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Keyword: accelerator

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOAL001 High Luminosity Operation of the Fermilab Accelerator Complex   1
  • C.S. Mishra (FNAL)
MOAL003 Status of the Spallation Neutron Source secondary-beams, spallation, target 11
  • N. Holtkamp (ORNL)
MOAL005 The Future GSI Facility: Beams of Ions and Antiprotons antiproton, secondary-beams 16
  • W. Henning (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH)
MOPB001 25 Years of Technical Advances in RFQ Accelerators heavy-ion, light-ion, linac, radio-frequency-quadrupole 60
  • L.M. Young (LANL)
MOPB002 Commissioning of the Spallation Neutron Source front End Systems beamline, commissioning, ion-source, radio-frequency-quadrupole 65
  • A. Aleksandrov (ORNL)
MPPE015 1400A,+/-900V Peak Pulse Switch Mode Power Supplies for SNS Injection Kickers injection, kicker, power-supply, pulsed-power 770
  • S. Dewan (Digital Predictive Systems Inc.), W. Eng, R.F. Lambiase, J. Sandberg (BNL), R. Holmes (IE Power Inc.), K. Rust (ORNL), J. Zeng (University of Toronto)
MPPE016 FLUKA Simulations of the Loss of the Stored Electron Beam at BESSY shielding, storage-ring 773
  • K. Ott (BESSY)
MPPE017 The Shielding Design of the Metrology Light Source (MLS) shielding 776
  • K. Ott (BESSY)
MPPB003 New Insertion Device Vacuum Chambers at the Advanced Photon Source insertion-device, vacuum 830
  • E. Trakhtenberg, B. Brajuskovic, P. Den Hartog, G. Wiemerslage (ANL)
MPPB080 A Neutron Source Facility for Neutron Cross-Section Measurements on Radioactive Targets at RIA deuteron, drift tube linac (DTL), irradiation, neutron 989
  • L. Ahle, R. Berio, L. Bernstein, B. Rusnak (LLNL)
MPPB084 An Axial Injection System for the ORIC acceleration, bunching, cyclotron, space-charge 995
  • G.D. Alton, B.A. Tatum, Y. Zhang (ORNL)
MPPB089 Microwave Radiation Stimulated by Atom or Ion Beams dielectric, ion, photon, radiation 1007
  • V. Grishin (Scobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow Lomonosov State University)
MPPB090 Effective Source of Sharp Focused Electromagnetic Radiation of Electrons with Moderate Relativistic Energy electron, radiation, target, x-ray 1010
  • V. Grishin, S. Likhachev (Scobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow Lomonosov State University)
MPPB091 Effects of Propagation for High Power CW Electron Beam in Air beam-transport, cw, electron, industrial-accelerators 1013
  • S. Korenev (STERIS Corporation), I. Korenev (Northern Illinois University)
TOAB001 The LHC Superconducting Magnets collider, superconducting magnet, superconductivity 141
  • L. Rossi (CERN)
TOAC012 Saturation of the NSLS DUV-FEL at BNL free-electron-laser 217
  • A. Doyuran, L. DiMauro, R. Heese, E. Johnson, S. Krinsky, H. Loos, J.B. Murphy, G. Rakowsky, J. Rose, T. Shaftan, B. Sheehy, Y. Shen, J. Skaritka, X.J. Wang, Z. Wu, L.H. Yu (BNL), W.S. Graves (MIT-Bates)
TPAE019 Development of an 805-MHz, 550 kW Pulsed Klystron for the Spallation Neutron Source klystron, linac, superconducting-rf 1122
  • S. Lenci, E. Eisen, B. Stockwell (Communications and Power Industries, Inc.)
TPAE029 Development of a 10-MW, L-Band, Multiple-Beam Klystron for TESLA klystron 1144
  • E. Wright, A. Balkcum, H. Bohlen, M. Cattelino, L. Cox, M. Cusick, F. Friedlander, B. Stockwell, L. Zitelli (Communications and Power Industries, Inc.)
TPAB016 Design of 20MeV DTL for PEFP drift tube linac (DTL), klystron, proton, quadrupole 1219
  • Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, J.H. Jang, H.J. Kwon, M.Y. Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPAB022 High Power Testing of the 402.5 MHz and 805 MHz RF Windows for the Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator RF coupler, multipacting, radio-frequency, waveguide 1237
  • K. Cummings, J.M. De Baca, J. Harrison, M. Rodrigiuez, P.A. Torrez, D.K. Warner (LANL)
TPAB036 Novel Accelerator Structure Couplers RF coupler, linear-collider, rf breakdown, travelling wave 1276
  • C.D. Nantista, V.A. Dolgashev, S.G. Tantawi (SLAC)
TPAB038 Use of Acoustic Emission to Diagnose Breakdown in Accelerator RF Structures rf breakdown, x-band 1279
  • M.C. Ross, J. Frisch, K. Jobe, F. Le Pimpec, D. McCormick, J. Nelson, T. Smith (SLAC)
TPAB047 Experimental Results on 700 MHz Multicell Superconducting Cavity for Proton Linac linac, proton, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 1303
  • B. Visentin, A. Aspart, D. Braud, J.P. Charrier, Y. Gasser, E. Jacques, J.P. Poupeau, D. Roudier, P. Sahuquet, F. Simoens (CE Saclay), J.L. Biarrotte, S. Blivet, S. Bousson, T. Junquera, H. Saugnac, Ph. Szott (Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay)
TPAB060 Higher Order Mode Investigation of Superconducting CH Structures and Status of the CH Prototype Cavity higher-order-mode, microphonics, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 1335
  • H. Podlech, H. Deitinghoff, H. Klein, H. Liebermann, U. Ratzinger, A. Sauer, X. Yan (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
TPAB077 Improved Prototype Cryomodule for the CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade cryomodule, rf cavities 1377
  • E. Daly, I. Campisi, J. Henry, W.R. Hicks, J. Hogan, P. Kneisel, D. Machie, C. Reece, T. Rothgeb, J. Sekutowicz, K. Smith, T. Whitlatch, K.M. Wilson, M. Wiseman (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB085 Cavities for JLAB's 12 GeV Upgrade rf cavities, superconducting-rf 1395
  • J. Sekutowicz, G. Ciovati, P. Kneisel, G. Wu (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), A. Brinkmann (DESY), R. Parodi (INFN), W. Hartung (MSU), S. Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
TPAG015 Spallation Neutron Source High-Power RF Transmitter Design for High Availability, Ease of Installation and Cost Containment EPICS, operational-performance, radio-frequency 1458
  • J. Bradley III, T. Hardek, M.T. Lynch, D.E. Rees, W. Roybal, P.J. Tallerico (LANL)
TPAG028 The Jefferson Lab Quality Assurance Program for the SNS Superconducting Linac Accelerator Project cryomodule, linac, spallation 1491
  • J.P. Ozelis (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAG029 Utilization of Integrated Process Control, Data Capture, and Data Analysis in Construction of Accelerator Systems. commissioning, software 1494
  • J.P. Ozelis, V. Bookwalter, B. Madre, C. Reece (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAG031 A Solid-State Transmitter for the Argonne Advanced Photon Source modulator, power-supply, solid state devices 1500
  • I.S. Roth, J.A. Casey, M.P.J. Gaudreau, T. Hawkey, M.A. Kempkes, J.M. Mulvaney, J.E. Petry (Diversified Technologies, Inc.)
TPAG045 A Slab-Symmetric Dielectric-Loaded Structure for High-Gradient Acceleration at THz resonance, rf-structure, transverse-dynamics 1533
  • R. Yoder, J.B. Rosenzweig (University of California, Los Angeles)
TOPA006 SESAME, 2.5 GeV Synchrotron Light Source for the Middle East Region emittance, light source, synchrotron-radiation 238
  • D. Einfeld, E. Al-Dmour (UNESCO), R.H. Sarraf (Al-Balqua Applied University Alt-Salt), H. Hashemi, H. Hassanzadegan (DESY), S. Varnasery (Daresbury Laboratory), M. Attal, K. Tavakoli (LURE), H. Tarawneh (MAX-Lab), A. Aladwan, B. Kalantari (Swiss Light Source)
TOPC003 Electron Cloud Studies and Analyses at SPS for LHC-Type Beams commissioning, electron cloud, instability, vacuum 307
  • J.M. Jimenez, G. Arduini, V. Baglin, P. Collier, G. Ferioli, H. Henrist, N. Hilleret, B. Jenninger, L. Jensen, J.M. Laurent, A. Rossi, K. Weiss, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPE007 Optics of a Proton Driver booster, optics, proton 1557
  • L. Michelotti, W. Chou, A. Drozhdin, N. Gelfand, C. Johnstone (FNAL), G.H. Rees (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), D. Ritson (Stanford University), A.A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles), S. Ohnuma (University of Hawaii)
TPPE010 Longitudinal Tracking Studies for the AHF Booster Synchrotron booster, longitudinal-dynamics, synchrotron 1566
  • L.J. Rybarcyk (LANL)
TPPE013 Superstructures for High Current FEL Application free-electron-laser, rf cavities 1575
  • J. Sekutowicz, K. Beard, P. Kneisel, G. Wu (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), C. Thomas (French Atomic Energy Commission), S. Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
TPPE016 The TRIUMF 500 MeV Cyclotron: Present Operation and Intensity Upgrade cyclotron 1584
  • G. Dutto, R. Baartman, P. Bricault, I. Bylinsky, M. Dombsky, R.E. Laxdal, R. Poirier, Y.-N. Rao, L. Root, R. Ruegg, P. Schmor, M. Stenning, G. Stinson (TRIUMF)
TPPE020 Design of a Racetrack Microtron to Operate Outside the Phase Stability Region beam-transport, microtron 1593
  • M.N. Martins, P.B. Rios, J. Takahashi (Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo), L.A.A. Terremoto (Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares)
TPPE028 Contruction of User Facilities for the Proton Beam Utilization of PEFP (Proton Engineering Frontier Project) beamline, irradiation, linac, proton 1602
  • K.R. Kim, B.H. Choi, H.R. Lee, K.Y. Nam, B.S. Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPPE029 The Bunching System Based on the Evanescent Oscillations beam-loading, bunching, rf-structure, simulation 1605
  • S.A. Perezhogin, M.I. Ayzatsky, E.Z. Biller, N.G. Golovko, K. Kramarenko, V.A. Kushnir, V.V. Mitrochenko (NSC KIPT)
TPPE031 Pulsed Electron Accelerator for Radiation Technologies electron, irradiation, pulsed-power, software 1608
  • S. Korenev (STERIS Corporation)
TPPE033 Target for Production of X-Rays electron, industrial-accelerators, target, x-ray 1614
  • S. Korenev (STERIS Corporation)
TPPB053 PS 13.3-20 MHz RF Systems for LHC feedback, ferrite, rf cavities, synchrotron 1724
  • M. Morvillo, R. Garoby, D. Grier, M. Haase, A. Krusche, P. Maesen, M. Paoluzzi, C. Rossi (CERN)
TPPB055 Analysis of the b2 Correction in the Tevatron chromatic-effects, magnetic measurements, superconducting magnet 1730
  • P. Bauer, G. Annala, J. DiMarco, R. Hanft, D. Harding, M. Lamm, M. Martens, P. Schlabach, D. Still, M. Tartaglia, J. Tompkins, G. Velev, M. Xiao (FNAL), L. Bottura, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB056 Beam Loss and Backgrounds in the CDF and D0 Detectors due to Nuclear Elastic Beam-Gas Scattering background, beam-losses, collimation, halo 1733
  • A. Drozhdin, V.A. Lebedev, N.V. Mokhov, L.Y. Nicolas, S.I. Striganov, A.V. Tollestrup (FNAL)
TPPB072 Correction Magnets for the Fermilab Recycler Ring permanent-magnet 1766
  • J.T. Volk, G.W. Foster, C. Gattuso, H. Glass, D. Johnson, C.S. Mishra, M.J. Yang (FNAL)
TPPB077 Upgrades of the Tevatron Electron Lens beam-beam-effects, beam-transport, electron, solenoid 1781
  • X.L. Zhang, J. Crisp, J. Fitzgerald, G. Kuznetsov, M. Olson, H. Pfeffer, G. Saewert, A. Semenov, V. Shiltsev, N. Solyak, D. Wildman (FNAL), M. Tiunov (BINP), E. Kashtanov, S. Kozub, V. Sytnik, L. Tkachenko (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino), K. Bishofberger (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPB079 Design Study of 1 MHz Induction Cavity for Induction Synchrotron electromagnetic-fields, impedance, induction, synchrotron 1784
  • K. Torikai, Y. Arakida, S. Inagaki, J. Kishiro, K. Koseki, E. Nakamura, K. Takayama, T. Toyama, M. Wake (KEK), K. Ishibashi (Kyushu University)
TPPB093 A POP Experiment Scenario of Induction Synchrotron at the KEK 12GeV-PS induction, modulator, pulsed-power, synchrotron 1807
  • K. Takayama, Y. Arakida, S. Igarashi, D. Iwashita, J. Kishiro, K. Koseki, E. Nakamura, M. Sakuda, H. Sato, Y. Shimosaki, M. Shirakata, K. Torikai, T. Toyama, M. Wake (KEK), K. Horioka, M. Shiho (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
TPPG022 A Simulation for Electron Trapping and Acceleration in Parabolic Density Profile and Ongoing Experimental Plan diagnostics, plasma, wakefield, waveguide 1849
  • J.U. Kim, N. Hafz, C. Kim, G.H. Kim, H.J. Lee, H. Suk (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
TPPG028 Miniaturization Techniques for Accelerators laser, radiation 1861
  • J. Spencer (SLAC), J. Mansell (Intellite Inc), W. Ha, T. Plettner, J. Wisdom (Stanford University)
TPPG038 Numerical Study of Interference between Transition Radiation and Cerenkov Wake Field Radiation in a Planar Dielectric Structure dielectric, wakefield 1882
  • J.-M. Fang, T.C. Marshall (Columbia University), V.P. Tarakanov (ITES, RAS), J.L. Hirshfield (Omega-P, Inc. and Yale University)
TPPG041 A Method for Tuning Dielectric Loaded Accelerating Structures dielectric, rf-structure, wakefield, x-band 1888
  • A. Kanareykin (Euclid Concepts LLC), W. Gai, J.G. Power (ANL), E. Nenasheva (Ceramics Ltd., St. Petersburg), S. Karmanenko, I. Sheinman (St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering University)
TPPG042 A Tunable Dielectric Structure with Built in Transverse Mode Suppression dielectric, rf-structure 1891
  • A. Kanareykin (Euclid Concepts LLC), A. Altmark, I. Sheinman (St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering University)
TPPG043 Transformer Ratio Enhancement Experiment dielectric, drive beam, rf-structure, wakefield 1894
  • A. Kanareykin (Euclid Concepts LLC), W. Gai, J.G. Power (ANL), E. Nenasheva (Ceramics Ltd., St. Petersburg), A. Altmark (St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering University)
TPPG044 A Double-Layered, Planar Dielectric Loaded Accelerating Structure dielectric, rf-structure 1897
  • A. Kanareykin (Euclid Concepts LLC), A. Altmark, I. Sheinman (St. Petersburg Electrical Engineering University)
TPPG047 Laser Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at KERI electron, laser, wakefield 1906
  • G.H. Kim, C. Kim, J.U. Kim, H.J. Lee, H. Suk (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
TPPG048 STELLA-II: Demonstration of Monoenergetic Laser Acceleration bunching, inverse-free-electron-laser, laser, permanent-magnet 1909
  • W.D. Kimura, L.P. Campbell, C.E. Dilley, S.C. Gottschalk, D.C. Quimby (STI Optronics, Inc.), M. Babzien, I. Ben-Zvi, J.C. Gallardo, K.P. Kusche, I.V. Pogorelsky, J. Skaritka, V. Yakimenko (BNL), R.H. Pantell (Stanford University), D. Cline, F. Zhou (University of California, Los Angeles), L.C. Steinhauer (University of Washington)
TPPG056 Multicavity Proton Cyclotron Accelerator proton, radio-frequency 1927
  • C. Wang (Yale University), V.P. Yakovlev (Omega-P, Inc.), J.L. Hirshfield (Omega-P, Inc. and Yale University)
WOAD001 Neutrino Beam Facilities and Projects factory, neutrino 429
  • W.T. Weng, M. Diwan (BNL)
WPAE004 Engineering of the AGS Snake Coil Assembly finite element, magnet-design, polarized beams, superconducting magnet 1939
  • M. Anerella, R. Gupta, P. Kovach, A. Marone, S. Plate, K. Power, J. Schmalzle, E. Willen (BNL)
WPAE020 Force Free Design of Super-Ferric Beam Line Magnet beamline, collider, superconducting magnet 1981
  • M. Wake, H. Sato, K. Takayama (KEK), H. Piekarz, R. Yamada (FNAL)
WPAE037 Analysis of a Grid Window Structure for RF Cavities in a Muon Cooling Channel electromagnetic-fields, muon, rf cavities 2023
  • A. Ladran, D. Li, J. Staples, S. Virostek, M. Zisman (LBNL), A. Moretti (FNAL), R.A. Rimmer (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
WPAB031 The UCLA Pegasus Plane-Wave Transformer Photoinjector electron gun, laser, photoinjector, standing wave 2112
  • G. Travish, G. Andonian, P. Frigola, S. Reiche, J.B. Rosenzweig, S. Telfer (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAB053 Final Test Results for the SNS Ring Dipoles magnet-design, spallation 2159
  • P. Wanderer, J. Jackson, A. Jain, Y.-Y. Lee, W. Meng, Y. Papaphilippou, C. Spataro, S. Tepikian, N. Tsoupas, J. Wei (BNL)
WPAB054 Initial Test of a Fast-Ramped Superconducting Model Dipole for GSI's Proposed SIS200 Accelerator superconducting magnet 2162
  • P. Wanderer, M. Anerella, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, P. Joshi, A. Marone, J. Muratore, J. Schmalzle, R. Soika, R. Thomas (BNL), W. Hassenzahl (Advanced Energy Analysis, Inc.), M.N. Wilson (Consultant), J. Kaugerts, G. Moritz (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH)
WPAB062 Cost Based Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for Systems of Accelerator Magnets magnet-design, operational-performance, quadrupole 2177
  • C.M. Spencer (SLAC), S.J. Rhee (Stanford University)
WPAG001 Feedforward Correction of the Pulsed Circularly Polarizing Undulator at the Advanced Photon Source   2261
  • O. Makarov, B. Deriy, L. Emery, S. Sasaki, R. Soliday, I. Vasserman (ANL)
WPAG016 Design Studies for a 1036 Super-B-Factory beam-beam-effects, collider, higher-order-mode, rf cavities 2300
  • J. Seeman, Y. Cai, F.-J. Decker, S. Ecklund, A. Fisher, J. Fox, S. Heifets, Y. Nosochkov, A. Novokhatski, M. Sullivan, D. Teytelman, U. Wienands, Y. Yan (SLAC), M. Biagini (INFN)
WPAG024 Status of the MAX-III Storage Ring light source, magnet-design, magnetic measurements, synchrotron-radiation 2318
  • G. LeBlanc, A. Andersson, M. Demirkan, M. Eriksson, L.-J. Lindgren, H. Tarawneh, S. Werin (MAX-Lab), B. Anderberg (AMACC, Sweden)
WPAG028 Bates South Hall Ring Commissioning for Internal Target Experiments commissioning, polarized beams, storage-ring 2324
  • J.B. van der Laan, D. Cheever, M. Farkhondeh, W.A. Franklin, E. Ihloff, S. Krause, L. Longcoy, C. Tschalaer, E. Tsentalovich, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart (MIT-Bates)
WPPE010 Antiproton Stacking and Un-stacking in the Fermilab Recycler Ring emittance, simulation 2345
  • C.M. Bhat (FNAL)
WPPE011 Gated Current Integrator for the Beam in the RR Barrier Buckets monitoring 2348
  • C.M. Bhat, A. Cadorna, J. Crisp, B. Fellenz (FNAL)
WPPE015 Application Programming Structure and Physics Applications Matlab, algorithms, software 2360
  • C. Chu, J. Galambos, W.-D. Klotz, T.A. Pelaia, A. Shishlo (ORNL), D. Ottavio (BNL), C.K. Allen, C.A. McChesney, N. Pattengale (LANL)
WPPE017 The EPICS Based Virtual Accelerator - Concept and Implementation EPICS, controls, simulation, software 2366
  • A. Shishlo, P. Chu, J. Galambos, T.A. Pelaia (ORNL)
WPPB003 The Feasibility of OTR Imaging of High-Intensity Proton Beams at FNAL beam profile monitor, electron, proton, transition radiation 2414
  • A.H. Lumpkin (ANL), V. Scarpine (FNAL)
WPPB004 Recent Characterizations of Electron Beams from the APS Linac beam profile monitor, electron, streak camera, transition radiation 2417
  • A.H. Lumpkin, W.J. Berg, M. Borland, J.W. Lewellen (ANL)
WPPB047 A Multiwire Proportional Chamber System for Monitoring Low Momentum Beam in Accelerators EPICS, beam profile monitor, diagnostics 2515
  • R. Merl, F. Gallegos, C. Pillai, B.J. Sanchez, F. Shelley, A. Steck (LANL)
WPPB048 High Speed Epics Data Acquisition and Processing on One VME Board EPICS, diagnostics 2518
  • R. Merl, F. Gallegos, C. Pillai, F. Shelley (LANL)
WPPB055 DARHT-II Energy Analyzer diagnostics, energy-calibration 2533
  • A.C. Paul, S. Hawkins, J. McCarrick, J. Sullivan, J.A. Watson, G. Westenskow (LLNL), W. Nexsen (Johnston Controls), S. Eylon, T.J. Fessenden (LBNL)
WPPB064 Bunched Beam Cleaning System of SPring-8 Booster Synchrotron   2551
  • T. Aoki, K. Fukami, N. Hosoda, T. Ohshima, M. Shoji, K. Tamura, H. Yonehara (SPring-8)
WPPB068 Synchrotron Light Interferometer at Jefferson Lab beam profile monitor, synchrotron-radiation 2560
  • P. Chevtsov, A. Freyberger, R. Hicks (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), J.-C. Denard (SOLEIL)
WPPG004 Electron-Cloud Mitigation in the Spallation Neutron Source Ring collective-effects, electron cloud, proton, solenoid 2598
  • J. Wei, M. Blaskiewicz, J. Brodowski, P. Cameron, D. Davino, A. Fedotov, P. He, H. Hseuh, Y.-Y. Lee, H. Ludewig, W. Meng, D. Raparia, J. Tuozzolo, S.Y. Zhang (BNL), N. Catalan-Lasheras (CERN), R.J. Macek (LANL), M. Furman (LBNL), A. Aleksandrov, S. Cousineau, V. Danilov, S. Henderson (ORNL), M. Pivi (SLAC)
WPPG028 Recent Results from the Paul Trap Simulator Experiment lattice, plasma physics, simulation, space-charge 2655
  • H. Qin, R.C. Davidson, P. Efthimion, E. Gilson, R. Majeski (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University)
WPPG032 Simulating Accelerator Structure Operation at High Power multipacting, rf breakdown, scattering 2664
  • V. Ivanov, C. Adolphsen, N. Folwell, L. Ge, A. Guetz, K. Ko, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng, J.W. Wang, M. Wolf (SLAC), M. Weiner (Harvey Mudd College), G. Schussmann (University of California, Davis)
WPPG054 The SNS Laser Profile Monitor Design and Implementation diagnostics, laser, photon, spallation 2706
  • S. Assadi, A. Aleksandrov, W. Blokland, A. DeCarlo, C. Deibele, P. Gibson, W. Grice, M. Hechler, T. Hunter, J. Kelly, P. Ladd, G. Murdoch, J. Pogge, K. Potter, D. Purcell, T.J. Shea, D. Stout (ORNL)
ROAA002 Development of Electropolishing Technology for Superconducting Cavities linac, rf cavities, superconducting-rf, superconductivity 462
  • K. Saito (KEK)
ROAA010 High Power Testing of X-Band Dielectric-Loaded Accelerating Structures RF coupler, dielectric, rf breakdown, x-band 492
  • J.G. Power, W. Gai, C. Jing, R. Konecny, W. Liu (ANL), A.K. Kinkead (LET Corporation), S.H. Gold (Naval Research Laboratory)
ROAB001 The Spallation Neutron Source Diagnostics: Initial Integration and Commissioning Progress Report commissioning, diagnostics, neutron, spallation 498
  • S. Assadi (ORNL)
ROAC005 Solid-State Pulsed Power Systems for the Next Linear Collider modulator, power-supply, solid state devices 547
  • M.P.J. Gaudreau, J.A. Casey, T. Hawkey, M.A. Kempkes, J.M. Mulvaney, I.S. Roth (Diversified Technologies, Inc.)
ROAC006 Design, Development, and Construction of SNS Extraction Fast Kicker System extraction, kicker, modulator, pulsed-power 550
  • W. Zhang, R.F. Lambiase, Y.-Y. Lee, R. Lockey, J. Mi, T. Nehring, C. Pai, J. Sandberg, N. Tsoupas, J. Tuozzolo, D. Warburton, J. Wei (BNL), R. Cutler, K. Rust (ORNL)
ROAC008 First Beam at DARHT-II diagnostics, induction, linac, pulsed-power 558
  • C. Ekdahl, E.O. Abeyta, L. Caudill, K.C.D. Chan, D. Dalmas, S. Eversole, R. Gallegos, J. Harrison, M. Holzscheiter, E. Jacquez, J. Johnson, B.T. McCuistian, N. Montoya, K. Nielsen, D. Oro, L. Rodriguez, P. Rodriguez, M. Sanchez, M. Schauer, D. Simmons, H.V. Smith, J. Studebaker, G. Sullivan, C. Swinney, R. Temple (LANL), H. Bender, W. Broste, C. Carlson, G. Durtschi, D. Frayer, D. Johnson, K. Jones, A. Meidinger, K. Moy, R. Sturgess, C.Y. Tom (Bechtel Nevada), S. Eylon, W. Fawley, E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu (LBNL), Y.-J. Chen, T. Houck (LLNL), T. Hughes, C. Mostrom (Mission Research Corporation)
RPAB008 Comparison of the TESLA, NLC and CLIC Beam-Collimation System Performance background, beam-losses, beam-transport, synchrotron-radiation 2739
  • A. Drozhdin, N.V. Mokhov (FNAL), W. Kozanecki, O. Napoly (CE Saclay), D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann (CERN), N. Walker (DESY), G. Blair (Royal Holloway College), L. Keller, T. Markiewicz, T. Maruyama, T.O. Raubenheimer, A. Seryi, P. Tenenbaum, M. Woodley (SLAC)
RPAB015 Optimized Wakefield Suppression & Emittance Dilution-Imposed Alignment Tolerances in X-Band Accelerating Structures for the JLC/NLC alignment, emittance, linac, wakefield 2760
  • R.M. Jones, Z. Li, R.H. Miller, T.O. Raubenheimer (SLAC)
RPAB030 Development of Room Temperature Accelerating Structures for the RIA drift tube linac (DTL), radio-frequency-quadrupole, rf-structure 2790
  • N.E. Vinogradov, P.N. Ostroumov, E. Rotela, S.I. Sharamentov, S. Sharma, G.P. Zinkann (ANL), J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), D.L. Schrage (LANL)
RPAB034 Beam Dynamics Studies in SPIRAL II Linac beam-transport, radio-frequency-quadrupole, simulation, space-charge 2802
  • R. Duperrier, D. Uriot (CE Saclay), N. Pichoff (French Atomic Energy Commission), P. Bertrand, B. Bru, A. Savalle, F. Varenne (Grand Accelerateur National d'Ions Lourds), J.L. Biarrotte (Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay), J.-M. De Conto, E. Froidefond (LPSC Grenoble)
RPAB041 The RFQ-Injector for COSY-SCL deuteron, radio-frequency-quadrupole 2817
  • K.-U. Kuehnel, A. Schempp (Institut fur Angewandte Physik), A. Schnase, R. Toelle (Forschungszentrum Juelich), C.P. Welsch (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik)
RPAB042 Design of a Superconducting CH-Cavity for Low- and Medium Beta Ion and Proton Acceleration electromagnetic-fields, simulation, superconducting-rf 2820
  • H. Liebermann, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger, A. Sauer (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
RPAB046 Cold-Model Tests of an Annular Coupled Structure for Upgrade of a J-PARC Linac linac, proton, rf cavities 2826
  • H. Ao (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute), V. Paramonov (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow), N. Hayashizaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
RPAB047 Low Power Test of RFQ Mock-up Modules at 175MHz for IFMIF Project deuteron, radio-frequency, radio-frequency-quadrupole 2829
  • S. Maebara, T. Imai, T. Morishita, M. Sugimoto, H. Takeuchi (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute), M. Saigusa, S. Sazawa (Ibaraki University)
RPAB048 Development of a Low-Energy Proton Accelerator System for the Proton Engineering Frontier Project (PEFP) drift tube linac (DTL), proton, radio-frequency-quadrupole 2832
  • J.M. Han, Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, S.H. Han, J.H. Jang, K.K. Jeong, Y.J. Kim, H.J. Kwon, H.H. Lee, J.H. Na, M.Y. Park, K.T. Seol (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
RPAB050 High-Gradient Tests on S-Band 2m-Long Accelerating Structures for KEKB Injector Linac collider, rf breakdown, rf-structure, travelling wave 2838
  • Y. Igarashi (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), A. Enomoto, Y. Higashi, K. Kakihara, S. Ohsawa, T. Oogoe, S. Yamaguchi (KEK), H. Hanaki, T. Taniuchi, H. Tomizawa (SPring-8)
RPAB051 Mechanical Design of the Drift-Tube Linac (DTL) for the Spallation Neutron Source drift tube linac (DTL), rf cavities, rf-structure 2841
  • T. Ilg, S. Ellis, W. Fox, R. Gentzlinger, R. Martineau, L. Rowton, J. Sims (LANL), G. Johnson (ORNL)
RPAB055 RIA Fragmentation Line Beam Dump shock hydrodynamics, target, thermal 2847
  • W. Stein (LLNL)
RPAB060 The Low Level RF System for 100MV Proton Linac of KOMAC feed forward, feedback, linac, radio-frequency 2857
  • I.H. Yu, M.H. Chun, K.M. Ha, Y.J. Han, W.H. Hwang, H.S. Kang, D.T. Kim, S.C. Kim, S.H. Nam, J.S. Yang (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), Y.S. Cho, J.M. Han, H.J. Kwon, K.T. Seol (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
RPAB063 Gradient Optimization for SC CW Accelerators cryomodule, ion 2863
  • W.J. Schneider, P. Kneisel, C.H. Rode (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
RPAB064 Mechanical Cavity Design for 100MV Upgrade Cryomodule   2866
  • K.M. Wilson, E. Daly, J. Henry, J. Hogan, D. Machie, J. Sekutowicz, T. Whitlatch (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
RPAB070 High Power Electron S-band Linac for Industrial Purposes bunching, industrial-accelerators, rf-structure 2878
  • V.A. Kushnir, M.I. Ayzatsky, E.Z. Biller, V.N. Boriskin, A.N. Dovbnya, V.V. Mitrochenko (NSC KIPT), V.I. Beloglasov, N.V. Demidov, L.K. Myakushko, T.F. Nikitina, V.A. Popenko, G.D. Pugachev, G.D. Repikhov, L.V. Reprintzev, V.A. Shendrik, D.L. Stepin, G.E. Tarasov, Yu.D. Tur, V.L. Uvarov (Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology)
RPAB073 Series Production of Copper and Niobium Cavities for the Spallation Neutron Source linac, rf cavities, rf-structure, superconducting-rf 2887
  • M. Pekeler, S. Bauer, K. Dunkel, B. Griep, C. Piel, H. Vogel, P. vom Stein (ACCEL Instruments GmbH)
RPAG024 End-to-End Simulations of a Superconducting Deuteron CH-DTL for IFMIF beam-losses, longitudinal-dynamics, superconductivity, transverse-dynamics 2942
  • A. Sauer, H. Deitinghoff, H. Klein, H. Liebermann, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger, R. Tiede (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
ROPA001 Spallation Neutron Source Ring -- Status, Challenges, Issues, and Perspectives accumulation, h-minus, proton, spallation 571
  • J. Wei, Y.-Y. Lee, D. Raparia, J. Sandberg, J. Tuozzolo, W.T. Weng (BNL)
ROPA010 The ISAC-II Upgrade at TRIUMF - Progress and Developments heavy-ion, radioactive beams, superconducting-rf 601
  • R.E. Laxdal, G. Clark, G. Dutto, K. Fong, A. Mitra, Z.H. Peng, R. Poirier, W. Rawnsley, T. Ries, I. Sekachev, G. Stanford (TRIUMF)
ROPB007 Accelerator Availability and Reliability Issues   625
  • S. Suhring (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
ROPB010 Safety Critical Monitoring for Prompt Radiation Hazards beam-losses, radiation 638
  • L. Moritz, J. Drozdoff, G. Dutto, F. Mammarella, M. Mouat, R. Ruegg (TRIUMF)
ROPC001 Report from the International Linear Collider Technical Review Committee electron, lepton, linear-collider, positron 647
  • G.A. Loew (SLAC)
ROPC006 Normal-Conducting RF Structure Test Facilities and Results linac, linear-collider, rf breakdown, rf-structure 668
  • C. Adolphsen (SLAC)
ROPC010 Bunch Frequency Multiplication in the CLIC Test Facility CTF3 drive beam, funneling, linear-collider, two-beam acceleration 684
  • F. Tecker, R. Corsini, L. Rinolfi (CERN), C. Biscari, A. Ghigo, M.A. Preger (INFN), P. Royer (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland), A. Ferrari (Uppsala University, Sweden)
RPPB076 Simulation of Beam-Electron Cloud Interactions in Circular Accelerators Using Plasma Models beam-transport, electron cloud, plasma, tune 3174
  • A.Z. Ghalam, T.C. Katsouleas (University of Southern California), V. Decyk, C. Huang, W.B. Mori (University of California, Los Angeles)
FPAB028 Longitudinal Damping System with Two Transverse Kickers damping 3350
  • A. Mikhailichenko (Cornell University)
FPAB068 Beam Based Characterization of a New 7-Pole Superconducting Wiggler at CESR magnet-design, non-linear-dynamics 3425
  • A. Temnykh, J. Crittenden, D. Rice, D.L. Rubin (Cornell University)
FPAB072 Residual Gas Pressure Profile in the Recycler Ring beam-losses, vacuum 3437
  • K. Gounder, T.G. Anderson, J.P. Marriner, C.S. Mishra (FNAL)
FPAB082 Status of 150MeV FFAG Synchrotron proton, synchrotron 3452
  • T. Yokoi, S. Machida, Y. Mori, A. Muto, J. Nakano, C. Ohmori, I. Sakai, Y. Sato, A. Takagi, T. Uesugi, A. Yamazaki, M. Yoshii, M. Yoshimoto, Y. Yuasa (KEK), M. Matoba, Y. Yonemura (Kyushu University), M. Aiba, M. Sugaya (University of Tokyo)
FPAG050 Simulation of Particle Dynamics in Accelerators Using the Ensemble Model simulation 3551
  • W. Ackermann, W. Beinhauer, H.-D. Graef, M. Krasilnikov, A. Richter, T. Weiland (Technische U. Darmstadt)