Invited Oral

Title Page
The e-p Collider HERA 3
  • D. Degèle (DESY)
The Heavy Ion Synchrotron SIS 9
  • K. Blasche, B. Franczak (GSI Darmstadt)
Review of High Energy pp Colliders 17
  • G. H. Rees (RAL, Didcot)
Review of High Energy e+e- Colliders 22
  • E. Keil (CERN)
Review of Continuous Beam Electron Machines 27
  • M. Promé (CEA)
The Status of the ESRF 35
  • A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble)
Review of the Status of Synchrotron Radiation Storage Rings 77
  • V. P. Suller (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Ideas for Future Synchrotron Light Sources 82
  • A. Jackson, W. Hassenzahl, M. Meddahi (LBNL)
Review of Insertions in Synchrotron Light Sources 86
  • F. Ciocci (ENEA, Frascati)
Review of Compact Synchrotron Light Sources 93
  • E. Weihreter (BESSY, Berlin)
Review of Free-Electron Lasers (Single-pass) 98
  • H. Genz (Technische Hochschule Darmstadt)
The Storage Ring Free Electron Lasers 103
  • N. A. Vinokurov (INP, Novosibirsk)
Review of High-Brightness Electron Guns 109
  • R. Dei-Cas (Centre d'Etudes de Bruyéres le Châtel(and CE Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette))
Synchrotrons for Cancer Therapy 217
  • D. Böhne (GSI Darmstadt)
Use of Accelerators in Material Research 225
  • E. Wieser (Research Center Rossendorf)
Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technology for Energy Production and Nuclear Waste Treatment 230
  • R. Jameson (LANL)
Use of Accelerators for Environmental Protection 235
  • M. Pachan (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Swierk)
Novel X-Ray Sources Produced by Electron Beams 240
  • P. Rullhusen (Commission of the European Communities, Joint Research Center)
From MAMI to the Polytrons - Microtrons in the 10 GeV Range 247
  • H. Herminghaus (Weiler/Bingen)
Review of Latest Developments of Ion Sources 252
  • L. Bex (GANIL, Caen)
Advanced Beam Observation Methods for LEP 259
  • C. Bovet (CERN)
Non-Linear Single Particle Beam Dynamics in Circular Machines 264
  • W. Scandale (CERN)
Multi-bunch Instabilities: Observations, Cures 269
  • R. D. Kohaupt (DESY)
Comparison of Theory and Experiment on Beam Impedances: The Case of LEP 273
  • B. Zotter (CERN)
Review of Experience with Superconducting Cavities 279
  • J. Tückmantel (CERN)
Properties and Practical Performance of SC Magnets in Accelerators 284
  • P. Schmüser (Institut für Experimentalphysik der Univ. Hamburg)
Review of R & D Towards High-field Accelerator Magnets 289
  • R. Perin (CERN)
Review of Large-scale Cryogenic Systems for Accelerators 297
  • G. Horlitz (DESY)
Review of Pulsed RF Power Generation 302
  • T. Lavine (SLAC)
Higher Order Mode Suppression in Accelerating Structures 307
  • E. Haebel (CERN)
Trends in Accelerator Control Systems 315
  • R. P. Johnson (Maxwell Labs)
Review of Heavy Ion Storage Rings 367
  • B. Franzke (GSI Darmstadt)
Review of Linear Colliders 372
  • S. Takeda (KEK, Ibaraki-Ken)
Review of the Superconducting Approach to Linear Colliders 378
  • H. Padamsee (Cornell University)
Review of Studies of Electron-Positron Factories 385
  • M. Preger (INFN-LNF, Frascati)
Magnetic Confinement Fusion: Recent Results of JET and Plans for the Future 390
  • P. H. Rebut (JET, Abingdon)