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Keyword: superconducting-rf

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MOPA005 R&D towards Cooling of the RHIC Collider beam-transport, electron cooling, energy-recovery, photoinjector 39
  • I. Ben-Zvi, J.M. Brennan, A. Burrill, R. Calaga, X. Chang, M. Christoph, G. Citver, A. Fedotov, H. Hahn, M. Harrison, A. Hershcovitch, A. Jain, J. Kewisch, W.W. MacKay, G. McIntyre, D. Pate, S. Peggs, J. Rank, T. Roser, J. Scaduto, T. Srinivasan-Rao, D. Trbojevic, D. Wang, A. Zaltsman, Y. Zhao (BNL)
MOPB010 Design, Construction and Status of an All Niobium Superconducting Photoinjector at BNL cw, laser, photoinjector, rf cavities 92
  • T. Srinivasan-Rao, I. Ben-Zvi, A. Burrill, G. Citver, A. Hershcovitch, D. Pate, A. Reuter, J. Scaduto, Q. Zhao, Y. Zhao (BNL), H. Bluem, M. Cole, A. Favale, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), J. Delayen, P. Kneisel (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
MPPB075 High-Power Electron Beam Injectors for 100 kW Free-Electron Lasers free-electron-laser, photoinjector 977
  • A. Todd, H. Bluem, V. Christina, M. Cole, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), P. Colestock, J.P. Kelley, S. Kurennoy, D. Nguyen, S. Russell, D.L. Schrage, R.L. Wood, L.M. Young (LANL), I. Campisi, E. Daly, D. Douglas, G.R. Neil, J. Preble, R.A. Rimmer, C.H. Rode, J. Sekutowicz, T. Whitlatch, M. Wiseman (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
MPPB076 The MIT Bates X-Ray Laser Project bunch compression, free-electron-laser, laser, undulator 980
  • T. Zwart, M. Farkhondeh, W.S. Graves, F.X. Kaertner, R. Milner, D.E. Moncton, C. Tschalaer, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, J.B. van der Laan (MIT-Bates)
MPPB081 Determination of Low Level RF Control Requirements for Superconducting Cavities from Microphonics Measurements controls, microphonics, rf cavities 992
  • J. Delayen, L. Harwood (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
MPPG035 Analysis of the HOM Damping with Modulated Beam in the First Prototype of Superstructure higher-order-mode, linear-collider 1086
  • P. Castro, A. Gössel, S. Schreiber, M. Wendt (DESY), G. Devanz (CE Saclay), N. Baboi (SLAC), J. Sekutowicz (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TOAC003 A Recirculating Linac-Based Facility for Ultrafast X-Ray Science femtosecond, light source, linac, recirculation 186
  • J. Corlett, W.A. Barletta, S. De Santis, L. Doolittle, W. Fawley, M.A. Green, P. Heimann, S. Leone, D. Li, S.M. Lidia, A. Ratti, K. Robinson, R. Schoenlein, J. Staples, W. Wan, R.P. Wells, A. Wolski, A. Zholents (LBNL), M. Placidi (CERN), W. Pirkl (Consultant), S.-H. Wang (Indiana University), F. Parmigiani (Sincrotrone Trieste), R.A. Rimmer (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TOAC005 The Cornell ERL Prototype Project energy-recovery, light source 192
  • C.K. Sinclair, B. Barstow, I. Bazarov, S. Belomestnykh, D. Bilderback, S. Gruner, G.H. Hoffstaetter, M. Liepe, H. Padamsee, D. Sagan, V. Shemelin, R. Talman, M. Tigner, V. Veshcherevich (Cornell University), G.A. Kraft, L. Merminga (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TOAC006 CEBAF Energy Recovery Experiment beam-transport, deceleration, electron, energy-recovery 195
  • A. Bogacz, K. Beard, J. Bengtsson, C. Butler, Y. Chao, S. Chattopadhyay, H. Dong, D. Douglas, A. Freyberger, A. Guerra, R. Hicks, A. Hofler, C. Hovater, A. Hutton, R. Lauze, L. Merminga, T. Plawski, Y. Roblin, M. Spata, C. Tennant, M. Tiefenback (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), A. Bernard (Friedrich-Alexander University), H. Toyokawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
TPAE011 Analytical Design of a Waveguide Iris/Stub Tuning Coupler to an Overcoupled Superconducting Cavity RF coupler, waveguide 1101
  • H. Wang (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAE019 Development of an 805-MHz, 550 kW Pulsed Klystron for the Spallation Neutron Source accelerator, klystron, linac 1122
  • S. Lenci, E. Eisen, B. Stockwell (Communications and Power Industries, Inc.)
TPAB009 Input Coupler for ERL Injector Cavities RF coupler 1201
  • V. Veshcherevich, I. Bazarov, S. Belomestnykh, M. Liepe, H. Padamsee, V. Shemelin (Cornell University)
TPAB014 Development of the Third Harmonic Cavity at Fermilab   1213
  • N. Solyak, H. Edwards, M. Foley, I. Gonin, T. Khabiboulline, D. Mitchell, J. Reid, L. Simmons (FNAL)
TPAB043 Microphonics Measurements in SRF Cavities for RIA microphonics, rf cavities 1291
  • M.P. Kelly, J.D. Fuerst, M. Kedzie, S.I. Sharamentov, K.W. Shepard (ANL), J. Delayen (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB044 Superconducting 345 MHz Two-Spoke Cavity for RIA heavy-ion, ion, linac, radioactive beams 1294
  • K.W. Shepard, J.D. Fuerst, M. Kedzie, M.P. Kelly (ANL), E. Peterson (Advanced Energy Systems)
TPAB045 Superconducting Intermediate-Velocity Cavity Development for RIA heavy-ion, ion, linac, radioactive beams 1297
  • K.W. Shepard, J.D. Fuerst, M. Kedzie, M.P. Kelly (ANL)
TPAB046 Design of a Superconducting Linac Cavity for High-Current Energy Recovery Linac Operation cw, electron cooling, energy-recovery, higher-order-mode 1300
  • D. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, X. Chang, J. Kewisch, C. Montag, Y. Zhao (BNL), J. Sekutowicz (DESY), C. Pagani, P. Pierini (INFN)
TPAB047 Experimental Results on 700 MHz Multicell Superconducting Cavity for Proton Linac accelerator, linac, proton, rf cavities 1303
  • B. Visentin, A. Aspart, D. Braud, J.P. Charrier, Y. Gasser, E. Jacques, J.P. Poupeau, D. Roudier, P. Sahuquet, F. Simoens (CE Saclay), J.L. Biarrotte, S. Blivet, S. Bousson, T. Junquera, H. Saugnac, Ph. Szott (Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay)
TPAB048 Using Passive Superconducting Cavities for Bunch Shortening in CESR   1306
  • S. Belomestnykh, R. Kaplan, J. Reilly, J. Sikora, V. Veshcherevich (Cornell University)
TPAB049 First RF Test at 4.2K of a 200MHz Superconducting Nb-Cu Cavity rf cavities 1309
  • R.L. Geng, P. Barnes, D. Hartill, H. Padamsee, J. Sears (Cornell University), S. Calatroni, E. Chiaveri, R. Losito, H. Preis (CERN)
TPAB050 A 1500MHz Niobium Cavity Made of Electropolished Half-Cells rf cavities 1312
  • R.L. Geng, A. Crawford, G. Eremeev, H. Padamsee, J. Sears (Cornell University)
TPAB051 An Optimized Shape Cavity for TESLA: Concept and Fabrication rf cavities, rf-structure 1314
  • R.L. Geng, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, J. Sears, V. Shemelin (Cornell University)
TPAB052 Overview of the Cornell ERL Injector Cryomodule cryomodule, energy-recovery, linac, rf cavities 1317
  • M. Liepe, B. Barstow, I. Bazarov, S. Belomestnykh, R.L. Geng, H. Padamsee, V. Shemelin, C.K. Sinclair, K. Smolenski, M. Tigner, V. Veshcherevich (Cornell University)
TPAB053 First Studies for a Low Temperature Higher-Order-Mode Absorber for the Cornell ERL Prototype damping, energy-recovery, ferrite, higher-order-mode 1320
  • M. Liepe, B. Barstow, H. Padamsee (Cornell University)
TPAB054 New Possibilities for Superconducting Cavity Testing at Cornell University rf cavities, superconductivity 1323
  • M. Liepe, P. Barnes, I. Bazarov, S. Belomestnykh, R.L. Geng, H. Padamsee, J. Sears (Cornell University), J. Knobloch (BESSY)
TPAB055 Microphonic Detuning in the 500 MHz Superconducting CESR Cavities microphonics, rf cavities, storage-ring 1326
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh (Cornell University)
TPAB056 RF Parameter and Field Stability Requirements for the Cornell ERL Prototype energy-recovery, energy-spread, feedback, rf cavities 1329
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh (Cornell University)
TPAB057 Successful Beam Test of the HOM Free Superconducting SOLEIL Cavity Prototype at the ESRF cryogenics, higher-order-mode, rf cavities, storage-ring 1332
  • J. Jacob, D. Boilot (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), P. Bosland, P. Bredy, S. Chel (CE Saclay), E. Chiaveri, R. Losito (CERN), J.-M. Filhol, M.-P. Level, P. Marchand, C. Thomas-Madec (SOLEIL)
TPAB060 Higher Order Mode Investigation of Superconducting CH Structures and Status of the CH Prototype Cavity accelerator, higher-order-mode, microphonics, rf cavities 1335
  • H. Podlech, H. Deitinghoff, H. Klein, H. Liebermann, U. Ratzinger, A. Sauer, X. Yan (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
TPAB062 High Power RF Tests on Input Couplers for 972MHz Superconducting Cavities in the J-PARC Project RF coupler 1338
  • E. Kako, S. Noguchi, T. Shishido (KEK), H. Asano, E. Chishiro, M. Matsuoka, H. Suzuki, M. Yamazaki (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPAB063 Results of Two LANL Beta = 0.175, 350-MHz, 2-Gap Spoke Cavities linac, rf-structure 1341
  • T. Tajima, R.L. Edwards, R. Gentzlinger, F.L. Krawczyk, J.E. Ledford, J.-F. Liu, D.I. Montoya, R.J. Roybal, D.L. Schrage, A.H. Shapiro (LANL), G. Corniani (E. Zanon, S.P.A.), D. Barni, A. Bosotti, C. Pagani (INFN)
TPAB064 Q Disease on 350-MHz Spoke Cavities rf-structure, superconductivity 1344
  • T. Tajima, R.L. Edwards, F.L. Krawczyk, J.-F. Liu, D.L. Schrage, A.H. Shapiro (LANL)
TPAB065 Update on RF System Studies and VCX Fast Tuner Work for the RIA Driver Linac microphonics, radio-frequency 1347
  • B. Rusnak, S. Shen (LLNL)
TPAB066 Cryomodule Design for the Rare Isotope Accelerator linac 1350
  • T. Grimm, W. Hartung, M. Johnson, R. York (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory), P. Kneisel, L. Turlington (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB067 Experimental Study of a 322 MHz v/c=0.28 Niobium Spoke Cavity linac 1353
  • T. Grimm, J. Bierwagen, S. Bricker, C. Compton, W. Hartung, F. Marti, R. York (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
TPAB068 X-Ray Tomography of Superconducting RF Cavities linac 1356
  • T. Grimm, W. Hartung, S.E. Musser (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
TPAB069 Mechanical Properties, Microstructure, and Texture of Electron Beam Butt Welds in High Purity Niobium linac 1359
  • T. Grimm, C. Compton (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory), T.R. Bieler, H. Jiang (MSU)
TPAB070 Status Report on Multi-Cell Superconducting Cavity Development for Medium-Velocity Beams heavy-ion, linac, rf-structure 1362
  • W. Hartung, C. Compton, T. Grimm, R. York (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory), G. Ciovati, P. Kneisel (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB071 Simulation of Quench Dynamics in SRF Cavities under Pulsed Operation finite element, quench, simulation, thermal 1365
  • S.-H. Kim (ORNL)
TPAB072 The Numerical Analysis of Higher-Order Modes for Superconducting RF Cavity at SRRC impedance, light source, parallel computing, wakefield 1368
  • P.J. Chou (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
TPAB073 Effects of Material Properties on Resonance Frequency of a CESR-III Type 500 MHz SRF Cavity finite element, simulation 1371
  • M.C. Lin, L.H. Chang, G.H. Luo, Ch. Wang (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center), M.K. Yeh (National Tsing-Hua University)
TPAB078 Lorentz Detuning of Superconducting Cavities with Unbalanced Field Profiles cryomodule, rf cavities 1380
  • J. Delayen (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB079 Piezoelectric Tuner Compensation of Lorentz Detuning in Superconducting Cavities controls, cryomodule, rf cavities 1383
  • J. Delayen, G.K. Davis (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB083 Towards Strongly HOM-Damped Multi-Cell RF Cavities electromagnetic-fields, higher-order-mode, impedance, rf cavities 1389
  • R.A. Rimmer, H. Wang, G. Wu (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), D. Li (LBNL)
TPAB084 Active HOMs Excitation in the First Prototype of Superstructure higher-order-mode, linear-collider 1392
  • J. Sekutowicz, A. Gössel, G. Kreps (DESY), S. Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
TPAB085 Cavities for JLAB's 12 GeV Upgrade accelerator, rf cavities 1395
  • J. Sekutowicz, G. Ciovati, P. Kneisel, G. Wu (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), A. Brinkmann (DESY), R. Parodi (INFN), W. Hartung (MSU), S. Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
TPAB086 Field Emission Studies from Nb Surfaces Relevant to SRF Cavities   1398
  • T. Wang, C. Reece, R. Sundelin (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB087 Niobium Thin Film Properties Affected by Deposition Energy during Vacuum Depostion ionization, plasma, superconductivity, vacuum 1401
  • G. Wu, L. Phillips, R. Sundelin, A.-M. Valente (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAB089 Magnetostrictive Tuners for SRF Cavities Lorentz force, microphonics, tune 1407
  • C.H. Joshi, A. Mavanur, C.-Y. Tai (Energen, Inc.), T. Grimm (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
TPAB090 Fabrication, Test and First Operation of Superconducting Accelerator Modules for Storage Rings Landau damping, light source, rf cavities 1410
  • M. Pekeler, S. Bauer, M. Peiniger, H. Vogel, P. vom Stein (ACCEL Instruments GmbH), S. Belomestnykh, H. Padamsee, P. Quigley, J. Sears (Cornell University)
TPAG027 A Mechanical Tuner for the ISAC-II Quarter Wave Superconducting Cavities heavy-ion 1488
  • R.E. Laxdal, K. Fong, S. Koscielniak, T. Ries, G. Stanford (TRIUMF)
TPAG034 Basis for the Reliability Analysis of the Proton Linac for an ADS Program cw, industrial-accelerators, proton 1506
  • D. Sertore, D. Barni, P. Michelato, L. Monaco, M. Novati, C. Pagani, R. Paulon, P. Pierini (INFN), L. Burgazzi (Ente Nazionale per le Nuove Tecnologie l'Energia e l'Ambiente)
TPAG038 Particle-Beam Behavior in the SNS Linac with Simulated and Reconstructed Beams drift tube linac (DTL), linac, longitudinal-dynamics, transverse-dynamics 1515
  • S. Nath, J. Billen, J. Stovall, H. Takeda, L.M. Young (LANL), D. Jeon (ORNL), K. Crandall (TechSource, Inc.)
TPPE024 Insights in the Physics of the Dynamic Detuning in SRF Cavities and its Active Compensation Lorentz force 1599
  • M. Doleans, S.-H. Kim (ORNL)
WOAB007 Heavy-Ion Beam Dynamics in the Rare Isotope Accelerator Facility heavy-ion, linac, radioactive beams 400
  • P.N. Ostroumov (ANL)
WPAB005 Ultrashort Electron Bunches with Low Longitudinal Emittance in Multi-Cell Superconducting RF Guns bunch compression, electron gun, emittance, photoinjector 2041
  • V.N. Volkov (BINP)
WPAB006 Generation of Sub-Picosecond Electron Bunches in Superconducting RF Photocathode Injector bunch compression, electron gun, emittance, photoinjector 2044
  • V.N. Volkov (BINP)
WPAB009 The Analysis of the Cross-Talk in a RF Gun Superconducting Cavity electron cooling, electron gun, rf cavities 2050
  • Y. Zhao (BNL), M. Cole (Advanced Energy Systems)
WPAB012 Dipole-Mode-Free and Kick-Free 2-Cell Cavity for the SC ERL Injector RF coupler, energy-recovery, higher-order-mode, linac 2059
  • V. Shemelin, S. Belomestnykh, R.L. Geng, M. Liepe, H. Padamsee (Cornell University)
WPAB013 High Brightness, High Current Injector Design for the Cornell ERL Prototype brightness, photoinjector 2062
  • C.K. Sinclair, I. Bazarov (Cornell University)
WPAB021 An Injector for the Proposed Berkeley Ultrafast X-Ray Light Source bunch compression, longitudinal-dynamics, photoinjector, transverse-dynamics 2086
  • S.M. Lidia, J. Corlett, J. Pusina, J. Staples, A. Zholents (LBNL)
WOPA001 RF Superconductivity: Enabling Technology for the Future   447
  • H. Edwards (FNAL)
WPPE026 Low Level RF System for Jefferson Lab Cryomodule Test Facility controls, radio-frequency 2379
  • T. Plawski, T. Allison, J. Delayen, C. Hovater, T. Powers (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
WPPE039 Design of Cryogenic System for Several Super-Conducting Modules at National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center cryogenics, superconducting magnet 2405
  • T.C. King, J.C. Chang, S.H. Chang, J.R. Chen, F.Z. Hsiao, H.C. Li (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
WPPB007 Super-Conducting Resonator as Beam Induced Signal Pickup diagnostics, linac, longitudinal-dynamics 2426
  • R.C. Pardo, B.E. Clifft, P.N. Ostroumov, S.I. Sharamentov, G.P. Zinkann (ANL)
ROAA001 SNS Cryomodule Performance   457
  • J. Preble, I. Campisi, E. Daly, G.K. Davis, J. Delayen, M. Drury, C. Grenoble, J. Hogan, L. King, P. Kneisel, J. Mammosser, T. Powers, M. Stirbet, H. Wang, T. Whitlatch, M. Wiseman (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
ROAA002 Development of Electropolishing Technology for Superconducting Cavities accelerator, linac, rf cavities, superconductivity 462
  • K. Saito (KEK)
ROAA003 Cold- and Beam Test of the First Prototypes of the Superstructure for the TESLA Collider linac, linear-collider, radio-frequency 467
  • J. Sekutowicz, C. Albrecht, V. Ayvazyan, T. Büttner, R. Bandelmann, P. Castro, S. Choroba, J. Eschke, B. Faatz, A. Gössel, K. Honkavaara, B. Horst, J. Iversen, K. Jensch, H. Kaiser, R. Kammering, D. Kostin, G. Kreps, R. Lange, J. Lorkiewicz, W.-D. Möller, A. Matheisen, H.-B. Peters, D. Proch, K. Rehlich, D. Reschke, H. Schlarb, S. Schreiber, S. Simrock, W. Singer, X. Singer, K. Twarowski, G. Weichert, M. Wendt, G. Wojtkiewicz, K. Zapfe (DESY), M. Liepe (Cornell University), M. Hüening (FNAL), M. Ferrario, C. Pagani (INFN), E. Plawski (Institute for Nuclear Studies, Poland), N. Baboi (SLAC), H. Chen, C. Tang, H. Wenhui, S. Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
ROAA004 First Demonstration of Microphonic Control of a Superconducting Cavity with a Fast Piezoelectric Tuner controls, feedback, microphonics, rf cavities 470
  • S. Simrock, G. Petrosyan (DESY), S. Andreoli, A. Facco, R. Paparella, V. Zviagintsev (INFN)
RPAB005 Bunch-to-Bunch Energy Stability Test of the Nb Prototypes of the TESLA Superstructure linac, linear-collider 2730
  • H. Schlarb, V. Ayvazyan, P. Castro, R. Kammering, S. Schreiber, J. Sekutowicz, S. Simrock, M. Wendt (DESY), M. Hüening (FNAL), M. Ferrario (INFN)
RPAB031 AGS Upgrade to 1-MW with a Super-Conducting Linac Injector linac, neutrino, proton 2793
  • A.G. Ruggiero, J. Alessi, D. Raparia, T. Roser, W.T. Weng (BNL)
RPAB032 Study of a 10-MW Continuous Spallation Neutron Source linac, neutron, proton, spallation 2796
  • A.G. Ruggiero, H. Ludewig, S. Shapiro (BNL)
RPAB036 A SCRF Linac as a FEL Driver and Storage Ring Injector linac, rf cavities 2808
  • J. Rose, J.B. Murphy, B. Podobedov, T. Shaftan, B. Sheehy, X.J. Wang, L.H. Yu (BNL)
RPAB042 Design of a Superconducting CH-Cavity for Low- and Medium Beta Ion and Proton Acceleration accelerator, electromagnetic-fields, simulation 2820
  • H. Liebermann, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger, A. Sauer (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
RPAB056 Analysis of a Multi-Spoke Option for the RIA Driver Linac heavy-ion, linac, longitudinal-dynamics, transverse-dynamics 2849
  • D. Gorelov, T. Grimm, W. Hartung, F. Marti, X. Wu, R. York (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
RPAB073 Series Production of Copper and Niobium Cavities for the Spallation Neutron Source accelerator, linac, rf cavities, rf-structure 2887
  • M. Pekeler, S. Bauer, K. Dunkel, B. Griep, C. Piel, H. Vogel, P. vom Stein (ACCEL Instruments GmbH)
RPAG038 The Beam Dynamics Studies of Combined Misalignments and RF Errors for RIA alignment, linac, simulation 2972
  • X. Wu, D. Gorelov, T. Grimm, W. Hartung, F. Marti, R. York (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
ROPA003 Status of Low and Intermediate Velocity Superconducting Accelerating Structures ion-effects, linac, rf cavities 581
  • K.W. Shepard (ANL)
ROPA005 Upgrading CEBAF to 12 GeV cw, electron, linac 586
  • L. Harwood (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
ROPA009 COSY-SCL, the Superconducting Injector Linac for COSY deuteron, h-minus, linac, radio-frequency-quadrupole 598
  • R. Toelle, U. Bechstedt, N. Bongers, J. Dietrich, R. Eichhorn, F.M. Esser, O. Felden, R. Gebel, K. Henn, H. Jungwirth, A. Lehrach, R. Maier, U. Pfister, D. Prasuhn, P.v. Rossen, A. Schnase, H. Schneider, Y. Senichev, R. Stassen, H. Stockhorst, E. Zaplatin (Forschungszentrum Juelich), A. Schempp (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
ROPA010 The ISAC-II Upgrade at TRIUMF - Progress and Developments accelerator, heavy-ion, radioactive beams 601
  • R.E. Laxdal, G. Clark, G. Dutto, K. Fong, A. Mitra, Z.H. Peng, R. Poirier, W. Rawnsley, T. Ries, I. Sekachev, G. Stanford (TRIUMF)
ROPC007 Superconducting RF Structures - Test Facilities and Results linear-collider 673
  • H. Weise (DESY)
RPPG008 Non-Linear Longitudinal Beam Dynamics with Harmonic RF Systems for Bunch Lengthening Landau damping, lifetime, luminosity, radio-frequency 3192
  • V. Serriere, J. Jacob (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
FPAB027 A New Digital Control System for CESR-c and the Cornell ERL controls, digital signal processing, feedback, rf cavities 3347
  • M. Liepe, S. Belomestnykh, J. Dobbins, R. Kaplan, C.R. Strohman (Cornell University)
FPAB079 Performance and Upgrade of the JAERI ERL-FEL energy-recovery, free-electron-laser 3446
  • M. Sawamura, R. Hajima, N. Kikuzawa, E.J. Minehara, R. Nagai, N. Nishimori (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)
FPAG058 Investigation of Dark Currents in the S-DALINAC Superconducting Cavity rf cavities, simulation 3569
  • S. Setzer, M. Gopych, H.-D. Graef, U. Laier, M. Platz, A. Richter, A. Stascheck, S. Wazlawik, T. Weiland (Technische U. Darmstadt)