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Keyword: feedback

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TPAB015 Multi-Harmonic RF Control System for J-PARC RCS beam-loading, radio-frequency, rf cavities, synchrotron 1216
  • F. Tamura, M. Yamamoto (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute), A. Schnase (Forschungszentrum Juelich), C. Ohmori, A. Takagi, T. Uesugi, M. Yoshii (KEK)
TPAB056 RF Parameter and Field Stability Requirements for the Cornell ERL Prototype energy-recovery, energy-spread, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 1329
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh (Cornell University)
TOPB008 Integration of Orbit Control with Real-Time Feedback controls, orbit-control, storage-ring 283
  • F. Lenkszus, M. Borland, L. Emery, H. Shang, O. Singh, R. Soliday (ANL)
TOPD001 Survey of Digital Feedback Systems in High Current Storage Rings digital signal processing, orbit-control 318
  • D. Teytelman (SLAC)
TPPB053 PS 13.3-20 MHz RF Systems for LHC accelerator, ferrite, rf cavities, synchrotron 1724
  • M. Morvillo, R. Garoby, D. Grier, M. Haase, A. Krusche, P. Maesen, M. Paoluzzi, C. Rossi (CERN)
WOAA008 100 Bunch DANE Operation collider, factory, luminosity, multi-bunch-effects 366
  • A. Drago, D. Alesini, G. Benedetti, M. Biagini, C. Biscari, R. Boni, M. Boscolo, A. Clozza, G. Delle Monache, G. Di Pirro, A. Gallo, A. Ghigo, S. Guiducci, F. Marcellini, G. Mazzitelli, C. Milardi, L. Pellegrino, M.A. Preger, P. Raimondi, R. Ricci, C. Sanelli, M. Serio, F. Sgamma, A. Stecchi, A. Stella, C. Vaccarezza, M. Vescovi, M. Zobov (INFN)
WPAG010 Injection Related Background due to the Transverse Feedback background, injection, transverse-dynamics 2285
  • F.-J. Decker, R. Akre, A. Fisher, R. Iverson, M. Weaver (SLAC)
WPPE009 Requirements for RF Control of TTF II FEL User Facility controls, feed forward, klystron, radio-frequency 2342
  • V. Ayvazyan, K. Rehlich, S. Simrock (DESY)
ROAA004 First Demonstration of Microphonic Control of a Superconducting Cavity with a Fast Piezoelectric Tuner controls, microphonics, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 470
  • S. Simrock, G. Petrosyan (DESY), S. Andreoli, A. Facco, R. Paparella, V. Zviagintsev (INFN)
ROAB009 RHIC Third Generation PLL Tune System betatron, diagnostics, instrumentation, tune 524
  • P. Cameron, J. Cupolo, W. Dawson, C. Degen, A. DellaPenna, M. Kesselman, A. Marusic, J. Mead, C. Schultheiss, R. Sikora, K. Vetter, J. van Zeijts (BNL)
RPAB006 Intra-Bunch-Train Luminosity Optimisation for the TESLA Linear Collider beam-beam-effects, ground-motion, linear-collider 2733
  • N. Walker (DESY), D. Schulte (CERN), G.R. White (Queen Mary College, University of London)
RPAB014 Implementation of Dynamic Misalignments and Luminosity Stabilization collider 2757
  • L. Hendrickson, T. Himel, T.O. Raubenheimer, A. Seryi, P. Tenenbaum, M. Woodley (SLAC), D. Schulte (CERN)
RPAB026 Feedback on Nanosecond Timescales: Fast Feedback Simulations beam-beam-effects, feed forward, linear-collider, simulation 2778
  • G.R. White (Queen Mary College, University of London)
RPAB060 The Low Level RF System for 100MV Proton Linac of KOMAC accelerator, feed forward, linac, radio-frequency 2857
  • I.H. Yu, M.H. Chun, K.M. Ha, Y.J. Han, W.H. Hwang, H.S. Kang, D.T. Kim, S.C. Kim, S.H. Nam, J.S. Yang (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), Y.S. Cho, J.M. Han, H.J. Kwon, K.T. Seol (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
ROPB012 Inertial Sensor Development for Active Vibration Stabilization ground-motion, nanometer 644
  • J. Frisch, E. Doyle, L. Eriksson, L. Hendrickson, T. Himel, T. Markiewicz, R. Partridge (SLAC)
ROPC005 Colliding Nanobeams in CLIC with Magnets Stabilized to the Sub-nm Level focusing, nanometer 665
  • S. Redaelli, R. Assmann, W. Coosemans, G. Guignard, D. Schulte, I. Wilson, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
ROPC011 Feedback on Nanosecond Timescales (FONT): Results from First Beam Tests at the NLCTA at SLAC beam position monitor, kicker, linear-collider, x-band 687
  • P.N. Burrows (Queen Mary College, University of London)
RPPB060 An Over-Damped Cavity Longitudinal Kicker for the PEP-II LER instability, kicker, longitudinal-dynamics, rf-structure 3141
  • P. McIntosh, R. Akre, D. Anderson, S. DeBarger, M. Dormiani, J. Fox, K. Jobe, H. Schwarz, D. Teytelman, U. Wienands, A. Young (SLAC), F. Marcellini (INFN), M. Tobiyama (KEK)
RPPB063 The Effects of Temperature Variation on Electron Beams with RF Voltage Modulation collective-effects, instability, non-linear-dynamics, rf cavities 3150
  • P.J. Chou, M.H. Wang (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center), S.Y. Lee (Indiana University)
FPAB024 Topology for a DSP Based Beam Control System in the AGS Booster booster, digital signal processing, radio-frequency 3338
  • J. DeLong, J.M. Brennan, T. Hayes, Tuong N. Le, K.S. Smith (BNL)
FPAB025 A Bunch to Bucket Phase Detector Using Digital Receiver Technology digital signal processing, radio-frequency 3341
  • J. DeLong, J.M. Brennan, T. Hayes, Tuong N. Le, K.S. Smith (BNL)
FPAB026 Progress on the SNS Ring LLRF Control System beam-loading, feed forward, radio-frequency 3344
  • K.S. Smith, M. Blaskiewicz, J.M. Brennan, J. DeLong, F. Heistermann, A. Zaltsman (BNL), T.L. Owens (ORNL)
FPAB027 A New Digital Control System for CESR-c and the Cornell ERL controls, digital signal processing, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 3347
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh, J. Dobbins, R. Kaplan, C.R. Strohman (Cornell University)
FPAB032 Beam Loading Compensation for Slip Stacking rf cavities 3362
  • J. Steimel, T. Berenc, C. Rivetta (FNAL)
FPAB034 Analysis of the Feedback System Used to Damp Longitudinal Quadrupole-Mode Bunch Oscillations instability, light source, radio-frequency 3365
  • S. Sakanaka, T. Obina (KEK)
FPAB037 Commissioning Results of the Fast Orbit Feedback at the ALS light source, orbit-control 3374
  • C. Steier, A. Biocca, E. Domning, S. Jacobson, G. Portmann, T. Scarvie, E. Williams (LBNL)
FPAB038 The Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator Low Level RF Control System controls, radio-frequency 3377
  • M. Champion, M. Crofford, H. Ma, M. Piller (ORNL), K. Kasemir, S. Kwon, J. Power, M. Prokop, A. Regan, H. Shoaee, M. Stettler, D. Thomson (LANL), S. De Santis, L. Doolittle, M. Monroy, A. Ratti (LBNL)
FPAB039 Control of Heavily-Beam-Loaded SNS-Ring Cavities accumulation, beam-loading, radio-frequency, rf cavities 3380
  • T.L. Owens (ORNL), K.S. Smith, A. Zaltsman (BNL)
FPAB042 Low-Mode Coupled Bunch Feedback Channel for PEP-II collective-effects, instability 3389
  • J. Fox, L. Beckman, N. Hassanpour, L. Sapozhnikov, D. Teytelman (SLAC)
FPAB043 Upgrading the Orbit Feedback System in the Taiwan Light Source closed-orbit, digital signal processing, orbit-control, software 3392
  • C.H. Kuo, J. Chen, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
FPAB045 Operation of the Digital Multi-Bunch Feedback Systems at ELETTRA digital signal processing, instability, light source, synchrotron 3395
  • D. Bulfone, V. Forchi', M. Lonza, L. Zambon (Sincrotrone Trieste), M. Dehler (Paul Scherrer Institut)