Parameters field, x-band 886
  • A. V. Mishin (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
Calculation of the Resonance Frequencies of the Rhodotron Cavity using Green Function electron, field, impedance, resonance 898
  • J. M. Bassaler (CEA-DEIN Saclay), H. Baudrand (Group de Recherches en Micro-ondes, ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France)
The Coupled Dipole Modes of the NLC Accelerator Structure collider, coupling, emittance, wakefield 904
  • K. L. F. Bane (SLAC), N. Holtkamp (DESY), R. Gluckstern (University of Maryland)
Computer Design of Coupler Cavities for a Travelling-Wave-Type Buncher coupling, field, impedance, waveguide 910
  • H. Hanaki, A. Asami, S. Ohsawa (KEK), T. Takahashi (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co, Ltd. (IHI), Tokyo)
RF Impedance Measurement Status for the 7 GeV Advanced Photon Source (APS) coupling, impedance, photon, vacuum 916
  • J. J. Song, R. L. Kustom (ANL)
Test and Calibration of the Magnetic Measurement System for the Superconducting Cyclotron at LNS, Catania cyclotron, field, software, thermal 936
  • D. Giove, L. Rossi (INFN-Catania & INFN and Phys. Dept. of Univ. of Milan, LASA), P. Gmaj, L. Lo Monaco, G. Raia (INFN- Catania)
Classical Motion of a Charged Particle in the Presence of a Static, Homogeneous Magnetic Field and a Linearly Frequency Shifted Electromagnetic Plane Wave acceleration, field, laser, vacuum 964
  • S. Varró, G. Kocsis (Central Research Insitute for Physics, Budapest)
Transport of Ions in a RFQ Accelerator acceleration, acceptance, emittance, ion 967
  • J. Dehen, W. Barth, H. Deitinghoff, A. Schempp (Institut für Angewandte Physik de JWG-Universität Frankfurt)
Beam Dynamics Studies for the CERN Lead-Ion RFQ bunching, emittance, field, ion 973
  • G. Amendola, M. Weiss (CERN), A. Pisent (INFN, Legnaro), J. M. Quesada (Universidad de Sevilla)
Latest Developments on Multicharged E. C. R. Ion Sources at GANIL electron, ion, plasma, target 990
  • P. Sortais, M. Bisch, M. P. Bourgarel, P. Bricault, P. Lehérissier, R. Leroy, J. Y. Pacquet, J. P. Rataud (GANIL)
Duoplasmatron-type Ion Source with Improved Technical and Operational Performance for Linear Accelerator cathode, ion, plasma, proton 993
  • A. A. Glazkov, N. R. Lobanov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), I. S. Balikoev, V. T. Barchenko, S. I. Zagranichny (Leningrad Institute of Electric Engineering)
Development of Bright Negative Ion Sources at Culham Laboratory electron, emittance, field, ion 1002
  • R. McAdam, S. Cox, A. J. T. Holmes, R. F. King, G. Proudfoot (AEA Technology, Culham Laboratory, Abingdon, UK)
A Volume Ion Source with Pulsed Magnetic Field extraction, field, ion, plasma 1008
  • K. J. Antes (Texas Accelerator Center), Å. M. Larsson, C. R. Meitzler (Sam Houston State University)
Investigation of the Effect of Increasing of the Transverse Phase Volume of the Beam in an Electron Gun with Different Cold Cathodes cathode, electron, focusing, gun 1011
  • S. V. Martynov, V. I. Pershin, V. K. Platnikov, N. Ya Popova (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow)
First Operation of High-Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes Inside Superconducting Cavities cathode, field, laser, thermal 1014
  • A. Michalke, H. Piel (University of Wupperal), C. K. Sinclair (CEBAF), P. Michelato (INFN, Milano)
Beam Emittance Measurements from CERN Thermionic Guns emittance, gun, optics, solenoid 1017
  • O. Kester, R. Rao, L. Rinolfi (CERN)
CANDELA Photoinjector Progress Report cathode, gun, laser, photoinjector 1020
  • C. Bazin (LURE), A. Brun, P. Georges (IOTA), J. Gao, B. Jacquemard, B. Mouton, M. Omeich, Y. Thiery, C. Travier (LANL)
Profile Measurements on a Pulsed Ferroelectric Electron Beam electron, emittance, field, polarization 1023
  • H. Gundel, H. Henke, H. Heydari, K. Schmidt, D. Suchland (Technische Universität Berlin)
Improvement of the 400 kV Linac Electron Source of AmPS acceleration, cathode, chopper, gun 1032
  • F. B. Kroes, N. J. Dobbe, P. P. M. Jansweijer, A. H. Kruijer, G. Luigjes, T. G. B. Sluijk, M. G. van Beuzekom, J. T. van Es (NIKHEF-K)
Study on a Longitudinal Damper System betatron, damping, injection, kicker 1061
  • J. Xu (BNL)
Longitudinal Bunch Profile Measurements with Striplines coupling, impedance, light source, synchrotron 1064
  • S. L. Kramer (BNL)
Amplification and Damping of Synchrotron Oscillations via a Parametric Process damping, feedback, injection, synchrotron 1079
  • J. D. Fox, P. Corredoura (SLAC)
The Beam Diagnostics System of the ALPI Post-Accelerator alignment, beam profile monitor, diagnostics, injection 1085
  • M. Bellato, A. Dainelli, M. Poggi (INFN-LNL, Legnaro)
Beam Diagnostics of the ELETTRA Injector diagnostics, linac, radiation, vacuum 1091
  • J. -C. Denard, C. J. Bocchetta, A. Carniel, T. Monaci, P. Sereni, R. Ursic (Sincrotrone Trieste), S. Sierra (General Electric CGR MeV, Buc, France)
Beam Position Signal Processing coupling, pick-up, spectrum, vacuum 1127
  • M. Wendt (DESY)
The Control System of the LNL Linac diagnostics, linac, software, vacuum 1145
  • G. Bassato, A. Battistella, M. Bellato, S. Canella (INFN-LNL, Legnaro)
Status Report on the Control System for the MMF Experimental Area field, ionization, maintenance, vacuum 1148
  • V. Gorbunov, M. Gratchev, V. Seleznev, V. Yabzhanov (Institute for Nuclear Research)
The COSY Control System: A Computer Distributed Multiprocessor System for Accelerator Control field, object oriented, software, target 1149
  • N. Bongers, U. Hacker, K. Henn, A. Richert, M. Simon, K. Sobotta, M. Stephan, T. Vashegyi, A. Weinert (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)
A Beam Diagnostic System for Accelerator using Neural Networks alignment, commissioning, electron, field 1155
  • Y. Kijima, M. Mizota, K. Yoshida (Mitsubishi Electric Company, Tokyo), K. Suzuki (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and CSK Corporation, Japan)
The ELETTRA Power Supply Control System feedback, field, maintenance, software 1158
  • D. Bulfone, P. Michelini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Upgrading the Controls of the SPS Vacuum System background, controls, software, vacuum 1161
  • W. Koelmeijer, M. Nicoules, M. Steffensen, P. Strubin (CERN)
Graphics Server and Action Language Interpreter greatly Simplify the Composition of a Graphical User Interface light source, maintenance, software, synchrotron 1167
  • R. Müller (BESSY)
Status of VLEPP RF Power Muliplier (VPM) field, radiation, simulation, spectrum 1173
  • V. E. Balakin, I. V. Syrachev (IHEP, Protvino)
The RF System of the HIMAC Synchrotron acceleration, feedback, ferrite, synchrotron 1179
  • M. Kanazawa, Y. Hirao, A. Itano, M. Kuwada, K. Noda, K. Sato, M. Sudou, E. Takada (NIRS), K. Katsuki, Y. Morii, M. Shigeta, E. Toyoda, N. Tsuzuki, T. Yagi, T. Yamagishi, C. Yamazaki (National Institute of Radiological Science and Toshiba Corporation, Japan)
FELTRON, A Microwave Source for High Gradient TeV Collider electron, field, linac, wiggler 1188
  • I. Boscolo (INFN and University of Milan), M. Roche (Bourgogne Technologies, Dijon)
New Power Amplifiers for 200 kW at 27 MHz cathode, electron, impedance, power-supply 1203
  • G. Hutter, G. Breitenberger, W. Gutowski, W. Hartmann, H. Valter (GSI Darmstadt), O. Böhm, H. Seiler, W. Spitz, G. Zähringer (Fritz Hüttinger Elektonik GmbH, Freiburg)
Operational Experience and Recent Upgrading of TRISTAN High Power CW Klystrons cathode, cw, klystron, vacuum 1206
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A Digital Synthesizer and Phase Control System for RF-Acceleration in COSY acceleration, acceptance, synchrotron, target 1220
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Experiments with Synthetic Coloured Noise at the Heavy Ion Storage Ring ESR electron, electron cooling, equilibrium, spectrum 1228
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Q-Degradation in High Purity Niobium Cavities - Dependence on Temperature and RRR-Value crystal, electron, field, vacuum 1231
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The Perspectives of Applications of the Fast-acting Varactor with Low Losses in High-Current Cyclic and Linear Accelerators booster, factory, ferrite, field 1242
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Pulse Shape Correction for RF Pulse Compression System coupling, simulation, spectrum, waveguide 1247
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DANE Accelerating Cavity: R&D damping, impedance, simulation, waveguide 1263
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A Bulk Niobium Low Superconducting Quarter Wave Resonator for ALPI field, impedance, thermal, vacuum 1266
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Development and Industrial Fabrication of Superconducting Accelerator Modules cathode, coupling, electron, field 1277
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Investigations on Superconducting 3 GHz Nine-cell Accelerator Cavities dielectric, electron, field, thermal 1283
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Determination of Field Strength and Quality Factor of Heavily HOM Damped Accelerator Cavities coupling, damping, dielectric, field 1307
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Status Report of the RF System for the VINCY Cyclotron coupling, cyclotron, impedance, vacuum 1310
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The 7-Gap Resonators for the High Current Injector of the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring TSR field, impedance, injection, quadrupole 1313
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Development and Study of the Opposed Vibrator Resonator for RFQ Compact Ion Linacs field, focusing, linac, neutron 1337
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The RFQ-Accelerator for the High Current Injector of the TSR acceleration, ion, resonance, vacuum 1340
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Design and Fabrication of Normal Conducting Accelerator Sections cw, electron, field, light source 1343
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Magnet Design and Performance for the CEBAF Beam Transport System cw, field, multipole, thermal 1350
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Magnetic Measurement Facility for the ELETTRA Insertion Devices field, insertion, radiation, undulator 1355
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Magnetic Measurement of the ELETTRA Transfer Line Magnets field, linac, magnetic measurements, quadrupole 1361
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Splitter Magnets for the DANE Project alignment, field, linac, vacuum 1373
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The Design and Manufacture of the Fermilab Main Injector Dipole Magnet antiproton, field, proton, vacuum 1376
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Field Measurement of the Magnets for COSY-Jülich alignment, field, induction, quadrupole 1379
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Design Considerations on the SSC Collider Quadrupole Magnets collider, finite element, quadrupole, quench 1423
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An Overview of the Beam Abort System for the 820 GeV /c HERA Proton Ring kicker, proton, radioactivity, vacuum 1455
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Non Resonant Slow Extraction of Protons from the IHEP Accelerator to the SWD Setup extraction, proton, scattering, septum 1486
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On Increasing the Bent Crystal Extraction Efficiency by using Thin Internal Target crystal, extraction, scattering, target 1493
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Tevatron Extraction Modelling extraction, proton, scattering, target 1498
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Peculiarities of Using the Bent Crystal for the Extraction of Protons from IHEP Accelerator to the PROZA Facility crystal, extraction, proton, target 1504
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A New Design of Helical Electrostatic Quadrupole and its Quasi-Octupole Mode of Operation emittance, field, octupole, quadrupole 1533
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Vacuum Processing and Control on COSY Beam Lines equilibrium, injection, target, vacuum 1573
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Development of Advanced Modulators for Recirclating Heavy Ion Accelerators acceleration, induction, ion, modulator 1594
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Low Energy Spread RF Linac Variometer Pulse Forming Line coupling, field, modulator, simulation 1609
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High Resolution Fresnel Zone Plate Laser Alignment System alignment, laser, linac, quadrupole 1613
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Geodetical Concept and Alignment of COSY alignment, instrumentation, ion, lattice 1622
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The ESRF Accelerator Facility Personnel Safety System booster, injection, linac, radiation 1637
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Enhanced Field Emmission of Niobium Single Crystals cathode, electron, field, vacuum 1653
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Compact Accelerator for Proton Therapy acceleration, extraction, field, injection 1661
  • A. E. Bolshakov, K. K. Onosovsky (ITEP, Moscow)
Feasibility Study of a Synchrotron for the European Light Ion Medical Accelerator extraction, injection, ion, irradiation 1666
  • G. Cesari, P. Lefévre, D. Vandeplassche (CERN)
Development of Aluminium-26 as a Tracer for Biological Research acceleration, background, ion, plasma 1669
  • J. S. Lilley, T. W. Aitken, R. A. Cunningham, P. V. Drumm, G. W. A. Newton (Daresbury Laboratory), J. Barker, J. P. Day (University of Manchester)
Long Term Quality Measurements During Clinical Operation of Limex Low Energy Medical Accelerator electron, field, photon, x-ray 1674
  • J. Izewska (M. Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Warsaw), W. Maciszewski (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw), S. Kulinski, M. Pachan, J. Pszona, A. Wysocka (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)
Variable Energy RFQ for MeV Ion Implantation acceleration, emittance, implantation, ion 1705
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ELV-Type (Rectifier) Accelerators and their Applications cathode, electron, extraction, field 1714
  • R. A. Salimov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Studies, Novosibirsk)
Study of a 10 MeV, 50 kW Racetrack Microtron for Industrial Radiation Processing extraction, field, irradiation, linac 1715
  • M. Karlsson, S. Rosander (Dept. of Accel. Tech., Alfvén Lab. Sweden), B. Anderberg (Scanditronix, Uppsala)
High Power Electron Accelerator for Flue-Gas Treatment electron, electron gun, field, gun 1718
  • W. Drabik, J. Bigolas, J. Janiczek, R. Kielsznia (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)
Optimization of Scanning Process in Accelerator for Food Preservation electron, field, irradiation, x-ray 1721
  • E. Komarow (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)
Electron Beam Processing of Metals acceleration, electron, extraction, vacuum 1724
  • I. N. Meshkov (Center App. Ph. Tech., Lipetsk)
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at the Rossendorf 5 MV Tandem Accelerator acceleration, field, ionization, sputter 1734
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