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Keyword: acceleration

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Beam Acceleration at Cooler Synchrotron TARN II feedback, impedance, injection, synchrotron 155
  • T. Katayama, S. Watanabe, T. Watanabe, M. Yoshizawa (Institute for Nuclear Study, Univ. of Tokyo), S. Ninomiya (KEK), M. Kanazawa, K. Satho (National Inst. of Radiological Science)
Completion of the First Phase and Studies for the Upgrading of the ALPI Project at LNL accelerator, field, ion, linac 170
  • G. Fortuna, M Cavenago, F. Cervellera, F. Chiurlotto, A. Dainelli, P. Favaron, A. Lombardi, M. F. Moisio, V. Palmieri, R. Pengo, M. Poggi, A. M. Porcellato (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and INFN), G. Bassato, A. Battistella, M. Bellato, G. Bisoffi, G. P. Buso, S. Canella, A. Facco (INFN, Legnaro), T. Zhang (INR, Academia Sinica, Shanghai), S. Y. Stark (Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute), S. Ghosh (Nuc. Science Ctr., New Delhi), J. S. Sokolowski (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot), K. Rudolph (Univ. Munich)
Status of HIMAC Construction at NIRS - Japan accelerator, field, ion, linac 176
  • M. Kanazawa, M. Endo, Y. Hirao, A. Itano, T. Kanai, K. Kawachi, A. Kitagawa, T. Kohno, M. Kumada, S. Minohara, K. Noda, H. Ogawa, K. Satgo, K. Sato, Y. Sato, F. Soga, M. Sudou, E. Takada, S. Yamada (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba-shi)
Development of Compact Synchrotron Light Source for X-Ray Lithography field, lifetime, synchrotron, x-ray 200
  • M. Ida, Y. Kohno, S. Mandai, M. Ohishi, M. Takahashi, H. Ukikusa (Advanced Tech. Development Dept. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Japan)
Review of Large-scale Cryogenic Systems for Accelerators accelerator, booster, controls, electron 297
  • G. Horlitz (DESY)
What could be a Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at GANIL accelerator, ion, superconductivity, target 412
  • A. Chabert, and The Development Group (GANIL, Caen)
Status and Commissioning of CRYRING electron, injection, ion, lifetime 441
  • K. Abrahamsson, G. Andler, L. Bagge, E. Beebe, P. Carlé, H. Danared, S. Egnell, M. Engström, A. Filevich, C. J. Herrlander, J. Hilke, J. Jeansson, A. Källberg, S. Leontein, L. Liljeby, A. Nilsson, A. Paal, K-G Rensfelt, U. Rosengård, A. Simonsson, J. Starker (M. af Ugglas, Manne Siegbahn Institute of Physics, Stockholm)
Performance Update of LEAR electron, extraction, resonance, target 447
  • E. Asseo, S. Baird, J. Bosser, M. Chanel, P. Lefévre, R. Ley, D. Möhl, R. Maccaferri, D. Manglunki, G. Molinari, J. C. Perrier, Th. Pettersson, G. Tranquille, D. Vandeplassche, D. J. Williams (CERN)
ESRF Booster Synchrotron: Characteristics and Achieved Performances booster, extraction, injection, vacuum 471
  • J. M. Filhol (ESRF Grenoble)
A Test of a 3-GeV Operation at the Photon Factory Storage Ring instability, photon, quadrupole, tune 483
  • Y. Kobayashi, A. Araki, Y. Kamiya (Photon Factory, KEK, Tsukuba)
Progress Report on 3 /4 Backward TW Accelerating Module for the ELETTRA 1.5 GeV Electron Injector electron, field, klystron, linac 518
  • P. Girault, C. Bourat, P. Letellier, G. Meyrand, S. Sierra, D. Tronc (General Electric CGR MeV, Buc, France)
A Heavy Ion Linac for the CERN Accelerator Complex accelerator, booster, ion, linac 536
  • G. Amendola, H. Haseroth, C. Hill, H. Kugler, H. Lustig, H. O'Hanlon, T. Sherwood, E. Tanke, P. Tetu, M. Vretenar, D. Warner, M. Weiss, A. van der Schueren (CERN), D. Liska (CERN Associate from LANL, Univ. Torino), M. -P. Bourgarel, B. Bru, P. Sortais (GANIL), N. Angert, G. Hutter, J. Klabunde, E. Malwitz, U. Ratzinger (GSI Darmstadt), F. Cervellera, G. Fortuna, A. Lombardi, G. Parisi, A. Pisent, R. Ricci (INFN, Legnaro), H. Klein, A. Musso, A. Schempp (Univ. Frankfurt), L. Riccati (Univ. Torino)
A High Current Injector for the Heidelberg Test Storage Ring TSR accelerator, electron, ion, laser 554
  • M. Grieser, D. Habs, R. v. Hahn, C. M. Kleffner, R. Repnow, D. Schwalm, M. Stampfer (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg), E. Jaeschke (BESSY, Berlin), S. Papureanu (IFIN Bucarest), H. Deitinghoff, A. Schempp (Institut für Angewandte Physik)
Comparison Study of RFQ Structures for the Lead Ion Linac at CERN coupling, field, impedance, ion 557
  • A. Lombardi, G. Parisi (INFN, Legnaro), M. Vretenar (CERN)
A Project of Ion Linear Undulator Accelerator with Transverse RF-Field accelerator, field, ion, undulator 572
  • E. S. Masunov, N. V. Avrelin, V. N. Leonov, A. P. Novikov (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute)
Experiment of Laser Wake-Field Accelerator electron, ionization, laser, plasma 581
  • K. Nakajima, A. Enomoto, H. Nakanishi, A. Ogata, Y. Suetsugu (KEK), Y. Kato, Y. Kitagawa, K. Mima, H. Shiraga, K. Yamakawa (Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University), T. Shoji (Plasma Science Center of Nagoya University), M Downer, W. Horton, B. Newberger, T. Tajima (University of Texas Austin), Y. Nishida, N. Yugami (Utsunomiya U.)
Gain Calculation for the Synchrotron Radiation Free Electron Maser electron, field, radiation, synchrotron 626
  • D. I. Kaltchev, E.A. Perelstein (JINR, Dubna)
First Observation of Smith-Purcell Radiation from Relativistic Electrons electron, gun, laser, radiation 632
  • G. Doucas, J. H. Mulvey, M. Omori (Oxford University), J. Walsh (Dartmouth College, USA), M. Kimmitt (Essex University)
Transition Crossing in the RHIC coupling, field, impedance, instability 643
  • J. Wei (BNL)
Self-Field-Driven RMS: Emittances of a Field-Photoemitted Intense Short Relativistic Electron Beam electron, emittance, field, photoinjector 732
  • J. M. Dolique, J.-C. Coacolo (Univ. of Grenoble I and CEA-CEN, Bruyéres-le-Châtel)
Longitudinal Synchrotron Beam-Pulse Shapes injection, synchrotron 741
  • H. Meuth (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Self-field-limiting Current Density in the Field-photoemission of Intense Short Relativistic Electron cathode, electron, field, laser 771
  • J. M. Dolique, J.-C. Coacolo (Univ. of Grenoble I and CEA-CEN, Bruyéres-le-Châtel)
RFQ Matching for Current Dominated Ion Beams focusing, ion, optics, vacuum 816
  • R. Becker (Institut für Angewandte Physik)
Impedance and Loss Factor Measurements of the CLIC Transfer Structure (CTS) coupling, impedance, spectrum, waveguide 913
  • G. Carron, L. Thorndahl (CERN)
Particle Acceleration in Electromagnetic Wave Fields coupling, field, plasma, vacuum 951
  • K. O. Thielheim (Institute für Reine und Angewandte Kernphysik, University of Kiel)
Remarks about the Standard Formula of Beam-Beam Radiation in Electron-Positron Collision electron, field, radiation, synchrotron 954
  • H. Heydari (Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Theor. Elektrotechnik)
Classical Motion of a Charged Particle in the Presence of a Static, Homogeneous Magnetic Field and a Linearly Frequency Shifted Electromagnetic Plane Wave accelerator, field, laser, vacuum 964
  • S. Varró, G. Kocsis (Central Research Insitute for Physics, Budapest)
Transport of Ions in a RFQ Accelerator accelerator, acceptance, emittance, ion 967
  • J. Dehen, W. Barth, H. Deitinghoff, A. Schempp (Institut für Angewandte Physik de JWG-Universität Frankfurt)
Numerical Simulation of ECRIPAC Plasma Behaviour with Vlasov Equations including Electron and Ion Collective Effects electron, field, ion, plasma 976
  • P. Bertrand (GANIL, Caen)
ACCU-EBIS: Collection and Ionisation of Reaction Products electron, extraction, ion, target 981
  • R. Becker, M. Kleinod (Institut für Angewandte Physik), E. D. Donets, A. I. Pikin (JINR, Dubna)
Improvement of the 400 kV Linac Electron Source of AmPS accelerator, cathode, chopper, gun 1032
  • F. B. Kroes, N. J. Dobbe, P. P. M. Jansweijer, A. H. Kruijer, G. Luigjes, T. G. B. Sluijk, M. G. van Beuzekom, J. T. van Es (NIKHEF-K)
High Performances from a GaAs Photoemitter cathode, electron, laser, plasma 1035
  • A. V. Aleksandrov, N. S. Dikansky, N. Cl. Kot, V. I. Kudelainen, V. A. Lebedev, P. V. Logachov (INP, Novosibirsk), G. Lamanna (Dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Bari), R. Calabrese (Dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Ferrara), V. Guidi (Dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Ferrara and Lab. Naz. di Legnaro), L. Tecchio (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and dip. di Fisica Sperimentale dell'Univ. and INFN, Torino), G. Ciullo (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Bari)
ESRF Synchrotron Injector Tune Measurement System pick-up, spectrum, synchrotron, tune 1046
  • E. Plouviez, F. Loyer (ESRF Grenoble)
Optimisation of ISIS Injector Linac RF Settings by Use of a Beam Phase Monitoring System field, injection, linac, monitoring 1058
  • N. D. West, M. A. Clarke-Gayther (RAL, Didcot)
A New Beam Current Monitor for the MIMAS Storage Ring injection, ion, thermal, vacuum 1103
  • L. Degueurce, J. M. Armani, F. Launay (LNS)
ESRF Synchrotron Injector Beam Position Monitor System software, spectrum, synchrotron, timing 1121
  • K. Scheidt, F. Loyer (ESRF Grenoble)
Beam Position Monitor Electronics using DC Coupled Demodulating Logarithmic Amplifiers beam position monitor, linac, software, thermal 1130
  • G. R. Aiello, M. Mills (SSCL)
Experience with the Residual Gas Ionisation Beam Profile Monitors at the DESY Proton Accelerators field, proton, residual gas, vacuum 1133
  • K. Wittenburg (DESY)
The Longitudinal Motion Simulation in the Control System of U-1.5 and U-70 Accelerators booster, field, simulation, software 1164
  • V.L. Brouk, E. V. Klimenkov, V. M. Mokhov, V. G. Tishin, V. K. Vorobjev (IHEP, Protvino)
The RF System of the HIMAC Synchrotron accelerator, feedback, ferrite, synchrotron 1179
  • M. Kanazawa, Y. Hirao, A. Itano, M. Kuwada, K. Noda, K. Sato, M. Sudou, E. Takada (NIRS), K. Katsuki, Y. Morii, M. Shigeta, E. Toyoda, N. Tsuzuki, T. Yagi, T. Yamagishi, C. Yamazaki (National Institute of Radiological Science and Toshiba Corporation, Japan)
The 200 MHz Accelerating Structure for UNK coupling, impedance, proton, waveguide 1197
  • V. V. Katalev, S. S. Kovalev, V. G. Kudryavtsev, I. I. Sulygin (IHEP, Serpukhov)
RF Power Amplifier for the First Stage of the UNK cathode, collider, coupling, waveguide 1200
  • I. A. Kvashonkin, I. G. Umanskij (The Comintern Corporation), I. S. Libman ("Svetlana" Corporation), I. I. Sulygin (IHEP)
The t Procedure Application at the INR Linac field, ion, linac, simulation 1209
  • S. V. Dvortsov, A. V. Feschenko, S. G. Jarylkapov, P. N. Ostroumov (INR, Moscow)
Impedance Characteristics of a Magnetron Powered Linear Electron Accelerator accelerator, electron, impedance, standing wave 1218
  • N. P. Sobenin, V . E. Kaljuzhny, S. N. Platnikov, B. V. Zverev (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
A Digital Synthesizer and Phase Control System for RF-Acceleration in COSY accelerator, acceptance, synchrotron, target 1220
  • A. Schnase, H. Meuth, H. Rongen (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
A Wide Band Electronic Phase Shifter for the Phase Control of the Second Harmonic Acceleration Voltage in the CERN Booster Synchrotron antiproton, booster, damping, synchrotron 1223
  • G. C. Schneider (CERN)
Improved Ferrite Biasing Scheme for Booster RF Cavities booster, ferrite, field, injection 1234
  • G. Schaffer (SSCL)
A Radiofrequency Pulse Compressor for Square Output Pulses in the Microsecond Range coupling, electron, impedance, resonance 1240
  • A. Fiebig, S. Lügert (CERN)
Application of Superconducting Cavities to the Collider Rings of the SSC collider, coupling, cw, photon 1251
  • G. Schaffer (SSCL)
Thermal Stability of Superconducting Nb Cavities at 3 GHz field, quench, simulation, thermal 1325
  • R. W. Röth, H. -G. Kürschner, G. Müller, H. Piel, D. Reschke (Fachbereich Physik, Bergische Universität Wuppertal)
Design Study on an 80 MHz RFq Linac for Heavy Ions field, ion, linac, quadrupole 1334
  • O. Takeda, S. Kawazu, K. Satoh, Y. Tanabe, M. Yamaguchi (Toshiba Corp. Japan), N. Tokuda (Institute for Nuclear Study, Univ. of Tokyo), T. Hattori, Y. Oguri, M. Okamura (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
The RFQ-Accelerator for the High Current Injector of the TSR accelerator, ion, resonance, vacuum 1340
  • C. M. Kleffner, M. Grieser, D. Habs, J. Liebmann, R. Repnow, M. Stampfer, R. von Hahn (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg), E. Jaeschke (BESSY, Berlin), S. Papureanu (IFIN Bucarest), H. Deitinghoff, A. Schempp (Univ. Frankfurt)
The ALPI Linac Pulsing System chopper, injection, ion, linac 1507
  • A. Facco, A. Battistella, F. Scarpa, G. Tombola, A. Zanon (INFN-LNL, Legnaro), K. Rudolph (INFN-LNL, Legnaro and Univ. Munich)
Development of Advanced Modulators for Recirclating Heavy Ion Accelerators accelerator, induction, ion, modulator 1594
  • M. A. Newton, H. C. Kirbie, H. D. Shay, S. S. Yu (LLNL)
Compact Accelerator for Proton Therapy accelerator, extraction, field, injection 1661
  • A. E. Bolshakov, K. K. Onosovsky (ITEP, Moscow)
Development of Aluminium-26 as a Tracer for Biological Research accelerator, background, ion, plasma 1669
  • J. S. Lilley, T. W. Aitken, R. A. Cunningham, P. V. Drumm, G. W. A. Newton (Daresbury Laboratory), J. Barker, J. P. Day (University of Manchester)
Variable Energy RFQ for MeV Ion Implantation accelerator, emittance, implantation, ion 1705
  • K. Tokiguchi, K. Amemiya, Y. Hakamata (Hitachi Research Laboratory, Japan), N. Tokuda (Institute for Nuclear Study, Univ. of Tokyo), Y. Hirao, S. Yamada (NIRS)
Series of High Voltage Ion Accelerators for Use in Industrial Technological Lines field, ion, residual gas, vacuum 1711
  • N. I. Alinovsky, I. L. Chertok, N. S. Dikansky, A. D. Goncharov, V. P. Ostanin, V. G. Shamovsky, B. N. Sukhina (INP, Novosibirsk)
Electron Beam Processing of Metals accelerator, electron, extraction, vacuum 1724
  • I. N. Meshkov (Center App. Ph. Tech., Lipetsk)
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at the Rossendorf 5 MV Tandem Accelerator accelerator, field, ionization, sputter 1734
  • M. Friedrich, W. Bürger, H. Curian, B. Hartmann, E. Hentschel, H. Matthes, W. Probst, M. Seidel, S. Turuc (Research Center Rossendorf Inc.), D. Hebert, T. Rothe, W. Stolz (Mining Academy Freiberg)