10th ICALEPCS Conference
10 October - 14 October 2005

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 29J (2005)

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Session MO (Invited)
PaperID AuthorTitle
MO2.1-1IB. Frammery The LHC Control System
MO2.2-1IG.Raffi The ALMA Computing Project-Update and Management Approach

Session TU (Invited)
PaperID AuthorTitle
TU2.I-2IL.J.Lagin Shot Automation for the National Ignition Facility

Session WE (Invited)
PaperID AuthorTitle
WE1.1-4IA.McCarthy PCI Express: an Overview of PCI Express, Cabled PCI Express and PXI Express
WE2.2-6IPh.Gayet UNICOS a Framework to build industry-like Control Systems Principles Methodology
WE2.4-6IG.Chiozzi The ALMA Common Software ACS - Status and Developments

Session TH (Invited)
PaperID AuthorTitle
TH2.1-7IT.Larrieu Evaluating the Potential of Commercial GIS for Accelerator Configuration Management

Session FR (Invited)
PaperID AuthorTitle
FR1.3-5IF.J.Busto Knowledge Enabled Services KES for Decision Support in Control Rooms. CESADS KES Case Study at ESA/ESOC.

Session MO (oral)
PaperID AuthorTitle
MO2.3-1OP.LaPenna The Status of VIRGO
MO2.4-1OP.J.VanArsdall Status of the National Ignition Facility and Control System
MO3.1-1OE.Lawerman SCADA in the LOFAR radio telescope
MO3.2-1OT.Fukui Status of the SCSS Control System First Phase of an 8Gev XFEL Project In SPRING-8
MO3.3-1OM.Lonza The Control System of the ELETTRA Booster Injector
MO3.4-1OS.Zelepoukine The Detector Control System for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the CMS Experiment at the LHC
MO3.5-1OT.Katoh Towards the Commissioning of J-PARC
MO3.6-1OA.Augustinus ALICE Detector Control Status Report
MO4A.1-7OJ.Cuperus The Directory Service for the CERN Accelerator Control Application Programs
MO4A.2-7OL.Abadie The LHCb Configuration Database
MO4A.3-7OF.Carena The ALICE Experiment Control System
MO4A.4-7OG-H. Hemelsoet Cryogenic Magnet Tests for the LHC: Process Operation Using Web-based Tools and Facilities
MO4B.1-2OJ.Serrano FPGA-based Low Level Control of CERN's LINAC 3 Cavities
MO4B.2-2OA.Balzer Diagnostics and Optimization Procedures for Beamline Control at BESSY
MO4B.3-2OM.Park Development of a Time Synchronization System for Kstar with a VME-Bus System

Session TU (oral)
PaperID AuthorTitle
TU1.2-5OR.W.Carey Status of the use of Large-Scale CORBA-Distributed Software Framework for NIF Controls
TU1.4-5OA.Vodovnik Model Driven Architecture Control Systems and Eclipse
TU2.2-2OF.Carbognani Automation of the Lock Acquisition of the 3 Km Arm VIRGO Interferometer
TU2.4-20A.Barriuso-Poy Hierarchical Control for the ATLAS Experiment
TU3.1-3OS.Poulsen Best Practices in the Design of a Secure Control System
TU3.2-3OM.Ishii Construction and Management of a Secure Network in SPring-8
TU3.3-3OU. Epting Computing and Network Infrastructure for Controls CNIC
TU3.4-3OG.Morpurgo The Software for the CERN Detector Safety System
TU4A.1-5OS.K.Feng EPICS/RTEMS/MVME5500 for Real-time Controls at NSLS
TU4A.2-5OK.Rehlich Integrating a Fast Data Acquisition System into the DOOCS Control System
TU4A.3-5OJ.Bobnar Visual DCT's Latest Hits
TU4B.1-1OD.Fernandez-Carreiras Status of the Alba Control System
TU4B.2-1OV.I.Zaitsev Present Status of the Angara-5 Fusion Facility Control System
TU4B.3-1OS.M.Schmeling A Summary of the IEEE Real-Time 2005 Conference held at Stockholm

Session WE (Oral)
PaperID AuthorTitle
WE1.2-4ON. Neufeld Embedded PCs for Electronics Control in LHCb
WE1.3-4OT.Masuda Development of a Linux-based small-size controller using PoE technology
WE1.4-4OF.Biancat-Marchet Advanced Hardware Technology in ALMA Backend and Correlator
WE1.5-4OD.Charlet SPECS a Serial Protocol for the Experiment
WE2.1-6OO.Holme The JCOP Framework
WE2.3-6OE.Taurel The Tango Collaboration Status and some of the Latest Developments
WE3A.1-6OC.Saunders The IRMIS Object Model and Services API
WE3A.2-6OC.H.Sicard Deploying the UNICOS Industrial Controls Framework In Multiple Projects and Architectures
WE3A.3-6OA.Farris The ALMA Telescope Control System
WE3A.4-6OI.Verstovsek Management System Based on Open Source Tools
WE3A.5-6OE.van Herwijnen Control and Monitoring of On-line Trigger Algorithms using Gaucho
WE3B.1-70L.Pivetta Development of the TANGO Alarm System
WE3B.2-70G.Raupp Experiment Management System for the ASDEX Upgrade Tokamak
WE3B.3-70R.K.Agrawal Software Scenario for Control System of INDUS-2
WE3B.4-70D.J.Nicklaus The Controls System for the Superconducting Module Test Facility
WE4A.1-5OJ.Chrin Developments to the SLS CORBA Framework for High Level Software Applications
WE4A.2-5OD. Fugate A Generic Software Interface Simulator for ALMA Common Software
WE4A.3-5OS.B.Wampler A Middleware-neutral Common Services Software Infrastructure
WE4A.4-5OM.Beharrell OPC evolution toward UNIX from Windows to World Wide Domination
WE4B.1-2OG.Bassato The Control of the New PIAVE Injector at LNL
WE4B.2-2OP.Fatnani Orbit Control For INDUS-2 Storage Ring
WE4B.3-2OQ.King Advanced Uses of the WorldFIP Fieldbus for Diverse Communications Applications within the LHC Power Converter Control System

Session TH (oral)
PaperID AuthorTitle
TH1.2-8OM.Bickley Structuring an EPICS System to Optimize Reliability Performance and Cost
TH1.3-8OT.Ohata A Study of Introduction of the Virtualization Technology into Operator Consoles
TH2.2-7OM.Greenwald Visions for Data Management and Remote Collaboration for ITER
TH3A.1-5OS.Deghaye OASIS Status Report
TH3A.2-5OP.Karlsson The Introduction of Hierarchical Structure and Application Security to Java Web-Start Deployment
TH3A.3-5OT.Lam Leveraging the Eclipse Ecosystem for the Scientific Community
TH3A.4-5OR.Pugliese The GRIDCC project providing a real-time Grid for for distributed instrumentation
TH3B.1-3OG.Segura RAMSES Radiation Monitoring System for the Environment and Safety
TH3B.2-3OA.Tsirou A Discrete Event System the CMS Tracker Interlocks
TH3B.3-3OK.Zagar Dependability Considerations in Distributed Control Systems
TH3C.1-4OR.Evans A Versatile Carrier Board and Associated Timer Module Applications
TH4.1-1OP.Betinelli-Deck Status of the SOLEIL Control System

Session FR (oral)
PaperID AuthorTitle
FR1.2-5OJ-L.Nougaret Equipment Software Modelling for Accelerator Controls
FR1.4-5OC.Gaspar Tools for the Automation of Large Control Systems
FR1.5-5OJ.Gutleber HyperDAQ- Where Data Acquisition Meets the Web
FR2.1-6OF.Poncet Tango Application Toolkit
FR2.2-60F.Carbognani Software Engineering for the Virgo Project at EGO
FR2.3-6OG.Thomas LHC GCS A Model-Driven Approach for Automatic PLC and SCADA Code Generation
FR2.4-6OS.Luders Control Systems Under Attack
FR2.6-6OM.Clausen EPICS Office

Session P1 (Poster)
PaperID AuthorTitle
PO1.001-1Y.Sato Progress of a Control System for Slow-Extraction Beam Lines at J-PARC
PO1.002-1V.Alferov A Cryo Complex Control System
PO1.003-1R.Keitel The ISAC Control System - Phase II
PO1.004-1C.Neri The Laser In-vessel Viewing System IWS for ITER Present Status and New Developments of the Control Processing snd Data Visualization Systems
PO1.005-1A.Zelinsky Progress in Development of Kharkov X-Ray Generator Nestor
PO1.009-1H.Takahashi Data Acquisition System for J-PARC 3GeV RCS
PO1.010-1D.Anicic PROSCAN Control System Status Report
PO1.011-1P.Schütt Operation Modes and Controls Aspects of FAIR
PO1.012-1P.deVicente Development of the Control System for the 40m Radiotelescope of the OAN Using the Alma Common Software
PO1.016-1T.Henss Hard - and Software of the ATLAS Pixel Detector Control System
PO1.017-1A.Tauro The Detector Control System for the HMPID Detector in the Alice Experiment at LHC
PO1.018-1N.P.Rees Progress on the Implementation of the Diamond Control System
PO1.019-1T.Bhattacharjee Progress of Computerization in VEC Modernisation
PO1.021-1J.Zhao Status of the BEPCII Control System
PO1.023-1E.Matias The Canadian Light Source Control System Lessons Learned from Building a Synchratoron and Beamlines Control System
PO1.024-1T.Katoh Development of Beam Monitor DAQ System for 3NBT at J-PARC
PO1.025-1R.Baer Status and Conceptual Design of the Control System for the Heavy Ion Therapy Accelerator Facility HICAT
PO1.028-1F.Weierud Control of the Low Level RF System of the Large Hadron Collider
PO1.029-6Y.Xinglin Design and Implementation of Control System for 4MeV LIA
PO1.030-6G.Morpurgo The DSS Synoptic Facility
PO1.031-6T. Qing A Preliminary Design of a Control and Monitoring System Based on Network for a Pulsed Power Device
PO1.032-6P.DiMarcantonio Transmitting Huge Amounts of Data Design Implementation and Performance of the Bulk Data Transfer Mechanism in ACS
PO1.033-6K. Evans The EPICS Process Variable Gateway -- Version 2
PO1.034-6C.H.Wang The Insertion Device Control in BEPC
PO1.035-6I.Laugier Development of the Vacuum Control System for the LHC.
PO1.036-6V.Aleynikov QNX Based Software for Control System of FLNR
PO1.037-6A.Gotz Abstract Device Pattern and TANGO
PO1.038-6C.H.Wang Power Supply Control for BEPCII Rings and Transport
PO1.040-6F.Gougnaud The Control System for the MIRI Imager Ground Support Equipment
PO1.042-6G.Thomas LHC GCS A Framework for the Production of 23 Homogeneous Control Systems
PO1.043-6S.Page Integration of the LHC Power Converters within the High-Level LHC Control System
PO1.044-6A.Oates Development of the Control System for ERLP
PO1.045-6R.Jacobsson Controlling Electronics Boards in LHCb with PVSS
PO1.046-6C. Timossi The Use of FPGAs As A Platform for Distributed Control Systems
PO1.047-6K.H.Kim The Integrated Control System for KSTAR
PO1.048-6N.P.Rees Development of Photon Beamlines at Diamond
PO1.049-6M. Gonzalez-Berges Frameworking: A Collaborative Approach to Control Systems Development
PO1.050-6C.Kuo Integration of New Digital BPM in the Taiwan Light Source
PO1.051-6D.Beck The CS Framework: A Labview Based Approach to SCADA Systems
PO1.052-6C.H.Kuo Embedded Linux System for Accelerator Control Applications
PO1.054-6D.Beltran A TANGO Based Control System for a 3D Measurement Bench for Magnets
PO1.056-6P.C.Burkimsher Scaling Up PVSS
PO1.057-6D.Purcell An In-Line Emittance Scanner Based on a LabVIEW Style State Machine with Sequencer
PO1.058-6O. Pinazza Customization and Tuning of the Control System for the Time of Flight Detector of the ALICE Experiment
PO1.059-6L.T.Hoff Experience with Collaborative Development for the Spallation Neutron Source from a Partner Lab Perspective
 T. Luigi The Development of Control and Measurement Components for Particle Accelerator Controls: The Role of Industrial Companies
PO1.062-6R.Gomez-Reino CMS DCS Design Concepts
PO1.064-6E.Barbero Hardware Commissioning of the LHC Quality Assurance Follow-up and Storing of the Test Results
PO1.068-7A.Ymashita WARCS Wide Area Remote Control System in SPring-8
PO1.069-7D.Purcell Lessons Learned after Implementation and Management of Half of the SNS Diagnostics PC-based Input Output Controllers LOCS
PO1.070-7T.Bhattacharjee Design and Development of Micro-controller Based Embedded System for Different Types of Power Supplies
PO1.071-7M.Joyce Software Support during a Control Room Upgrade
PO1.072-7S.Karnaev Automation of Operations on the VEPP-4 Control System
PO1.073-7E.McCrory Operational Perspective on Maintaining the Java-Based Shot Data Acquisition System for the Tevatron Complex
PO1.074-7J.T.Morris Storage Techniques for RHIC Accelerator Data
PO1.075-7M.A.Power Remote Control of the ATLAS Superconducting Accelerator
PO1.076-7D.A.Dohan The APS Cable Database
PO1.077-7T.T.Nakamura Data Archiving System in KEKB Accelerators Control System
PO1.078-7T.Birke Beyond Devices - An improved RDB Data-Model for Configuration Management
PO1.079-7T.Birke Use Case - Configuration Management with a Generic RDB Data-Model
PO1.080-7H.Sako Relational database system for J-PARC LINAC and RCS
PO1.081-7P.Fatnani Comprehensive Machine Status Monitoring and Information Services Using Web Technology
PO1.082-7B. Sarkar Control Strategy for the Main Magnet Power Supplies of the K-500 Superconducting Cyclotron
PO1.083-7Y.R.Martin A New Plant Control Software for the TCV Tokamak
PO1.084-7H.Lutz The Configuration Databases for the PSI Proton Accelerator Control Systems
PO1.085-7R.Krempaska SLS Control System Software Management
PO1.087-8E.Lecorche Use of the Ingres RDBMS Inside the New Ganil Linux-based Control System
PO1.088-8L.David Linux Migration of the GANIL Control System
PO1.089-8B.G.Martlew The SRS Control System 25 Years of Operation and Development
PO1.090-8S.Deghaye Hardware Abstraction Layer in Oasis
PO1.091-8D.Bolkhovityanov Design and Development of a Control System for Intence Source of Radioactive Ions Prototype
PO1.092-8K.S.Lee Experience Porting TRIUMF's 500 MeV Cyclotron Central Control System Software to Intel's 64 bit Itanium Running OpenVMS
PO1.093-8L.Hechler Replacement of Outdated VME Boards as a Starting Point for Control System Modernization
PO1.094-8G.Tkacik Transplanting the Success of Eclipse to Control Systems
PO1.095-8D.Calcoen The G-64 Bus at Cern after 25 Years of Operation
PO1.096-8R.Evans DevLore A Firmware Library and Web-Based Configuration Control for Accelerator Systems Under Constant Development
PO1.098-8R.K.Agrawal SCADA Functionality for Control Operations of Indus-2
PO1.100-8W.Mexner Migration From ACS 1.1 to ACS 4 at ANKA
PO1.103-8M.Cherney The STAR Slow Controls System - Status and Upgrade Plans
PO1.104-8H.Kleines Implementation of the Control and Data Acquisition Systems for Neutron Scattering Experiments at the New Jülich Center for Neutron Science According to the Jülich-Munich Standard
 J.W.Humphrey ARTEMIS the SLAC Accelerator Problem Reporting and Maintenance Scheduling Tool
P01.106-8V.Voevodin Experience with the New Control System of IHEP Accelerators Complex

Session P2 (poster)
PaperID AuthorTitle
PO2.001-2M.Zelazny Recording PEP2 Ring Beam Losses at SLAC
PO2.002-2S.Cabaret LHC GCS Process Tuning Selection and use of PID and Smith Predictor for the Regulations of the LHC Experiments Gas Systems.
PO2.003-2J.Tang EPICS Based High Power RF Conditioning Control System for the SNS Accelerator RF Test Facility
PO2.005-2A.Rijllart Industrial Controls for Test Systems from Superconducting Strands TILL Magnet Fiducialisation in the Tunnel for the LHC Project
PO2.007-2T.Korhonen Enhancements of the Filling Pattern Controls at the Swiss Light Source
PO2.008-2Ch.Kuo Automatic Beam Profile and Emittance Measurement for the Beam Transport Line
PO2.009-2Yu.A.Bashmakov Control of Gamma-Beam Generation at the Synchrotron Pakhra by Nonlinear Resonance Excitation of Accelerated Bunches
PO2.010-2R.Nobrega A Prototype of the LHCb Muon Detector Control System
PO2.011-2M.Lonza Design of a Fast Global Orbit Feedback System for the ELETTRA Storage Ring
PO2.012-2C.Briegel BPM Search Algorithms for Beam Injection and Extraction at Fermilab
PO2.014-2P.Gurd The Development of Automatic Sequences for the RF and Cryogenic Systems at the Spallation Neutron Source
PO2.015-2J.Tang A Dynamic System Model Validation Scheme with Fuzzy Logic Techniques
PO2.016-2M.Jonker The Controls Architecture for the LHC Collimation System.
PO2.017-2R.K.Agrawal Synchronous Ramping Scheme for SRS INDUS-2
PO2.020-2A.Antoine The LHC Beam Dumping System Trigger Synchronisation and Distribution System
PO2.021-2Y.Chernousko Progress in Timing System Developments for Diamond Light Source
PO2.022-2K.Kobayashi FPGA Based Bunch-by-bunch Feedback Signal Processor
PO2.024-2M.Ariola Real-Time Control of Plasma Profiles at JET
PO2.025-2P.Chevtsov Automated Image Quality Optimization for Synchrotron Light Interferometers
PO2.027-2M.Mantovani The Automatic Alignment System for the Virgo Interferometer
PO2.030-2I.S.Uzun Initial Design of the Fast Orbit Feedback System for DIAMOND Light Source
PO2.031-3B.Todd The Architecture Design and Realisation of the LHC Beam Interlock System
PO2.032-3J.R.Alexander Upgrading the Daresbury Personnel Safety Interlock System
PO2.033-3A.Vaguine Informational and Analytical Route Safety Estimation and Risk Calculation System for Dangerous Object Transportation
PO2.034-3D.J.Nicklaus Secure Client Tier for the Accelerator Control System
PO2.035-3A.C.Mezger Protection Mechanisms for a High Power Accelerator
PO2.036-3R.Harrison Powering Interlock Systems at CERN with Industrial Controllers
PO2.037-3B.Puccio Beam Interlocking Stragety between the LHC and its Injector
PO2.038-3P.Fraboulet Application of Advanced Hardware Testing and Inventory Management Methods for the LHC Power Converter Control System
PO2.039-4L.T.Hoff Experience with FPGA-based Processor Core as a Front-end Computer
PO2.040-4S.Ramamoorthy NSLS Control System Interface to Parker 6K Motion Controller System
PO2.041-4M.Riva A Novel FPGA-based Digital Approach to Neutron/Gamma-Ray Pulse Acquisition and Discrimination in Scintillators
PO2.042-4M.Werner A Fast Magnet Current Change Monitor for Machine Protection in HERA and the LHC
PO2.043-4V.N.Boriskin The Distribution Density Monitoring of Charged Particles by Computer Tomography Method
PO2.044-4M.Giacchini An EPICS IOC on PC104
PO2.045-4K.M. Ha PLS Fully Digital Controlled Corrector Power Supplies
PO2.047-4Y.Suzuki GPIB to Serial Converter
PO2.048-4H.Takebe Experiment and Installation of High Resolution Steering Magnet Power Supply for SPRING-8
PO2.050-4T.Fukui A Development of High-Speed A/D D/A VME Boards for a Low Level RF System of SCSS
PO2.051-4J.F.Gournay Quench Data Acquisition and Slow Control for the Superconducting Magnet of the COMPASS Experiment
PO2.053-4D.Dale Custom Electronic Modules for the TRIUMF/ISAC Control System
PO2.054-4Y.Tian An Upgrade of Magnet-field-driven Timing Systems at the AGS
PO2.055-4D.Curry Implementation of an EPICS IOC on an Embedded Soft Core Processor Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays
PO2.056-4E.Carlier The Beam Energy Tracking System
PO2.058-4M.Sayed Actual FPGAs - The Way Out of Manifold Hardware Problems
PO2.062-4M.Sannino Interfacing Credit Card-sized PCs to Board Level Electronics
PO2.064-4B.Solar Beam Position Monitor Digital Signal Conditioning
PO2.065-4V.A.Andreev Development of the Nuclotron LAN
PO2.067-4J.Pisano ALMA Correlator Real-Time Data Processor
PO2.068-4S.Luengo SPD Very Front End Electronics
PO2.069-4G.Jiang Embedded EPICS on ITRON/SH4-based Controllers
PO2.070-5A.Toyoda Recent Development of a Monitoring System for Beam Line Status at the J-PARC Slow-extraction Beam Line
PO2.071-5Yu.Krylov Archiving and Monitoring of Status for KSRS
PO2.072-5S.Chevtsov EPICS Archive Viewer
PO2.073-5N.D.Arnold Discovering Process-Variable-to-Signal Relationships in EPICS 3.x and 4.x
PO2.074-5M.R.Kraimer EPICS Asynchronous Driver Support
PO2.075-5M.R.Kraimer Real Time Performance Measurements of EPICS IOCcore
PO2.076-5P.Chu SNS Application Programming Infrastructure and Physics Applications
PO2.078-5R.Keitel EdlBuild - Display Generation for the EPICS edm Display Manager
PO2.079-5R.Nussbaumer BACnet Support for EPICS
PO2.081-5N. Kanaya Graphic User Interface for Console Systems Using JAVA TMI for the 1.8GeV TSRF Synchrotron Radiation Source
PO2.082-5T.Pal Data-Driven User Interfaces Using Oracle Portal
PO2.083-5K.H.Kim The PXI and VMEbus Support for the Linux-based EPICS
PO2.085-5T.Karcnik Designing a Reusable Instrument Interface
PO2.086-5C.Kuo Electronic Logbook by Using the Hypertext Preprocessor
PO2.087-5A.Bertrand EPICS on the WEB
PO2.088-5J.H.Kim Upgrade of the PLS LINAC Control System
PO2.089-5M.Sekoranja Native Java Implementation of Channel Access for EPICS
PO2.092-5J.Galambos Database Use in Application Programming at SNS
PO2.093-5J.B.Lister Creating an XML Driven Data Bus between Fusion Experiments
PO2.094-5S.Jackson Use of XML Technologies for Data-driven Accelerator Controls
PO2.095-5A.Aladwan Image Acquisition and Processing at the Swiss Light Source
PO2.096-5J.Hill A 2nd Generation Network Distributed Application Programming Interface for EPICS
PO2.098-5P.Fatnani A Modular Control Package for Automation of Indus-2 Low Conductivity Water LCW Plant
PO2.099-5X.Geng ANS Ring High Power RF Control System
PO2.100-5T.Samanta PC-PLC Based Vacuum Control System for Superconducting Cylotron at VECC
PO2.101-5P.Chevtsov New GPIB Control Software at Jefferson Lab
PO2.102-5P.Gurd The Application of Linux Soft IOCs for Status Summaries at the Spallation Neutron Source
PO2.104-5V.Komarov Modernization of U-70 General Timing System
P02.106-5A.Augustinus Very High Voltage Control for ALICE TPC