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Classification: High Current Dynamics

Paper Title Page
WPPG001 Compensation of Nonlinear Resonances in the Presence of Space Charge 2589
  • A. Fedotov, G. Parzen (BNL)
WPPG002 Application of Envelope Instability to High-Intensity Rings 2592
  • A. Fedotov (BNL), I. Hofmann (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH), H. Okamoto (Hiroshima University), R.L. Gluckstern (University of Maryland)
WPPG003 Spill Structure in Intense Beams 2595
  • J. Glenn, M. Blaskiewicz, K.A. Brown, E. Raka, J. Ryan (BNL)
WPPG004 Electron-Cloud Mitigation in the Spallation Neutron Source Ring 2598
  • J. Wei, M. Blaskiewicz, J. Brodowski, P. Cameron, D. Davino, A. Fedotov, P. He, H. Hseuh, Y.-Y. Lee, H. Ludewig, W. Meng, D. Raparia, J. Tuozzolo, S.Y. Zhang (BNL), N. Catalan-Lasheras (CERN), R.J. Macek (LANL), M. Furman (LBNL), A. Aleksandrov, S. Cousineau, V. Danilov, S. Henderson (ORNL), M. Pivi (SLAC)
WPPG005 On Emittance Evolution in the Extraction System of High-Current Electron and Ion Sources 2601
  • J.-M. Lagniel, P. Balleyguier, D. Guilhem, J.-L. Lemaire, N. Pichoff, M. Promé (French Atomic Energy Commission)
WPPG006 Resistive-Wall Wake for Non-Ultrarelativistic Beams 2604
  • F. Zimmermann (CERN), K. Oide (KEK)
WPPG007 Effects of Space Charge on Decoherence in Ion Beams 2607
  • G. Rumolo, O. Boine-Frankenheim, I. Hofmann, Y. Liu (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH), A. Al-Khateeb (Yarmouk University)
WPPG009 Space Charge Effects during the Injection Period of the KEK PS Main Ring 2610
  • S. Igarashi, T. Miura, E. Nakamura, Y. Shimosaki, M. Shirakata, K. Takayama, T. Toyama (KEK)
WPPG011 Challenge of Benchmarking Simulation Codes for the LANL Beam-Halo Experiment 2613
  • T.P. Wangler, R.W. Garnett, W.P. Lysenko (LANL), J. Qiang (LBNL)
WPPG012 High Brightness Potassium Ion Gun for the HIF Neutralized Transport Experiment (NTX) 2616
  • S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, P.K. Roy, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
WPPG013 Final Focus System for High Intensity Beams 2619
  • E. Henestroza, F.M. Bieniosek, S. Eylon, P.K. Roy, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
WPPG014 Neutralized Transport of High Intensity Beams 2622
  • E. Henestroza, A. Anders, S. Eylon, P.K. Roy, W. Sharp, S.S. Yu (LBNL), D.V. Rose, D.R. Welch (Mission Research Corporation), P. Efthimion, E. Gilson (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University)
WPPG016 Non-Intercepting Diagnostic for the HIF Neutralized Transport Experiment 2625
  • P.K. Roy, S. Eylon, R. Hannink, E. Henestroza, J. Ludvig, D. Shuman, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
WPPG017 Magnetic Lattice for the HIF Neutralized Transport Experiment (NTX) 2628
  • D. Shuman, S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, P.K. Roy, W. Waldron, S.S. Yu (LBNL), T. Houck (LLNL)
WPPG019 Analytical Study of Envelope Modes for a Fully Depressed Beam in Solenoidal and Quadrupole Periodic Transport Channels 2631
  • S.M. Lund (LLNL), B. Bukh (LBNL)
WPPG020 Influence of Conducting Plate Boundary Conditions on the RMS Envelope Equations Describing Intense Ion Beam Transport 2634
  • S.M. Lund (LLNL), B. Bukh (LBNL)
WPPG022 Realistic Modeling of Chamber Transport for Heavy-Ion Fusion 2637
  • W.M. Sharp, D.A. Callahan, D.P. Grote, M. Tabak (LLNL), E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu (LBNL), D.V. Rose, D.R. Welch (Mission Research Corporation), P.F. Peterson (University of California, Berkeley)
WPPG023 Reverted Resonant "Wakefield" 2640
  • E.S. Masunov (MEPhI), A.V. Smirnov (DULY Research Inc.)
WPPG024 Three-Dimensional Modeling of Intense Bunched Beams in RF Accelerators and Sources 2643
  • R. Bhatt, C. Chen, M. Hess (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center)
WPPG025 Beam Halo Formation and Loss Induced by Image-Charge Effects in a Small-Aperture Alternating-Gradient Focusing System 2646
  • J. Zhou, C. Chen, B.L. Qian (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center), S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
WPPG026 Initial Experimental Results of the Small Isochronous Ring (SIR) 2649
  • J. Rodriguez, F. Marti, E. Pozdeyev (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
WPPG027 SNS Linac Commissioning - Transverse Matching 2652
  • D. Jeon (ORNL), J. Stovall (LANL)
WPPG028 Recent Results from the Paul Trap Simulator Experiment 2655
  • H. Qin, R.C. Davidson, P. Efthimion, E. Gilson, R. Majeski (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University)
WPPG029 Drift Compression and Final Focus of Intense Heavy Ion Beam 2658
  • H. Qin, R.C. Davidson (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University), E.P. Lee (LBNL), J.J. Barnard (LLNL)
WPPG030 RF Plasma Source for Heavy Ion Beam Charge Neutralization 2661
  • P. Efthimion, R.C. Davidson, E. Gilson, L. Grisham (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University), B.G. Logan, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
WPPG032 Simulating Accelerator Structure Operation at High Power 2664
  • V. Ivanov, C. Adolphsen, N. Folwell, L. Ge, A. Guetz, K. Ko, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng, J.W. Wang, M. Wolf (SLAC), M. Weiner (Harvey Mudd College), G. Schussmann (University of California, Davis)
WPPG033 A Modified QuadScan Technique for Emittance Measurement of Space Charge Dominated Beams 2667
  • C.G. Limborg, S. Gierman (SLAC), J.G. Power (ANL)
WPPG034 Calculation of the Maximum Stored Beam Current Considering the Phase Noise of a Generator RF Signal 2670
  • L.H. Chang, M.C. Lin, G.H. Luo, Ch. Wang (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
WPPG035 Space-Charge-Dominated Phenomena in the UMER Source Region 2673
  • I. Haber, S. Bernal, R.A. Kishek, P.G. O'Shea, B. Quinn, M. Reiser, Y. Zou (University of Maryland), J.-L. Vay (LBNL), A. Friedman, D.P. Grote (LLNL)
WPPG037 Large Diffuse Halos in Time-Dependent Space-Charge Potentials with Colored Noise 2676
  • C.L. Bohn (Northern Illinois University and Fermilab), I.V. Sideris (Northern Illinois University)
WPPG038 Main Regularities of Particle Redistribution in Space Charge-Dominated Beam Transport and Bunching 2679
  • B.I. Bondarev, A.P. Durkin (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
WPPG039 Angular Momentum Measurement of the FNPL Electron Beam 2682
  • Y. Sun, K.-J. Kim (University of Chicago), K. Desler, D. Edwards, H. Edwards, M. Hüening, P. Piot, J. Santucci (FNAL), S.-H. Wang (Indiana University), S.M. Lidia (LBNL), N. Barov, D. Mihalcea (Northern Illinois University), R. Tikhoplav (University of Rochester)
WPPG040 Multiple Beam Interaction Studies in Heavy Ion Fusion 2685
  • D.R. Welch, D.V. Rose (Mission Research Corporation), S.S. Yu (LBNL), C.L. Olson (Sandia National Laboratories)