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Chair: G. Alton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sub-Picosecond High-Brightness Electron Injectors (no paper submitted) 2C001
(Invited) B.E. Carlsten
p. 2657Laser-Driven Plasma-Cathode Electron Injector2C002
(Invited) Donald Umstadter, S.-Y. Chen, E. Dodd, J.K. Kim, A. Maksimchuk, R. Wagner
p. 2662State of the Art of ECR Ion Sources2C003
(Invited) Z.Q. Xie
p. 2667Very-Low-Energy-Spread Ion Sources2C004
(Invited) Y. Lee
p. 2672Recent Progress of RIKEN 18 GHz ECRIS2C005
T. Nakagawa, J. Ärje, Y. Miyazawa, M. Hemmi, T. Chiba, N. Inabe, M. Kase, T. Kageyama, O. Kamigaito, A. Goto, Y. Yano
p. 2675Initial Test Results from a Multicusp Source for TRIUMF's Radioactive Beam Facility2C006
T. Kuo, D. Yuan, K. Jayamanna, M. McDonald, R. Baartman, G. Mackenzie, P. Bricault, M. Dombsky, P. Schmor, G. Dutto, Y. Lee, K-N. Leung, D. Williams, R. Gough
p. 2678Results from ZMEVVA: A New Source for Heavy-Ion Accelerators2C007
B.M. Johnson, A. Hershcovitch, I.G. Brown, F. Liu, A. Anders
p. 2681Intense, High Brightness H- Beams from Surface Plasma Sources2C008
S.K. Guharay, M. Reiser
p. 2684The Dependence of Longitudinal Emittance upon Surface Charge Density in a RF Photoinjector2C009
D.H. Dowell, S. Joly, A. Loulergue
p. 2687Emittance Studies of the BNL/SLAC/UCLA 1.6 Cell Photocathode RF Gun2C010
D.T. Palmer, X.J. Wang, R.H. Miller, M. Babzien, I. Ben-Zvi, C. Pellegrini, J. Sheehan, J. Skaritka, H. Winick, M. Woodle, V. Yakimenko
p. 2690Experimental Operation of a 17 GHz Photocathode RF Gun2C011
S. Trotz, W. Brown, B. Danly, J.P. Hogge, K.E. Kreischer, M. Shapiro, R.J. Temkin
p. 2693A High-DC-Voltage GaAs Photoemission Gun: Transverse Emittance and Momentum Spread Measurements2C012
D. Engwall, C. Bohn, L. Cardman, B. Dunham, D. Kehne, R. Legg, H. Liu, M. Shinn, C. Sinclair

Particle Sources (including Polarized Sources)

p. 2696The Production and Transport of Radioactive 17F at ATLAS for Research6W002
B Harss, J.C. Berger, F. Borasi, J. Greene, C.L. Jiang, J. Nolen, R.C. Pardo, M. Paul, K.E. Rehm, J.P. Schiffer, R.E. Segel, T.F. Wang
p. 2699Beam Chopper for the Low-Energy Undulator Test Line (LEUTL) in the APS6W001
Y.W. Kang, J. Wang, S. Milton, L. Teng, K. Thompson, J. Jones, D. Walters, J. Jagger
p. 2702A New 14 GHz Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) for the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility ATLAS6W003
M. Schlapp, R.C. Vondrasek, J. Szczech, P.J. Billquist, Z.Q. Xie, R. Harkewicz, R.C. Pardo
p. 2705Characterization and Recent Modification of a Compact 10 GHz ECRIS for Atomic Physics Experiments and Spectroscopic Investigations6W004
M. Schlapp, R. Trassl, R.W. McCullough, J.B. Greenwood, E. Salzborn
p. 2708A Low Power Low Cost 2.45 GHz ECRIS for the Production of Multiply Charged Ions6W005
M. Schlapp, R. Trassl, M. Liehr, E. Salzborn
p. 2711Progress on an EBIS for RHIC6W006
J. Alessi, E. Beebe, A. Hershcovitch, A. Kponou, R. Lockey, A. Pikin, K. Prelec, L. Snydstup, P. Stein
p. 2714Improved Version of Surface Plasma Negative Ion Source6W007
V.G. Dudnikov, W.L. Stirling, J.H. Whealton
p. 2717Cadarache 1 MeV Negative Ion Accelerator Development for Application in Thermonuclear Fusion Research6W008
A. Simonin, J. Bucalossi, C. Desgranges, M Fumelli, P. Massmann, J. Pamela
p. 2720First Beam of the CEA-Saclay CW High-Intensity Microwave Source6W009
P-Y. Beauvais, P. Ausset, D. Bogard, O. Delferriere, J. Faure, R. Ferdinand, A. France, R. Gobin, P. Gros, J-M. Lagniel, P-A. Leroy
p. 2723Space-Charge Neutralization Measurement of a 75-keV, 130-mA Hydrogen-Ion Beam6W010
Robin Ferdinand, Joseph Sherman, Ralph R. Stevens Jr., Thomas Zaugg
p. 2726Upgrade of the H--Injection System at the DESY Proton Linac III6W011
C.-M. Kleffner, G. Jacobs, N. Holtkamp, M. Nagl, I. Peperkorn, J. Peters, A. Schempp, V. Paramonov
p. 2729Trapped Ion Source6W012
G. Brautti, A. Boggia, A. Raino, N. Ceci, V. Valentino, V. Variale
p. 2732Beam Chopper for the 750 keV LEBT of MMF Linac6W013
A.V. Novikov, P.N. Ostroumov
p. 2735Test of Duoplasmatron with Cold Cathode for CW Operation6W014
A. Kolomiets, B.K. Kondratiev, V.I. Turchin
p. 2737A Pulsed Ion Source for the IUCF Cooler Injector Synchroton6W016
V.P. Derenchuk, R.R. Kupper, H.R. Petri, G.P.A. Berg, R.J. Brown, W.R. Fox, D.L. Friesel, W. Hunt, W.P. Jones, W.R. Lozowski
p. 2740Mechanical Engineering of a 75-keV Proton Injector for the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator6W020
L.D. Hansborough, D.J. Hodgkins, E.A. Meyer, J.D. Schneider, J.D. Sherman, R.R. Stevens Jr., T.J. Zaugg
p. 2743Performance of the LANSCE H- Source and Low Energy Beam Transport at Higher Peak Current6W021
C. Pillai, R.R. Stevens, D.H. Fitzgerald, R.W. Garnett, W.B. Ingllas, F.E. Merrill, L.J. Rybarcyk, O.R. Sander
p. 2746Simulations of the LEDA LEBT H+ Beam6W022
H. Vernon Smith Jr., Joseph D. Sherman, Ralph R. Stevens Jr., Lloyd M. Young
p. 2749Simulations of the LEDA LEBT with H+, H2+, and e- Particles6W023
Lloyd M. Young
p. 2752Simulations of the LEDA RFQ 6.7 MeV Accelerator6W024
Lloyd M. Young
p. 2755High Current Density Ion Sources for Heavy Ion Fusion Accelerators6W025
J.W. Kwan, W.W. Chupp, S. Eylon
p. 2758H- Ion Source Development for the National Spallation Neutron Source6W026
M.A. Leitner, R.A. Gough, K.N. Leung, M.L. Rickard, A.B. Wengrow, M.D. Williams, D.C. Wutte
p. 2761A Compact, RF-Driven, Pulsed Ion Source for Intense Neutron Generation6W027
L.T. Perkins, C.M. Celata, K.N. Leung, D.S. Picard, R. Vilaithong, M.D. Williams
p. 2764Development of a High Duty Factor, Surface Conversion H- Ion Source for the LANSCE Facility6W028
A.B. Wengrow, K.N. Leung, M.A. Leitner, M.D. Williams, D.C. Wutte, William B. Ingalls, Ralph R. Stevens Jr.
p. 2767Development of an RF Driven Plasma Cathode for Ion Sources6W029
M.D. Williams, K.N. Leung, C.A. Matuk, S.B. Wilde, V.M. Benveniste, M.A. Graf, T.N. Horsky, K. Saadatmand
p. 2770A Multicusp Ion Source for Radioactive Ion Beams6W030
D.C. Wutte, Y. Lee, M.A. Leitner, M.D. Williams, K.N. Leung, R.A. Gough, S.J. Freedman, Z.Q. Xie, C.M. Lyneis
p. 2773Ion Microwave Source for Linear Accelerator6W031
A.V. Nesterovich, N.I. Abramenko, B. Bogdanovich
p. 2775Toward a Realistic and Tractable Model for Negative Ion Extraction from Volume Sources6W032
J.H. Whealton, D.K. Olsen, R.J. Raridon
p. 277860 keV Beam Transport Line and Switchyard for ISAC6W035
R. Baartman, J. Welz
p. 2781OPPIS Development at TRIUMF6W036
A. Zelenski, C.D.P. Levy, P.W. Schmor, W.T.H. van Oers, G.W. Wight, G. Dutto
p. 2784Reason for Free Electrons from the Surface of Ferroelectrics with a Metal Lattice Structure6W037
H. Heydari, T. Tille

RF Guns and Linac Injectors

p. 2787Effect of the Long Solenoid Tunnel on the Growth of Emittance in the PNC High Power Electron Linac3W018
Masahiro Nomura, Hiroshi Takahashi
p. 2790Performance of Magnesium Cathode in the S-Band RF Gun3W020
T. Srinivasan-Rao, I. Ben-Zvi, J. Smedley, X.J. Wang, M. Woodle, D.T. Palmer, R.H. Miller
p. 2793Longitudinal Emittance Compensation In a Photocathode RF Gun Injector3W021
X.J. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi
p. 2796Beam Dynamics in RF-Gun Cavity with a Modified First Cell3W022
V. Volkov, M. Karliner, V. Petrov, I. Sedlyarov, A. Tribendis, D. Janssen, P. vom Stein
p. 2799Single Bunch Injection System for an Electron Storage Ring Using an RF Photoinjector3W024
P.G. O'Shea, J.A. Lancaster, J.M.J. Madey, R. Sachtschale, C.R. Jones
p. 2802A Plane-Wave-Transformer Photoelectron Linac3W025
D. Yu, T. Lee, S. Rajagopalan, J. Chen, C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzweig, X. Ding
p. 2805Proposed Intense Positron Source for TESLA Based on HERA-e3W028
A.V. Kiselev, V.D. Shiltsev
p. 2808A Fully Demountable 550 kV Electron Gun for Low Emittance Beam Experiments with a 17 GHz Linac3W029
J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg, G. Stowell, E.L. Wright
p. 2811Commissioning of the IUCF 7 MeV H- Linac3W031
D.L. Friesel, R.W. Hamm
p. 2814Performance of Electron Gun for SPring-8 Linac3W032
T. Asaka, T. Hori, Y. Ito, T. Kobayashi, A. Kuba, A. Mizuno, H. Sakaki, S. Suzuki, T. Taniuchi, K. Yanagida, H. Yoshikawa, H. Yokomizo
p. 2817Thermionic RF Gun with High Duty Factor3W034
Viktor Mitrochenko
p. 2820Obtaining the Linear Electron Beams by Using the Magnetron Injection Guns with Cold Secondary Emission Metallic Cathodes (Experiment)3W035
Yu.D. Tur, A.N. Dovbnya, V.V. Mitrochenko, N.G. Reshetnyak, V.P. Romas'ko, V.V. Zakutin
p. 2823First Beam Tests of the TTF Injector4W003
T. Garvey, M. Bernard, J.C. Bourdon, R. Chehab, M. Mencik, M. Omeich, J. Rodier, M. Taurigna-Quere, A. Variola, S. Chel, M. Desmon, J. Fusellier, F. Gougnaud, J.F. Gournay, M. Jablonka, J.M. Joly, M. Juillard, Y. Lussignol, A. Mosnier, B. Phung Ngoc, S. Buhler, T. Junquera
p. 2826Multi-Kiloampere Electron-Beam Generation from Bare Aluminum Photo-Cathodes Driven by an ArF Laser4W004
Randolph L. Carlson, Rae N. Ridlon, Gerald J. Seitz, Thomas P. Hughes
p. 2829Development and Characterization of Diamond Film and Compound Metal Surface High Current Photocathodes4W005
R.P. Shurter, D.C. Moir, D.J. Devlin, R.W. Springer, T.A. Archuleta
p. 2832High Voltage, High Current, Long Pulse Electron Beam Injector for DARHT4W006
E. Henestroza, S. Yu, S. Eylon, B. Carlsten
p. 2835Focusing of Ribbon Beam in Undulator Linear Accelerator4W007
E.S. Masunov, A.S. Roshal
p. 2838The Development of a Superconducting RF Gun: Status of the Drossel Collaboration4W008
D. Janssen, P. vom Stein, A. Bushuev, M. Karliner, S. Konstantinov, J. Kruchkov, V. Petrov, I. Sedlyarov, A. Tribendis, V. Volkov
p. 2840Emittance Measurements for the SLAC Gun Test Facility4W009
M. Hernandez, A. Fisher, D. Meyerhofer, R. Miller, D. Palmer, S. Park, D. Reis, J. Schmerge, J. Weaver, H. Wiedemann, H. Winick, D. Yeremian
p. 2843Experimental Results of a Single Emittance Compensation Solenoidal Magnet4W010
D.T. Palmer, X.J. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, R.H. Miller, J. Skaritka
p. 2846Beam Dynamics Enhancement Due to Accelerating Field Symmetrization in the BNL/SLAC/UCLA 1.6 Cell S-Band Photocathode RF Gun4W011
D.T. Palmer, X.J. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, R.H. Miller
p. 2849Polarized Electron Sources for Future e+ / e- Linear Colliders4W012
H. Tang, R.K. Alley, J.E. Clendenin, A.S. Fisher, T. Kotseroglou, R.H. Miller, G.A. Mulhollan, D.T. Palmer, A.D. Yeremian
p. 2852NLCTA Injector Experimental Results4W013
A.D. Yeremian, C. Adolphsen, R.H. Miller, C. Nantista, J. Wang
p. 2855A Proposed Injector for the LCLS Linac4W014
A.D. Yeremian, V.K. Bharadwaj, P. Emma, R.H. Miller, D.T. Palmer, M.D. Woodley
p. 2858The Construction and Initial High Power Test Results of an X-Band RF Gun4W015
C.H. Ho, W.K. Lau, T.T. Yang, S.S. Chang, J.Y. Hwang, Y.C. Liu, G.P. Le Sage, F.V. Hartemann, N.C. Luhmann Jr.
p. 2861An Injection Modelocked Ti-Sapphire Laser for Synchronous Photoinjection4W016
Curt Hovater, Matt Poelker
p. 2864Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning of Semiconductor Photocathodes4W017
C.K. Sinclair, B.M. Poelker, J.S. Price
p. 2867Laser System for the TTF Photoinjector at Fermilab4W022
A.R. Fry, M.J. Fitch, A.C. Melissinos, N.P. Bigelow, B.D. Taylor, F.A. Nezrick
p. 2870Cathodeless, High Brightness Electron Beam Production by Multiple Laser Beams in Plasmas4W019
R.G. Hemker, K-C. Tzeng, W.B. Mori, C.E. Clayton, T. Katsouleas
p. 2873Experimental Testing of the TTF RF Photoinjector4W020
E. Colby, M. Conde, J. Rosenzweig, P. Colestock, H. Edwards, K. Koepke, F. Nezrick
p. 2876Optimum Operation of Split RF Photo-Injectors4W021
L. Serafini, J.B. Rosenzweig


Chair: H. Mizuno, KEK

p. 2879Performance of the LEP2 SRF System9C001
(Invited) D. Boussard
p. 2884Overview of Advances in the Basic Understanding of Dark Current and Breakdown in RF Cavities9C002
(Invited) Hasan Padamsee
p. 2889Design of 250-MW CW RF System for APT9C003
(Invited) D. Rees
p. 2894Development of X-Band Klystron Technology at SLAC9C004
(Invited) George Caryotakis
p. 2899A New Generation of Gridded Tubes for Higher Power and Higher Frequencies9C005
G. Clerc, J.-P. Ichac, C. Robert
p. 2902Development of High-Power ARES Cavities9C006
T. Kageyama, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, H. Mizuno, F. Naito, H. Nakanishi, H. Sakai, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kobayashi
Progress in High Power Microwave Ferrite Circulators for Particle Accelerator Applications (no paper submitted) 9C007
E. Pivit, W. Arnold
p. 2905Design of Three Recirculating-Linac SRF Systems for a 4-TeV µ+ - µ- Collider9C008
Q-S. Shu, D. Neuffer, S. Simrock
p. 2908Status and Developments of Superconducting Cavity for KEKB9C009
Shinji Mitsunobu, K. Asano, T. Furuya, Y. Ishi, Y. Kijima, K. Sennyu, T. Tajima, T. Takahashi, S. Zhao
p. 2911Design and Construction of a 500 kW CW, 400 MHz Klystron to be Used as RF Power Source for LHC/RF Component Tests9C010
H. Frischholz, W.R. Fowkes, C. Pearson
p. 2914Superconducting Cavities for the APT Accelerator9C011
Frank L. Krawczyk, Robert C. Gentzlinger, Brian Haynes, Debbie I. Montoya, Brian Rusnak, Alan H. Shapiro
p. 2917Test Results on the 9-Cell 1.3 GHz Superconducting RF Cavities for the TESLA Test Facility Linac9C012
M. Pekeler

Room-Temperature RF

p. 2920ASTRID Electron Cavity Study2P038
S.P. Møller, T. Korsbjerg, E.N. Zaplatine
p. 2923Solving the Problem of Heating of RF Contacts in Cavity Tuners2P022
Yu. Senichev, T. Korsbjerg, S.P. Møller, E. Zaplatine
p. 2926A Divide-Down RF Source Generation System for the Advanced Photon Source2P023
D. Horan, F. Lenkszus, R. Laird
p. 2929Mechanical Design Upgrade of the APS Storage Ring RF Cavity Tuner2P024
J. Jones, D. Bromberek, Y. Kang, R. Kustom, L. Morrison, R. Piech, E. Rotela, S. Sharma, I. Sheng
p. 2932Coaxial Higher-Order Mode Damper Employing a High-Pass Filter2P025
Y.W. Kang, X. Jiang
p. 2935Reconfigurable High-Power RF System in the APS2P026
Y.W. Kang, D. Horan
p. 2938Upgraded Cavities for the Positron Accumulator Ring of the APS2P028
Y.W. Kang, X. Jiang, D. Mangra, T.L. Smith
p. 2941An Overview of the APS 352-MHz RF Systems2P029
A. Nassiri, A. Cours, A. Grelick, D. Horan, Y.W. Kang, R.L. Kustom, T.L. Smith, J. Song
p. 2944 Higher-Order Modes of Storage Ring RF Cavities and Their Interaction with the Beam at the Advanced Photon Source (APS)2P030
J.J. Song, K.C. Harkay, Y.W. Kang, R.L. Kustom, A. Nassiri
p. 2947Modifying CERN SPS Cavities and Amplifiers for Use in RHIC2P032
R. Connolly, J. Aspenleiter, S. Kwiatkowski
p. 2950First Operation of the HAP/MOPA Traveling Wave Structure at Boeing FEL2P035
A.M. Vetter, T.L. Buller, D.H. Dowell, P.E. Johnson
p. 2953The PS 40 MHz Bunching Cavity2P036
R. Garoby, E. Grier, E. Jensen, A. Mitra, R.L. Poirier
p. 2956The Tuning of the Cavity Options for DIAMOND2P037
C.L. Dawson, D.M. Dykes, P.A. McIntosh
p. 2959Effective Compact Accelerating Structures for Heavy Ions4P024
Valentin V. Paramonov
p. 2962The Cut Disk Accelerating Structure for High Energy Linacs4P025
Valentin V. Paramonov
p. 2965The Design of High Reliable RF System for High Power Linacs4P026
A.M. Kozodaev, A.A. Kolomiets, N.V. Lazarev, D.A. Liakin, V.K. Plotnikov, A.M. Raskopin, V.S. Skachkov
p. 2968An RF System for a Compact Synchrotron4P027
A. Pei, S. Anderson, D. Jenner, X. Kang, S.Y. Lee, D. McCammon
p. 2971RF Stations of the SPring-8 Storage Ring4P028
M. Hara, H. Ego, Y. Kawashima, Y. Ohashi, T. Ohshima, T. Takashima
p. 2974Fundamental Mode Characteristics of ARES Cavity Under Beam Environment4P030
N. Akasaka, K. Akai, E. Ezura, T. Kageyama, H. Mizuno, F. Naito, H. Nakanishi, H. Sakai, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kobayashi
p. 2977Coupling Cavity Damper for the ARES4P031
F. Naito, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, T. Kageyama, H. Mizuno, H. Nakanishi, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kobayashi
p. 2980Construction of a 714-MHz RF System for the ATF Damping Ring4P032
S. Sakanaka, K. Kubo, F. Hinode, H. Hayano, J. Urakawa
p. 2983Development of a Broadband HOM Load for the 714-MHz HOM-Damped Cavity4P033
S. Sakanaka, F. Hinode, K. Kubo, S. Tokumoto, K. Satoh, T. Miura, T. Naba
p. 2986HOM Absorber for the ARES Cavity4P034
Y. Takeuchi, K. Akai, N. Akasaka, E. Ezura, T. Kageyama, H. Mizuno, F. Naito, H. Nakanishi, H. Sakai, Y. Yamazaki, T. Kobayashi
p. 2989Beam Test of an RF Damped Cavity at the Photon Factory Storage Ring4P035
M. Izawa, S. Sakanaka, S. Tokumoto, T. Takahashi, T. Koseki, Y. Kamiya
p. 2992Studies of Magnetic Cores for JHF Synchrotrons8P040
M. Fujieda, Y. Mori, H. Nakayama, C. Ohmori, S. Sawada, Y. Tanabe, E. Ezura, A. Takagi, M. Toda, M. Yoshikawa, T. Tanabe, T. Uesugi
p. 2995A Wideband RF Cavity for JHF Synchrotrons8P041
C. Ohmori, M. Fujieda, S. Machida, Y. Mori, H. Nakayama, K. Saito, S. Sawada, Y. Tanabe, M. Yamamoto, E. Ezura, A. Takagi, M. Toda, M. Yoshii, T. Tanabe, T. Uesugi
p. 2998Plunger Frequency Control of a Side Coupled Accelerating Structure for the IFUSP Microtron4P038
J. Takahashi, M.N. Martins, J.A. de Lima, A.A. Malafronte, L. Portante, M.T.F. da Cruz, P.R. Pascholati
p. 3001Measurement and Identification of HOMs in RF Cavities4P039
D.A. Goldberg, R.A. Rimmer
p. 3004High-Power Testing of RF Cavities for the PEP-II B Factory4P040
R.A. Rimmer, M. Allen, K. Fant, A. Hill, M. Hoyt, J. Judkins, M. Neubauer, H. Schwarz
p. 3007Fabrication Processes for the PEP-II RF Cavities4P041
R.M. Franks, R.A. Rimmer, H. Schwarz
p. 3010Operation of the LNLS Storage Ring RF System4P042
D. Wisnivesky, C. Pardine
p. 3013On The Limitations of Accelerating Gradient in Linear Colliders Due to the Pulse Heating8P044
O.A. Nezhevenko
p. 3015Operational Characteristics of RF System Affecting PLS Beam Stability4P043
M. Kwon, H.J. Park, I.H. Yu, J.Y. Huang, I.S. Ko
p. 3018Design and Operation of PET Radio Frequency Quadrupoles4P044
D. Sun, P. Young, A. Moretti, J. Dey
p. 3021SLC Interferometer System and Phase Distribution Upgrades8P023
R. Akre, F.J. Decker, R.K. Jobe, R. Koontz, M. Mitchell, R. Strozinsky
p. 3024Calibration System for SLC 476 MHz to 2856 MHz Multipliers8P024
R. Akre, G Barillas, M. Mitchell
p. 3027Low-Level RF Signal Processing for the Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator8P026
S. Holmes, C. Ziomek, C. Adolphsen, R. Akre, S. Allison, S. Clark, T. Dean, R.W. Fuller, S. Gold, R.K. Jobe, R. Koontz, T.L. Lavine, C. Nantista, Z. Wilson, A. Young
p. 3030Waveguide Stub-Line Tuning of RF Cavities with Heavy Beam Loading8P027
P. Krejcik
p. 3033HOM Power Generation and Propagation in the PEP-II B-Factory8P028
Xintian E. Lin, C.-K Ng, K. Ko
p. 3036Experimental Study of Pulsed Heating of Electromagnetic Cavities8P029
D.P. Pritzkau, A. Menegat, R.H. Siemann, T.G. Lee, D.U.L. Yu
p. 3039Development of a Movable Plunger Tuner for the High-Power RF Cavity for the PEP-II B Factory8P030
H.D. Schwarz, K. Fant, J.G. Judkins, M. Neubauer, R.A. Rimmer
p. 3042RF System for the NLCTA8P031
J.W. Wang, C. Adolphsen, R. Atkinson, W. Baumgartner, J. Eichner, R.W. Fuller, S.L. Gold, S.M. Hanna, S.G. Holmes, R.F. Koontz, T.L. Lavine, R.J. Loewen, R.H. Miller, C.D. Nantista, R. Pope, J. Rifkin, R.D. Ruth, S.G. Tantawi, A.E. Vlieks, P.B. Wilson, Z. Wilson, A. Yeremian
p. 3045RF Breakdown Studies in X-Band Klystron Cavities8P032
X. Xu, R.S. Callin, R. Fowkes, A. Menegat, G.P. Scheitrum, D.H. Whittum
p. 3048Upgrade Issues of the TLS Storage Ring RF System8P033
W.K. Lau, L.H. Chang, S.S. Chang, C.H. Ho, M.C. Lin, S.J. Lin, G.H. Luo, T.T. Yang, M.S. Yeh, Ch. Wang, C.C. Kuo
p. 3051Design of a Third Harmonic Landau Cavity for the SRRC Storage Ring8P035
Ch. Wang, L.H. Chang, T.T. Yang, R.H. Tzeng, M.C. Lin, W.K. Lau, C.C. Kuo
p. 3054On the Mechanical Design of a 1.5 GHz Landau Cavity8P034
T.T. Yang, M.C. Lin, Ch. Wang, L.H. Chang, S.S. Chang, W.K. Lau, C.C. Kuo
p. 3057Sawtooth Wave Generation for Pre-Buncher Cavity in ISAC8P036
K. Fong, M. Laverty, S. Fang, W. Uzat
p. 3060Coarse and Fine Tuners for the CERN PS 40 MHz Bunching Cavity8P037
A.K. Mitra, R.L. Poirier, E. Jensen
p. 3063Measurements at TRIUMF on a 80 MHz Cavity Model for the CERN PS Upgrade for LHC8P038
A.K. Mitra, R.L. Poirier, R. Losito
p. 3066High Power Test of the Damped RF-Cavity8P042
Tadashi Koseki, Masaaki Izawa, Kenji Shinoe, Shuichi Tokumoto, Yukihide Kamiya, Toshi Miura, Kiyokazu Satoh
p. 3069HOM Characteristics of the ARES Cavity8P043
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Superconducting RF

p. 3072Niobium Quarter-Wave Cavity for the New Delhi Booster Linac3P019
K.W. Shepard, A. Roy, P. Potukuchi
p. 3075Development of Superconducting RF for CESR3P021
S. Belomestnykh, P. Barnes, E. Chojnacki, R. Ehrlich, W. Hartung, T. Hays, R. Kaplan, J. Kirchgessner, E. Nordberg, H. Padamsee, P. Quigley, J. Reilly, D. Rubin, J. Sears
p. 3078Superconducting RF System Options for DIAMOND3P022
D.M. Dykes, P.A. McIntosh
p. 3081Note on the SC Linear Collider TESLA Cavity Design3P023
J. Sekutowicz, D. Proch, C. Tang
p. 3084Mechanical Stabilisation of Superconducting Quarter Wave Resonators3P026
A. Facco, V. Zviagintsev
p. 3087Beam Test of a Superconducting Damped Cavity for KEKB3P027
T. Furuya, K. Akai, K. Asano, E. Ezura, K. Hara, K. Hosoyama, A. Kabe, Y. Kojima, S. Mitsunobu, Y. Morita, H. Nakai, H. Nakanishi, T. Tajima, T. Takahashi, S. Yoshimoto, S.C. Zhao, Y. Ishi, Y. Kijima, T. Murai, K. Sennyu
p. 3090Beam Test Results on HOM Absorber of Superconducting Cavity for KEKB3P029
T. Tajima, K. Akai, K. Asano, T. Furuya, K. Hara, K. Hosoyama, A. Kabe, Y. Kojima, S. Mitsunobu, Y. Morita, T. Takahashi
p. 3093Higher Order Mode Analysis of the APT Superconducting Cavities3P030
Frank L. Krawczyk
p. 3096In-Situ Proton Irradiation and Measurement of Superconducting RF Cavities Under Cryogenic Conditions3P031
B. Rusnak, W.B. Haynes, K.C.D. Chan, R.B. Gentzlinger, R. Kidman, N.S.P. King, R.E. Lujan, M. Maloney, S. Ney, A.H. Shapiro, J. Ullmann, A. Hanson, H. Safa
p. 3099Superconducting Cavities for the Reduced-Beta Section of a Proton Linac3P032
C. Pasotti, P. Pittana, M. Svandrlik
p. 3102New Window Design Options for CEBAF Energy Upgrade3P033
L. Phillips, J. Mammosser, V. Nguyen
p. 3105Improvement of the Operational Performance of SRF Cavities via In Situ Helium Processing and Waveguide Vacuum Processing3P034
C. Reece, M. Drury, M.G. Rao, V. Nguyen-Tuong
p. 3108Jefferson Lab IR FEL Cryomodule Modifications and Test Results3P035
M. Wiseman, J. Benesch, M. Drury, J. Fisher, D. Machie, J. Mammosser, L. Phillips, J. Preble

RF Sources/Systems

p. 3111Phase Loop Bandwidth Measurements on the Advanced Photon Source 352-MHz RF Systems5P017
D. Horan, A. Nassiri, C. Schwartz
p. 31147 GHz Pulsed Magnicon: Study and New Results5P018
E.V. Kozyrev, I.G. Makarov, O.A. Nezhevenko, A.A. Nikiforov, G.N. Ostreiko, B.Z. Persov, G.V. Serdobintsev, S.V. Shchelkunoff, V.V. Tarnetsky, V.P. Yakovlev, I.A. Zapryagaev
p. 3117High Efficiency TWT Amplifiers5P019
S. Naqvi, G.S. Kerslick, J.A. Nation, Q. Wang
p. 3120Microwave Cold Tests of Planar RF Cavities5P020
J. Chen, T. Lee, D. Yu, A. Nassiri
p. 3123The 101 MHz Amplifier System of the New CERN Lead Injector5P021
G. Hutter, W. Hartmann, F. Klaus, H. Valter, W. Vinzenz, J. Broere, J. Evans, F. Nitsch, K. Bedermann, J. Braun, D. Vierlbeck, U. Hansen
p. 3126Design of 135 MW X-Band Relativistic Klystron for Linear Collider5P023
G.V. Dolbilov, I.N. Ivanov, N.I. Azorsky, V.S. Shvetsov, V.E Balakin, P.V. Avrakhov, S.Yu. Kazakov, V.E. Teryaev, V.F. Vogel
p. 3129Large-Signal Klystron Simulations Using KLSC5P024
Bruce E. Carlsten, Patrick Ferguson
p. 3132Rippled-Beam Free-Electron Laser5P025
B.E. Carlsten
p. 3135Annular-Beam, 17 GHz Free-Electron Maser Experiment5P026
L.M. Earley, B.E. Carlsten, M.V. Fazio, C.M. Fortgang, P.C. Haddock, W.B. Haynes
p. 3138The RF System for the National Spallation Neutron Source Linac5P027
Paul Tallerico, James Billen, Andrew Jason, Michael Lynch, Thomas Wangler, Lloyd Young
p. 3141Double-Sided Relativistic Magnetron5P028
A.V. Agafonov, E.G. Krastelev
p. 3144Circuit Aspects of the NRL/Industrial 94 GHz Gyroklystron Amplifier5P029
D. Pershing, K. Nguyen, J. Petillo, J. Calame, B. Danly, B. Levush
p. 3147Electron Beam Propagation with Premodulated Energy and Current5P030
Han S. Uhm
p. 3150Experimental Investigation of a W-Band Gyroklystron Amplifier5P031
M. Blank, B.G. Danly, B. Levush, P.E. Latham
p. 3153X-Band Magnicon Amplifier for the Next Linear Collider5P032
Steven H. Gold, Arne W. Fliflet, Allen K. Kinkead, B. Hafizi, Oleg A. Nezhevenko, Viacheslav P. Yakovlev, Jay L. Hirshfield, Richard True, Robert J. Hansen
p. 315634-GHz Pulsed Magnicon for Linear Collider Application5P033
O.A. Nezhevenko, V.P. Yakovlev, A.K. Ganguly, J.L. Hirshfield
p. 3159High Power 35 GHz Gyroklystron Amplifiers5P034
J.J. Choi, A.H. McCurdy, F. Wood, R.H. Kyser, J. Calame, B.G. Danly, B. Levush, R.K. Parker
p. 3162Feasibility Study of a HOM IOT for TESLA5P036
P. Schýtt, T. Weiland, A. Gamp, Fuhai Lu
p. 3165Operating Experience and Reliability Improvements on the 5 kW CW Klystron at Jefferson Lab5P037
R. Nelson, S. Holben
p. 3168Initial Operation of the Maryland Coaxial Gyroklystron Experiment5P038
W. Lawson, M. Castle, J. Cheng, B. Hogan, G.P. Saraph, V.L. Granatstein, M. Reiser
p. 3171High Power 20 GHz RF Source Based on Seventh Harmonic Co-Generation5P039
Changbiao Wang, J.L. Hirshfield, A.K. Ganguly

Related Hardware

p. 3174High Peak Power Test of S-Band Waveguide Switches7P048
A. Nassiri, A. Grelick, R.L. Kustom, M. White
p. 3177Design of a High Average Power Waveguide Window7P050
E. Chojnacki, T. Hays, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, M. Cole, T. Schultheiss
p. 3180Electron Gun and Collector Design for 94-GHz Gyro-Amplifiers7P052
K. Nguyen, B. Danly, B. Levush, M. Blank, R. True, K. Felch, P. Borchard
p. 3183Experimental Evaluation of 350 MHz RF Accelerator Windows for the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator7P053
K. Cummings, D. Rees, W. Roybal, S. Lenci, S. Risbud, C. Shang, D. Wilcox
p. 3186Electron Gun for a High-Power X-Band Magnicon Amplifier7P054
V.P. Yakovlev, O.A. Nezhevenko, R.B. True
p. 3189An All-Metal High Power Circularly Polarized X-Band RF Load7P056
W.R. Fowkes, E.N. Jongewaard, R.J. Loewen, S.G. Tantawi, A.E. Vlieks
p. 3192The Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator's RF Pulse Compression and Transmission Systems7P058
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p. 3195Upgrade of the SLAC SLED-II Pulse Compression System Based on Recent High Power Tests7P060
A.E. Vlieks, W.R. Fowkes, R.J. Loewen, S.G. Tantawi
p. 3198Multipactor Discharge on a Dielectric7P061
R.A. Kishek, Y.Y. Lau


Chair: E. Willen, Brookhaven National Laboratory

The Fermilab Permanent Magnet Antiproton Recycler Ring (no paper submitted) 4C001
(Invited) G. William Foster
Key Issues for the Use of High Temperature Superconductors for HEP Needs (no paper submitted) 4C002
(Invited) David C. Larbalestier
High Field NbSn Magnets for Accelerators (no paper submitted) 4C003
(Invited) H. ten Kate
p. 3201Overview of Hot Topics in Insertion Device Design4C004
(Invited) Kem E. Robinson
p. 3206Experiments and Cycling at the LHC Prototype Half-Cell4C005
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p. 3215Low Field Magnets with High Temperature Superconductors for an Upgrade of CESR4C008
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p. 3218Vibrating Wire Field-Measuring Technique4C010
Alexander Temnykh
p. 3221The Advanced Light Source Elliptically Polarizing Undulator4C011
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E.R. Moog, I. Vasserman, M. Borland, R. Dejus, P.K. Den Hartog, E. Gluskin, J. Maines, E. Trakhtenberg

Room-Temperature Magnets

p. 3227Temperature Compensation of NdFeB Permanent Magnets2P001
S.H. Kim, C. Doose
p. 3230The STAR Detector Magnet Subsystem2P002
R.L. Brown, A. Etkin, K.J. Foley, W.J. Leonhardt, J.A. Mills, I. Polk, E.S. Rodger, J.A. Scheblein, R.D. Schlueter
p. 3233Magnets for the National Spallation Neutron Source Accumulator Ring2P003
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p. 3236Permanent Magnet Quadrupoles for CESR Phase-III Upgrade2P005
W. Lou, D. Hartill, D. Rice, D. Rubin, J. Welch
p. 3239The Use of Correcting Coils in End Magnets of Accelerators2P006
L.R.P. Kassab, P. Gouffon
p. 3242Magnetic Field Measurements of the Main Injector Sextupole Magnets2P007
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p. 3245Design for Fermilab Main Injector Magnet Ramps which Account for Hysteresis2P008
B.C. Brown, C.M. Bhat, D.J. Harding, P.S. Martin, G. Wu
p. 3248Magnet Development for the BRF Positron Emission Tomography Accelerator2P009
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p. 3251Analysis and Measurements of Eddy Current Effects of a Beam Tube in a Pulsed Magnet2P010
S. Fang, W. Chou
p. 3254Experience with the Procurement of Ferrite and Temperature Compensator for Permanent Magnets for Accelerators2P011
William B. Fowler, Bruce Brown, James Volk
p. 3257Permanent Dipole Magnets for the 8 GeV Transfer Line at FNAL2P012
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p. 3260Stability Tests of Permanent Magnets Built with Strontium Ferrite2P013
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p. 3266Automated Permanent Magnet Magnetization System for 8 GeV Transfer Line and Recycler Ring Production at Fermilab2P015
Eric Haggard
p. 3269Magnetic Field Strength and Shape Measurements of the Fermilab Main Injector Quadrupoles2P017
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p. 3278Modifications to the Excitation Characteristics of Fermilab Main Injector Dipoles by Machining7P029
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p. 3280The Design and Construction of Permanent Magnet Lambertson for the Recycler Ring at Fermilab7P030
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p. 3283Design and Fabrication of Achromatic Bend for Medium Energy Electron Cooling at Fermilab7P031
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p. 3291Air-Cooled Trim Dipoles for the Fermilab Main Injector7P034
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p. 3294A Combined Function Magnet for a Compact Synchrotron2P019
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p. 3297Field Measurements of PEP-II LER Dipoles and Quadrupoles at IHEP2P020
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p. 3300The Fabrication of Quadrupole Magnets for PEP-II LER2P021
Fuhe Huang, Yaolin Sun, Xiaoping Wang, Dunan Zhang, Bingsong Huang, Lan Dong
p. 33033D Design, Contruction, and Field Analysis of CIS Main Dipole Magnets7P035
G.P.A. Berg, W. Fox, D.L. Friesel, T. Rinckel
p. 3306Magnets and their Power Supplies of JHP 50-GeV Synchrotron7P047
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p. 3309Magnetic Design and Measurement of Nonlinear Multipole Magnets for the APT Beam Expander System7P036
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p. 3312Optimization of the PEP-II Low Energy Ring Dipoles7P037
P. Barale, N. Li, J. Osborn, J. Tanabe, R.B. Yourd, M.S. Zisman, Y. Sun, X. Xu
p. 3315Harmonic Correction Rings for the PEP-II I.R. Quadrupole Magnets7P038
D. Humphries, R. Schlueter
p. 3318Performance of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring Quadrupoles7P040
N. Li, J. Osborn, J. Tanabe, D. Yee, R. Yourd, M. Zisman, Z. Cao, R. Hou, Y. Sun
p. 3321Design of the PEP-II Interaction Region Septum Quadrupole7P039
J. Osborn, J. Tanabe, D. Yee, F. Younger
p. 3324Pulsed Septa for the LNLS Injector7P041
A.R.D. Rodrigues, R.H.A. Farias, M.J. Ferreira, F.S. Rafael, G. Tosin
p. 3327Eddy Current Effect of Very Long Time Constant of Block Magnets7P042
M. Kumada, H. Ogawa, K. Sato, M. Kase, H. Okuno
p. 3330Results from a Prototype Permanent Magnet Dipole-Quadrupole Hybrid for the PEP-II B-Factory7P043
M. Sullivan, G. Bowden, S. Ecklund, D. Jensen, M. Nordby, A. Ringwall, Z. Wolf
p. 3333Magnetic Measurements of the Prototype Dipole for the IR-FEL at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility7P045
J. Karn, G. Biallas, A. Guerra, L. Harwood
p. 3336Magnets for the CERN PS Booster Transfer Line7P046
George S. Clark, Alan J. Otter, Paul Reeve

Superconducting Magnets

p. 3338Removal of Axial Twist in RHIC Insertion Quadrupole Magnets3P002
J. Cozzolino, M. Anerella, A. Jain, W. Louie, P. Muratore, P. Wanderer
p. 3341Parameterization and Measurements of Helical Magnetic Fields3P003
W. Fischer, M. Okamura
p. 3344A Common Coil Design for High Field 2-in-1 Accelerator Magnets3P004
Ramesh Gupta
p. 3347Change in Field Harmonics after Quench and Thermal Cycles in Superconducting Magnets3P005
R. Gupta, A. Jain, J. Muratore, P. Wanderer, E. Willen, C. Wyss
p. 3350Magnetic Design of Superconducting Quadrupoles for a SC LINAC for APT3P006
S. Kahn, P. Wanderer
p. 3353Test Results from the Completed Production Run of Superconducting Corrector Magnets for RHIC3P007
J. Muratore, A. Jain, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, A. Marone, A. Morgillo, W. Sampson, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer
p. 3356RHIC D0 Insertion Dipole Design Iterations During Production3P008
J. Schmalzle, M. Anerella, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, R. Gupta, A. Jain, S. Kahn, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, W. Sampson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
p. 3359Helical Dipole Magnets for Polarized Protons in RHIC3P009
M. Syphers, E. Courant, W. Fischer, A. Luccio, F. Mariam, S. Peggs, F. Pilat, T. Roser, S. Tepikian, N. Tsoupas, E. Willen, T. Katayama, K. Hatanaka, T. Kawaguchi, M. Okamura, T. Tominaka, H. Wu, V. Ptitsin, Y. Shatunov
p. 3362A Helical Magnet Design for RHIC3P010
E. Willen, R. Gupta, A. Jain, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, R. Thomas
p. 3365Dynamic Field Quality of LHC/Saclay Arc Quadrupole Magnet Prototype3P011
A. Devred, J. Belorgey, J. Deregel, B. Gallet, P. Genevey, F. Kircher, J.M. Rifflet, J.C. Sellier, P. Védrine, J. Billan, T. Ogitsu
p. 3368Mechanical Design and Layout of the LHC Standard Half-Cell3P013
J.C. Brunet, P. Cruikshank, W. Erdt, M. Genet, V. Parma, A. Poncet, P. Rohmig, B. Skoczen, R. Van Weelderen, J. Vlogaert, U. Wagner, L.R. Williams
p. 3371State of the LHC Main Magnets3P012
R. Perin, LHC Magnet Team
p. 3374The Short Straight Sections for the LHC3P014
T. Tortschanoff, V. Parma, P. Rohmig, M. Peyrot, J.M. Rifflet, P. Védrine, D. Vincent
p. 3377Towards Series Measurements of the LHC Superconducting Dipole Magnets3P015
L. Walckiers, Z. Ang, J. Billan, L. Bottura, A. Siemko, P. Sievers, R. Wolf
p. 3380Forces on Interaction Region Quadrupoles and Dipoles Due to a Detector Solenoid Magnet3P016
James J. Welch, Gerald F. Dugan
p. 3383The Superconducting Interaction Region Magnet System for the CESR Phase III Upgrade3P017
James J. Welch, Gerald F. Dugan, Emery Nordberg, David Rice
p. 3386Configuration of the Proposed Diamond Superconducting Dipole Magnet3P018
N. Marks, J.A. Clarke, E. Baynham, R. Coombs
p. 3389Quench Protection of SC Quadrupole Magnets6P001
S. Feher, R. Bossert, J. DiMarco, D. Mitchell, M.J. Lamm, P.J. Limon, P. Mazur, F. Nobrega, D. Orris, J.P. Ozelis, J.B. Strait, J.C. Tompkins, A.V. Zlobin, A.D. McInturff
p. 3392Design and Operation of an Experimental ``Double-C'' Transmission Line Magnet6P002
G.W. Foster, P.O. Mazur, T. Peterson, C.D. Sylvester, P. Schlabach
p. 3395A New Facility to Test Superconducting Accelerator Magnets6P003
M.J. Lamm, J. DiMarco, E. Desavouret, S. Feher, J.D. Garvey, C. Hess, P.J. Limon, J.M. Nogiec, D. Orris, J. Pachnik, T. Peterson, S. Sharonov, J.B. Strait, C. Sylvester, J. Sim, M. Tartaglia, J.C. Tompkins, A.V. Zlobin
p. 3398Magnetic Design of a High Gradient Quadrupole for the LHC Low-ß Insertions6P004
G. Sabbi, S.A. Gourlay, J. Kerby, M.J. Lamm, P.J. Limon, F. Nobrega, I. Novitski, J.B. Strait, A.V. Zlobin, S. Caspi, R. Scanlan, A. Ghosh, R. Gupta
p. 3401A Mu Mu Collider Capture Solenoid System for Pions from a Tilted Target6P006
M.A. Green, R.B. Palmer
p. 3404Tutorial on Superconducting Accelerator Magnets6P007
M.J. (Penny) Ball, Carl L. Goodzeit
p. 3407Superconducting Solenoids for the Polarized Electron Spin Control System of the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring (SHR)6P008
R. Averill, K. Dow, J. Dzengeleski, C. Sibley, Y. Shatunov, P. Vorobiev, P. Klimine, A. Smirnov
p. 3410Measurement of Young's Modulus and Shim Calculation for LHC Prototype Dipole Magnets6P009
F.G. Eysselein, W. Gärtner, J. Vlogaert, D. Perini
p. 3413Progress in the Design, Manufacture and Testing of the KLOE Solenoid for the DANE Ring at Frascati6P010
D.E. Andrews, A.J. Broadbent, M. Greenslade, S.M. Harrison, D.M. Jenkins, J.S.H. Ross, K.D. Smith, A.J. Street, C. Timlin, J.M. Wiatrzyk, KLOE Collaboration, Spokesperson P. Franzini
p. 3416Maxwellian Field Expansion of Helical Magnet6P011
K. Hatanaka, T. Katayama, T. Tominaka
p. 3419Design of the Sector Magnets for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron6P012
T. Kawaguchi, T. Kubo, T. Mitsumoto, H. Okuno, T. Tominaka, J.W. Kim, S. Fujishima, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Tanaka, A. Goto, Y. Yano
p. 3422Trim Coil System for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron6P013
J.-W. Kim, A. Goto, T. Mitsumoto, T. Kubo, H. Okuno, T. Kawaguchi, T. Tominaka, S. Fujishima, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Yano
p. 3425A Superconducting Solenoid for Heavy Ion Beam Focusing6P014
J.W. Kim, T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, Y. Imai, T. Minato, K. Seo
p. 3428Design of a Model Sector Magnet for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron6P015
T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, T. Mitsumoto, T. Tominaka, S. Fujishima, J.-W. Kim, Y. Tanaka, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, A. Goto, Y. Yano
p. 3431Three Dimensional Field Analysis of Helical Magnet for RHIC Siberian Snake6P016
M. Okamura, T. Kawaguchi, T. Tominaka, T. Katayama
p. 3434Multipole Expansion for a Single Helical Current Conductor6P017
T. Tominaka, K. Hatanaka, T. Katayama
p. 3437Analytical Field Calculation of Helical Dipole Magnets for RHIC Snake6P018
T. Tominaka, M. Okamura, T. Katayama
p. 3440Design Study of the Injection and Extraction Elements for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron6P019
T. Tominaka, H. Okuno, S. Fujishima, T. Mitsumoto, T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, Y. Tanaka, J.-W. Kim, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, A. Goto, Y. Yano
p. 3443Stress Management in High-Field Dipoles3P064
N. Diaczenko, T. Elliott, A. Jaisle, D. Latypov, P. McIntyre, P. McJunkins, L. Richards, W. Shen, S. Soika, D. Wendt, R. Gaedke
p. 3446Quench Simulation for 16 T Dipole Built at Texas A&M University3P065
Damir Latypov, Peter McIntyre, Weijun Shen

Power Supplies

p. 3449Overview of the ATR Power Supplies5P001
D. Bruno, A. Soukas, F. Toldo, B. Lambiase
p. 3452Power Systems for the RHIC First Sextant Test5P002
C. Schultheiss, D. Bruno, P.K. Feng, T. Haque, R.F. Lambaise
p. 3455The Power Supply Systems for Elliptical Multipole Wigglers5P003
A.S. Medvedko, Yu. A. Evtushenko, B.A. Dovgenko, S.P. Petrov, V.F. Veremeenko, E.A. Medvedko, Om Vir Singh
p. 3458Failure Statistics of DESY Power Supplies in 19965P005
Hans-Joerg Eckoldt
p. 3461Four Quadrant DC to DC Switching Supply for the Fermilab Main Injector5P007
L. Bartelson, G. Krafczyk, H. Pfeffer, D. Wolff
p. 3464An Embedded Power Supply Controller5P008
S. Sharonov, J.M. Nogiec
p. 3467Magnet Power Supply System for KEK B-Factory5P009
Tadashi Kubo, Masato Yoshida
p. 3470Effect of Source Voltage Subharmonics on Rapid Cycling Synchrotron Power Supply5P010
F.Q. Zhang, T. Adachi, K. Endo
p. 3473Development of a High Speed Crowbar for LANSCE5P011
C. Friedrichs, J. Lyles, J.M. Doub
p. 3476Commissioning and First Year Operation of the LNLS Magnet Power Supplies5P012
D. Wisnivesky, A.C. Lira, A.R. Silva, F.C. Arroyo, L.H. Oliveira
p. 3479High Current Shunt Regulator for Quadrupole Magnets in PLS 2-GeV Storage Ring5P013
S.H. Nam, J.H. Suh, K.M. Ha, J.Y. Huang, I.S. Ko
p. 3482A Unique Power Supply for the PEP-II Klystron at SLAC5P014
R.L. Cassel, M.N. Nguyen
p. 3485PEP-II 16-Channel Corrector Controller Using BITBUS5P015
R. Olsen
p. 3488New Power Supply Control Interface and Energy Ramping in SRRC5P016
C.S. Chen, Jenny Chen, J.S. Chen, C.J. Wang, K.B. Liu, C.Y. Liu, J.T. Sheu, K.T. Hsu

Insertion Devices

p. 3491An Electromagnetic Micro-Undulator9P019
A. Nassiri, L.R. Turner
p. 3494A Superconducting Wiggler Magnet for the NSLS X-Ray Ring9P020
E.B. Blum, D.R. Lynch, P. Mortazavi, O.V. Singh, W. Thomlinson, M.H. Woodle, A.J. Broadbent, M.C. Coates, S.R. Milward, E.J.F. Moor, K.D. Smith
p. 3497Magnetic Measurements on an In-Vacuum Undulator for the NSLS X-Ray Ring9P021
G. Rakowsky, J.J. Aspenleiter, W.S. Graves, L. Solomon, P.M. Stefan
p. 3500Siberian Snakes for Electron Storage Rings9P022
V. Ptitsin, Yu. Shatunov
p. 3503The Magnetic Design of a High Field Permanent Magnet Multipole Wiggler for the SRS9P023
J.A. Clarke
p. 3506Recent Developments of Insertion Devices at ESRF9P026
J. Chavanne, P. Elleaume, P. Van Vaerenbergh
p. 3509Computing 3D Magnetic Fields from Insertion Devices9P027
P. Elleaume, O. Chubar, J. Chavanne
p. 3512Conceptual and Experimental Feasibility Study of a Superconductive Micro-Undulator9P122
T. Hezel, R. Rossmanity, B. Krevet, H.O. Moser
p. 3515Development of an In-Vacuum Minipole Undulator9P028
Toshiya Tanabe, Hideo Kitamura, Peter Stefan
p. 3518Novel Structure of Short-Period Twisted Undulator Spontaneous Emission Properties9P029
A.V. Smirnov, A.S. Khlebnikov
p. 3521Design of an Elliptical Undulator and X-Ray Beam Line at DSR of RIKEN RI Beam Factory Project9P030
M. Wakasugi, T. Katayama
p. 3524Operation of Insertion Devices in ELETTRA and Plans for Future Devices9P031
R.P. Walker, B. Diviacco, D. Zangrando
p. 3527Design of an Electromagnetic Elliptical Wiggler for ELETTRA9P032
R.P. Walker, D. Bulfone, B. Diviacco, W. Jark, P. Michelini, L. Tosi, R. Visintini, G. Ingold, F. Schaefers, M. Scheer, G. Wuestefeld, M. Eriksson, S. Werin
p. 3530Design Features of a Planar Hybrid/Permanent Magnet Strong-Focusing Undulator for Free Electron Laser (FEL) and Synchrotron Radiation (SR) Applications3V048
Roman Tatchyn
p. 3533Linear Beam Dynamics Effects of Three Dimensional Static Magnetic Fields of Insertion Devices at SRRC9P033
Peace Chang, M.H. Wang, Chaoen Wang, C.C. Kuo, C.S. Hsue
p. 3536Magnet Sorting Algorithms for a Prototype of the SRRC EPU9P034
T.C. Fan, C.S. Hwang, C.H. Chang, Ch. Wang
p. 3539Insertion Devices Control Development at SRRC9P035
K.T. Pan, Jenny Chen, J.S. Chen, C.J. Wang, C.S. Chen, K.H. Hu, Chaoen Wang, C.H. Chang, C.S. Hwang, T.C. Fan, K.T. Hsu


Chair: W. Stoeffl, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

p. 3542The LHC Vacuum System8C001
(Invited) O. Gröbner
p. 3547Dust in Accelerator Vacuum Systems8C002
(Invited) Darren R.C. Kelly
p. 3552APS Storage Ring Vacuum System Performance8C003
(Invited) J.R. Noonan, J. Gagliano, G.A. Groeppner, R.A. Rosenberg, D.R. Walters
Cryogenics for Particle Accelerators: Present State-of-the-Art and Future Trends (no paper submitted) 8C004
(Invited) Philippe Lebrun
p. 3556Advanced Photon Source Experience with Vacuum Chambers for Insertion Devices8C005
P.K. Den Hartog, J. Grimmer, E. Trakhtenberg, G. Wiemerslage, S. Xu
p. 3559Massive Titanium Sublimation Pumping in the CESR Interaction Region8C006
N.B. Mistry, R. Kersevan, Yulin Li
p. 3562Interaction Region Vacuum System Design at the PEP-II B-Factory8C007
L. Bertolini, O. Alford, P. Duffy, R. Holmes, L. Mullins, C. Ng, M. Sullivan
p. 3565Survey of Electronic Safety Systems in Accelerator Applications8C008
K. Mahoney
p. 3568TiN Coating of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring Aluminum Arc Vacuum Chambers8C009
K. Kennedy, H. Harteneck, G. Millos, M. Benapfl, F. King, R. Kirby
p. 3571Bremsstrahlung Measurements at the ESRF8C010
P. Berkvens, P. Colomp
p. 3574Design and Analysis of a Be Window for the APS Diagnostics Undulator Beam Line8C011
I. Ching Sheng, B.X. Yang, S. Sharma
p. 3577In Situ Measurement of Ceramic Vacuum Chamber Conductive Coating Quality8C012
C. Doose, K. Harkay, S. Kim, S. Milton

Vacuum Technology

p. 3580An Ancillary Pumping System for the APS Vacuum System4P001
D. Walters, J. Noonan, J. Gagliano, G. Harris, V. Svirtun
p. 3583Stress Rupture Considerations in the Design of Large Aperture, Low Mass Composite Vacuum Windows4P002
W.J. Leonhardt, J.R. Cullen, P.F. Gill
p. 3586Mechanical Design Aspects of the LHC Beam Screen4P003
P. Cruikshank, K. Artoos, F. Bertenelli, J.-C. Brunet, R. Calder, C. Campedel, I. Collins, J.-M. Dalin, B. Feral, O. Grobner, N. Kos, A. Mathewson, L. Nikitina, I. Nikitina, A. Poncet, C. Reymermier, G. Schneider, I. Sexton, S. Sgobba, R. Valbuena, R. Veness
p. 3589Beam Induced Multipacting4P004
O. Gröbner
p. 3592Operation of CESR Distributed Ion Pumps at Reduced Voltage4P005
Yulin Li, R. Kersevan, N.B. Mistry
p. 3595A Titanium Sublimation Control System for the CESR Interaction Region4P006
Yulin Li, Benjamin Manvell, William Lucas, Nariman Mistry
p. 3598The Design, Construction and Testing of a Multipole Wiggler Magnet Titanium Vacuum Chamber for the SRS4P007
N. Bliss, C.L. Dawson
p. 3601FNAL Main Injector t-Jump System Beamtube Design4P008
J.R. Leibfritz
p. 3604Comparison of the Quality of Two ECRIS Vacuum Stands4P009
J. Pivarc, K.D. Tumanov, V.B. Kutner, A.I. Ivanenko, J. Pivarc jun.
p. 3607Vacuum Beam Losses in the Axial Injection Systems of the FLNR Heavy Ion Cyclotrons4P010
M.N. El-Shazly, M.V. Khabarov, A.I. Ivanenko, G.G. Gulbekian
p. 3610Beam Loss Due to the Charge Exchange in the Residual Gas of the FLNR Heavy Ion Cyclotrons4P011
G.G. Gulbekian, M.N. El-Shazly, A.V. Tikhomirov, B.N. Gikal
p. 3613The Vacuum System of the Synchrotron Radiation Source ANKA4P012
E. Huttel, D. Einfeld
p. 3616Experience with the Ultra-High-Vacuum Protection System for the Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines with High-Power Wigglers/Undulators at the Photon Factory4P013
Noriichi Kanaya, Seiji Asaoka, Shogo Sakanaka, Hideki Maezawa
p. 3619Status of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring Vacuum System4P014
D. Cheng, D. Hunt, H. Hsieh, J. Meneghetti, K. Kennedy, T. Stevens, G. Jones, T. Miller, D. Colomb, L. Bertolini, C. Belser, J. Kerns, E. Daly
p. 3622Design of the Linear Non-Evaporable Getter Pump for the PEP-II B-Factory4P016
L. Bertolini, D. Behne, J. Bowman, D. Hathaway, K. Kishiyama, M. Mugge, T. Swan
p. 3625APT/LEDA RFQ Vacuum Pumping System4P017
S. Shen, K. Kishiyama, J.M. Parker, N.G. Wilson, D. Schrage
p. 3628LNLS Vacuum System Commissioning4P018
M.J. Ferreira, R.O. Ferraz, F.A. Minuzzi, M.B. Silva
p. 3630Internal Gas Targets in AmPS4P019
A.P. Kaan, J.F.J. van den Brand, M. Doets, E. van Leeuwen, O. Postma
p. 3633Operation Experiences for PLS Vacuum System4P020
D. Park, Y.J. Han, C.K. Kim, S.M. Chung, I.S. Ko
p. 3636Vacuum System Design Using Symbolic Numeric Processors4P021
Wayne D. Cornelius
p. 3639Final Design and Manufacturing of the PEP-II High Energy Ring Arc Bellows Module4P022
Nadine R. Kurita, Artem Kulikov, Martin Nordby, John Corlett
p. 3642Photon Stimulated Desorption Phenomena at the Taiwan Light Source Vacuum System4P023
G.Y. Hsiung, Y.J. Hsu, J.R. Chen

Alignment and Survey

p. 3645Closed Orbit Feed-Back from Low-Beta Quadrupole Movements at LEP7P062
F. Tecker, W. Coosemans, A. Marin, K. Rybaltchenko, J. Wenninger
p. 3648Beam Position Monitor Offset Determination at LEP7P063
F. Tecker, B. Dehning, P. Galbraith, K. Henrichsen, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt
p. 3651Alignment of the High Beta Magnets in the RHIC Interaction Regions7P065
D. Trbojevic, A. Jain, S. Tepikian, R. Grandinetti, G. Ganetis, J. Wei, F. Karl
p. 3654The Superconducting Interaction Region Magnet Positioning System for the CESR Phase III Upgrade7P066
James J. Welch, David L. Rubin, Alexander B. Temnykh
p. 3657A Wire Position Monitor (WPM) System to Control the Cold Mass Movements Inside the TTF Cryomodule7P067
D. Giove, A. Bosotti, C. Pagani, G. Varisco
p. 3660Ground Motion Studies for Large Future Linear Colliders7P068
Shigeru Takeda, Noboru Yamamoto, Katsunobu Oide
p. 3663Precision Surveying and Smoothing Analysis for Pohang Light Source7P069
K.W. Seo, A.H. Maeng, S.C. Lee, I.S. Ko
p. 3666Survey and Alignment of SLAC's B-Factory7P070
M. Pietryka, M.. Gaydosh

Radiation Monitoring and Safety

p. 3669Access Control and Interlock System at the Advanced Photon Source3P055
J. Forrestal, R. Hogrefe, M. Knott, W. McDowell, D. Reigle, L. Solita, R. Koldenhoven, D. Haid
p. 3672Radiation Levels Around the Fermilab Main Injector Extraction Septa3P056
C.M. Bhat, N.V. Mokhov
p. 3675Radiation Protection in the NLC Test Accelerator at SLAC3P060
Theodore L. Lavine, Vaclav Vylet
p. 3678Modular Reliability Modeling of the TJNAF Personnel Safety System3P061
J. Cinnamon, K. Mahoney
p. 3681Jefferson Lab Personnel Safety Fast Beam Kicker System3P062
K. Mahoney, O. Garza, E. Stitts, H. Areti, M. O'Sullivan
p. 3684Emerging Standards with Application to Accelerator Safety Systems3P063
K.L. Mahoney, H.P. Robertson

Other Subsystems Technology and Components

p. 3687Design and Construction of a 1-MW, 352-MHz RF Test Load9P036
D. Horan, Y. Kang
p. 3690Design and Construction of the Advanced Photon Source 352-MHz RF System Switching Control9P037
D. Horan, L. Solita, D. Reigle, N. Dimonte
p. 3693Supports and Installation System of the RHIC Superconducting Magnets9P038
Rudy Alforque, Jim Cammarata, Bill De Vito, Frank Karl, Tom Muller, Steve Kane, Gary McIntyre, Ray Savino, Jack Sondericker
p. 3696Systems Layout of the Low-ß Insertions for the LHC Experiments9P039
R. Ostojic, T.M. Taylor, S. Weisz
p. 3699Higher Order Modes Power Loss in the Vertical Separators at CESR9P040
S. Greenwald
p. 3702Photocurrents in Electrostatic Separators at CESR9P041
S. Greenwald
p. 3705REC Quadrupole's Beam Pipe Temperature Control9P042
Z. Greenwald, S. Greenwald, D.H. Rice
p. 3708Improved Measurement of Electric Field Uniformity in Horizontal Electrostatic Separators9P043
Alexander B. Temnykh, James J. Welch
p. 3710Permanent Magnet Assembly Tooling for the 8 GeV Transfer Line and Recycler Ring at Fermilab9P048
T.H. Nicol, A.B. Knauf
p. 3713A Distributed Monitoring and Control System9P049
J.M. Nogiec, E. Desavouret, D. Orris, J. Pachnik, S. Sharonov, J. Sim, J.C. Tompkins, K. Trombly-Freytag
p. 3716Pulsed Magnetic Field Measurement Using a Ferrite Waveguide in a Phase Bridge Circuit9P050
W. Pellico, P. Colestock
p. 3719Longitudinal Impedance Measurements of an RK-TBA Induction Accelerating Gap9P046
S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, J.-S. Kim, T.L. Houck, G.A. Westenskow, S.S. Yu
p. 3722Stack Insulator Induction Accelerator Gaps9P047
T.L. Houck, G.A. Westenskow, J.-S. Kim, S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu, D. Vanecek
p. 3725Resonant Ring For Testing of Accelerator RF Windows9P051
E. Gerken, J.M. Gahl, D. Rees, W. Roybal, K. Cummings
p. 3728Beam Expansion with Specified Final Distributions9P052
Andrew J. Jason, Barbara Blind, Klaus Halbach
p. 3731Development of a Fast Traveling-Wave Beam Chopper for National Spallation Neutron Source9P053
Sergey S. Kurennoy, Andrew J. Jason, Frank L. Krawczyk, John Power
p. 3734Design of Quasi-Travelling Wave Pinger Magnet for Beam Diagnostics on the Advanced Light Source9P054
D.E. Anderson, G. Stover
p. 3737TiN Coating of Accelerator Beamline Chambers9P055
K.N. Leung, Y. Lee, A. Mashaw, D. Wutte, R.A. Gough
p. 3740Ramping Efficiency Studies in the LNLS Synchrotron Light Source9P057
R.H.A. Farias, L.C. Jahnel, Liu Lin, A.R.D. Rodrigues, P.F. Tavares
p. 3743Power Factor Correction at MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center with Pulsed Loads of up to 180 MW Peak (2.7 MW Average)9P058
R. Averill, K. Hatch, C. Sibley, R. Gross
p. 3746Harmonic Resonance Analysis for PEP II Power Factor Correction Upgrades9P059
C. Corvin
p. 3749A Dynamic Local Bump System for Producing Synchrotron Radiation with an Alternate Elliptical Polarization9P060
K.T. Hsu, C.H. Kuo, K.H. Hwu, K.K. Lin, C.S. Chen, J.S. Chen, J. Chen, C.T. Chen
p. 3752A Method of Producing Surface Conduction on Ceramic Accelerator Components Using Metal Ion Implantation9P064
F. Liu, I. Brown, L. Phillips, G. Biallas, T. Siggins
p. 3755Interactive Troubleshooting Guide for Accelerators9P063
R. Legg, B. Dunham, S. Higgins, R. Kazimi, D. Kehne, T. Oren
p. 3758Runtime Accelerator Configuration Tools at Jefferson Laboratory9P065
M.G. Tiefenback, L. Doolittle, J.F. Benesch
p. 3761High Power Electron Beam Dumps at CEBAF9P066
M. Wiseman, C.K. Sinclair, R. Whitney, M. Zarecky, R. Vetterlein
p. 3764 Diagnosis of Individual Cell Frequencies in a Coupled Cavity Chain Without Introducing Objects into the Cavity9P067
Yi Ni, Dechun Tong, Bo Tian, Qingxiu Jin, Yuanzhong Huang
p. 3767A New Measurement Method of the Delay Line Length in the X-Band Delay Line Distribution System (DLDS)9P068
F. Tamura, H. Mizuno


Chair: A. Lennox, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

p. 3770Review of Compact Commercial Accelerator Products and Applications9B001
(Invited) Y. Jongen
p. 3775A High Current Tandem Accelerator for Gamma-Resonance Contraband Detection9B002
(Invited) B.F. Milton
p. 3780The Accelerator Production of Tritium Project9B003
(Invited) P.W. Lisowski
p. 3785Commissioning of the 1 MW Spallation Neutron Source SINQ9B004
G.S. Bauer, W.E. Fischer, U. Rohrer, U. Schryber
p. 3788Synchrotrons and Beamlines for Proton Radiography9B005
F. Neri, H.A. Thiessen, P.L. Walstrom
p. 3791Clinical Requirements and Accelerator Concepts for BNCT9B006
(Invited) B.A. Ludewigt
p. 3796Market Driven Design of Accelerator Systems for Sterilization of Medical Products9B007
(Invited) K. Whitham, T. Allen, H. Anamkath, F. Gower, R. Mendonsa, H. Schaffer, A. Zante
p. 3801The GSI Cancer Therapy Project9B008
H. Eickhoff, Th. Haberer, G. Kraft, U. Krause, K. Poppensieker, M. Richter, R. Steiner
p. 3804A ³He++ RFQ Accelerator for the Production of PET Isotopes9B009
Ralph J. Pasquinelli
p. 3807A New Intense Neutron Tool for Radiography and Detection of Water and Ground Contaminants9B010
C.M. Celata, M. Amman, R. Donahue, K. Leung, P.N. Luke, L.T. Perkins, Peter T. Zawislanski, D. Hua
p. 3810Electron-Linac-Based Radiation Facilities of the Ukrainian National Science Center ``KIPT''9B011
A.N. Dovbnya, M.I. Aizatsky, Ye.Z. Biller, V.N. Boriskin, V.A. Kushnir, V.V. Mitrochenko, V.A. Popenko, Yu.D. Tur, V.L. Uvarov, E.S. Zlunitsyn, A.I. Zykov

Medical Therapy

p. 3813A Compact Proton Synchrotron for Cancer Treatments7P102
Kazuo Hiramoto, Masumi Umezawa, Kooji Matsuda, Masatsugu Nishi
p. 3816Progress Report on the Construction of the Northeast Proton Therapy Center (NPTC) Equipment7P103
Y. Jongen, M. Abs, J.-C. Amelia, W. Beekman, W. Kleeven, M Ladeuze, G. Lannoye, S. Laycock, D. Leyman, V. Poreye, D. Prieels, D. Vandeplassche, S. Zaremba, M. Heiberger, E. Hubbard, T. Hurn, L. Nissley, C. Silke, M. Tabor, Kiyotaka Ohtomo, Masami Sano, Takemi Satoh, Toshiki Tachikawa, Takeshi Takayama
p. 3819Performance of Parallel Plate Ionization Chamber for Medical Irradiation7P105
E. Urakabe, M. Inoue, Y. Iwashita, T. Shirai, T. Sugimura, A. Noda, M. Kanazawa, M. Torikoshi, K. Noda, S. Yamada, M. Tadokoro, M. Nishi, Y. Fujita
p. 3822New Secondary Beam Course for Medical Use in HIMAC7P106
S. Kouda, M. Torikoshi, M. Kanazawa, A. Kitagawa, T. Murakami, K. Noda, Y. Sato, E. Takada, J. Yoshizawa, Y. Futami, A. Higashi, T. Kanai, N. Matufuji, H. Tomura, S. Yamada, K. Kawachi, M. Suda, T. Tomitani, M. Kumada, H. Ogawa, Y. Ishikawa, H. Tsubuku, T. Kato
p. 3825Design Study of a Linear Accelerator System for Neutron Capture Therapy7P107
J.W. Kim, J.S. Chai
p. 3828A Compact Proton Accelerator System for Cancer Therapy7P108
A. Yamaguchi, K. Nakayama, T. Rizawa, S. Sukenobu, K. Satoh, Y. Morii, Y. Tanabe, Y. Chiba
p. 3831Operation of the TRIUMF Proton Therapy Facility7P109
E.W. Blackmore, B. Evans, M. Mouat, C. Duzenli, R. Ma, T. Pickles, K. Paton

Medical Isotope Production

p. 3834Initial Operation of CIAE Medically Used Cyclotron7P110
Mingwu Fan, Tainjue Zhang, CYCIAE 30 Engineering Group
p. 3837Charge Stripper and MEBT for the ³He RFQ Accelerator7P111
F.M. Bieniosek, K. Anderson, R.J. Pasquinelli, M. Popovic, C.W. Schmidt, R. Weber, D.J. Larson, P. Young
p. 3840Electron Accelerator's Production of Technetium-99m for Nuclear Medicine7P112
V.L. Uvarov, N.P. Dikiy, A.N. Dovbnya, Ye.P Medvedyeva, G.D Pugachov, Yu.D Tur
p. 3842Encapsulated Target for Isotope Production Cyclotrons7P113
Shervin Bakhtiari, William Z. Gelbart, Wendy Ho, Nigel R. Stevenson
p. 3845High Current Encapsulated Target System for Radioisotopes Production7P114
Wendy Ho, Shervin Bakhtiari, William Z. Gelbart, Nigel R. Stevenson

High-Power Accelerator Applications

p. 3848Program of Activities for the Linac-Driver of ITEP Subcritical Facility7P117
A.M. Kozodaev, A.A. Drozdovsky, A.A. Kolomiets, V.V. Kurakin, R.P. Kuybeda, N.V. Lazarev, V.I. Pershin, V.K. Plotnikov, O.V. Shvedov, V.S. Skachkov, V.V. Vasiliev, R.M. Vengrov
p. 3851Parameter and Cost Model for Spallation Neutron Source Studies7P119
J.D. Galambos, D.K. Olsen

Electron Beam Processing

p. 3854Electron Beam Applications in Chemical Processing8P101
G. Cojocaru, D. Martin, M. Dragusin, R. Moraru, M. Radoiu, C. Oproiu, S. Marghitu, I. Indreias, V. Bestea, R. Camariuc, A. Margaritescu
p. 3857Realignment of a Diverging Electron Beam: A New Beam Delivery System for Rhodotrons8P103
Y. Jongen, M. Abs, S. Zaremba, T. Delvigne, A. Herer
p. 3860Electron Beam Scanning Systems8P106
A.A. Zavadtsev
p. 3863Cyclotron Autoresonance Accelerator for Electron Beam Dry Scrubbing of Flue Gases8P109
J.L. Hirshfield, Changbiao Wang

Non-Destructive Evaluation and Other Applications

p. 3866Effective X-ray Bremsstrahlung Source (Is it Possible to Handle Quality of X-ray Bremsstrahlung?)8P111
V.K. Grishin, B.S. Ishkhanov, S.P. Likhachev, D.A. Rodionov, V.I. Shvedunov
p. 3869Small-Sized Electron Linear RF Accelerator with Beam Autoacceleration for Geology and Industry8P115
B. Bogdanovich, V.I. Kaminsky, Senyukov, A.V. Nesterovich
p. 3872A Small 1 MeV Electron Accelerator for Measuring Heavy Metal Concentrations in Smokestack Gases8P118
A. Reppond, M. Ambrosia, B.C. Hansen, C.R. Meitzler, D.P. Redden, D.A. Swenson

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