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Classification: High-Energy Hadron Accelerators and Colliders

Paper Title Page
TPPE003 Status of Slow Extraction of High Intensity Protons from Brookhaven's AGS 1545
  • K.A. Brown, L. Ahrens, J.M. Brennan, J. Glenn, T. Roser, T. Russo, K.S. Smith, N. Tsoupas, K. Zeno (BNL)
TPPE006 A New Antiproton Beam Transfer Scheme without Coalescing 1554
  • W. Chou, J. Griffin, J.A. MacLachlan, S. Werkema (FNAL)
TPPB029 Heavy Ion Beams in the LHC 1682
  • J.M. Jowett, J.-B. Jeanneret, K. Schindl (CERN)
TPPB030 Abort Gap Studies and Cleaning during RHIC Heavy Ion Operation 1685
  • A. Drees, L. Ahrens, R. Fliller III, W. Fu, G. Heppner (BNL), V. Kain (CERN)
TPPB032 Results from Vernier Scans at RHIC during the PP Run 2001-2002 1688
  • A. Drees, B. Fox, Z. Xu (BNL), H. Huang (Yale University)
TPPB034 New Results from Crystal Collimation at RHIC 1691
  • R. Fliller III, A. Drees, D. Gassner, L. Hammons, G. McIntyre, S. Peggs, D. Trbojevic (BNL), V.M. Biryukov, Y. Chesnokov, V. Terekov (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
TPPB035 Commissioning of a First-Order Transition Jump in RHIC 1694
  • J. Kewisch, C. Montag (BNL)
TPPB038 Commissioning Spin Rotators in RHIC 1697
  • W.W. MacKay, L. Ahrens, M. Bai, E.D. Courant, W. Fischer, H. Huang, A.U. Luccio, C. Montag, F. Pilat, V. Ptitsyn, T. Roser, T. Satogata, D. Trbojevic, J. van Zeijts (BNL)
TPPB039 Design of a Fast Chromaticity Jump in RHIC 1700
  • C. Montag, D. Bruno, G. Ganetis, J. Kewisch, W. Louie (BNL)
TPPB041 Nonlinear Effects in the RHIC Interaction Regions: Measurement and Correction 1703
  • F. Pilat, S. Binello, P. Cameron, V. Ptitsyn (BNL)
TPPB043 Commissioning of RHIC Deuteron-Gold Collisions 1706
  • T. Satogata, L. Ahrens, M. Bai, J. Beebe-Wang, M. Blaskiewicz, J.M. Brennan, K.A. Brown, D. Bruno, P. Cameron, J. Cardona, R. Connolly, A. Drees, W. Fischer, R. Fliller III, G. Ganetis, C. Gardner, J. Glenn, H. Hahn, T. Hayes, H. Huang, U. Iriso-Ariz, W.W. MacKay, A. Marusic, R. Michnoff, C. Montag, F. Pilat, V. Ptitsyn, R. Roser, K.S. Smith, S. Tepikian, D. Trbojevic, N. Tsoupas, S.Y. Zhang, J. van Zeijts (BNL)
TPPB044 Concept Design of the Target/Horn System for the BNL Neutrino Oscillation Experiment 1709
  • N. Simos, A. Carroll, M. Diwan, S.A. Kahn, H. Kirk, H. Ludewig, D. Raparia, W.T. Weng (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University), G. Evangelakis (University of Ioannina)
TPPB045 High Luminosity *=0.5m RHIC Insertions 1712
  • S. Tepikian, H. Huang, W.W. MacKay, F. Pilat, V. Ptitsyn, T. Satogata, D. Trbojevic, J. van Zeijts (BNL)
TPPB047 The RHIC Injector Accelerator Configurations, and Performance for the RHIC 2003 Au-d Physics Run 1715
  • L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, J. Benjamin, M. Blaskiewicz, J.M. Brennan, K.A. Brown, C. Carlson, T. D'Ottavio, J. DeLong, B. Frak, C. Gardner, J. Glenn, M. Harvey, T. Hayes, H. Hseuh, P. Ingrassia, D. Lowenstein, W.W. MacKay, G. Marr, J. Morris, T. Roser, T. Satogata, G. Smith, K.S. Smith, D. Steski, P. Thieberger, N. Tsoupas, K. Zeno, S.Y. Zhang (BNL)
TPPB050 The LHC Proton Beam in the CERN SPS: an Update 1718
  • G. Arduini, P. Baudrenghien, T. Bohl, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, W. Höfle, T. Linnecar, E. Shaposhnikova, J. Tuckmantel, J. Wenninger (CERN)
TPPB052 Protection Devices in the Transfer Lines to the LHC 1721
  • H. Burkhardt, B. Goddard, V. Mertens (CERN)
TPPB053 PS 13.3-20 MHz RF Systems for LHC 1724
  • M. Morvillo, R. Garoby, D. Grier, M. Haase, A. Krusche, P. Maesen, M. Paoluzzi, C. Rossi (CERN)
TPPB054 Present Understanding of Electron Cloud Effects in the Large Hadron Collider 1727
  • F. Zimmermann, G. Arduini, V. Baglin, E. Benedetto, R. Cimino, P. Collier, I. Collins, K. Cornelis, B. Henrist, N. Hilleret, B. Jenninger, J.M. Jimenez, A. Rossi, F. Ruggiero, G. Rumolo, D. Schulte (CERN)
TPPB055 Analysis of the b2 Correction in the Tevatron 1730
  • P. Bauer, G. Annala, J. DiMarco, R. Hanft, D. Harding, M. Lamm, M. Martens, P. Schlabach, D. Still, M. Tartaglia, J. Tompkins, G. Velev, M. Xiao (FNAL), L. Bottura, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB056 Beam Loss and Backgrounds in the CDF and D0 Detectors due to Nuclear Elastic Beam-Gas Scattering 1733
  • A. Drozhdin, V.A. Lebedev, N.V. Mokhov, L.Y. Nicolas, S.I. Striganov, A.V. Tollestrup (FNAL)
TPPB060 Slip Stacking Experiments at Fermilab Main Injector 1736
  • K. Koba, B. Barnes, T. Berenc, B. Chase, I. Kourbanis, J.A. MacLachlan, K. Meisner, J. Steimel (FNAL)
TPPB062 Observations on the Luminosity Lifetimes and Emittance Growth Rates at the Tevatron 1739
  • P. Lebrun, V.A. Lebedev, V. Shiltsev, J. Slaughter (FNAL)
TPPB063 Accelerator Related Backgrounds in the LHC Forward Detectors 1742
  • N.V. Mokhov, A. Drozhdin, I.L. Rakhno (FNAL), D. Macina (CERN)
TPPB064 Mitigation of Effects of Beam-Induced Energy Deposition in the LHC High-Luminosity Interaction Regions 1745
  • N.V. Mokhov, J.S. Kerby, I.L. Rakhno, J.B. Strait (FNAL)
TPPB065 Energy Deposition Limits in a Nb3Sn Separation Dipole in Front of the LHC High-Luminosity Inner Triplet 1748
  • N.V. Mokhov, V.V. Kashikhin, I.L. Rakhno, J.B. Strait, S. Yadav, A.V. Zlobin (FNAL), R. Gupta, M. Harrison (BNL), O.S. Brüning, R. Ruggiero (CERN)
TPPB066 Longitudinal Bunch Dynamics in the Tevatron 1751
  • R. Moore, V. Balbekov, A. Jansson, V.A. Lebedev, K.Y. Ng, V. Shiltsev, C.Y. Tan (FNAL)
TPPB067 Beam Losses at Injection Energy and during Acceleration in the Tevatron 1754
  • T. Sen, P. Lebrun, R. Moore, V. Shiltsev, M. Syphers, X.L. Zhang (FNAL), W. Fischer (BNL), F. Schmidt, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB068 Experimental Studies of Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron 1757
  • T. Sen, Y. Alexahin, V. Shiltsev, M. Xiao, X.L. Zhang (FNAL), F. Schmidt, F. Zimmermann (CERN)
TPPB069 Theoretical Studies of Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron at Collision Energy 1760
  • T. Sen, B. Erdelyi, M. Xiao (FNAL)
TPPB070 Tevatron Run II Luminosity, Emittance and Collision Point Size 1763
  • J. Slaughter, J. Estrada, K. Genser, A. Jansson, P. Lebrun, J.C. Yun (FNAL), S. Lai (University of Toronto)
TPPB072 Correction Magnets for the Fermilab Recycler Ring 1766
  • J.T. Volk, G.W. Foster, C. Gattuso, H. Glass, D. Johnson, C.S. Mishra, M.J. Yang (FNAL)
TPPB073 Antiproton Acceleration in the Fermilab Main Injector Using 2.5 MHz (H=28) and 53 MHz (H=588) RF Systems 1769
  • V. Wu, C.M. Bhat, B. Chase, J. Dey, J.A. MacLachlan, K. Meisner, J. Reid (FNAL)
TPPB074 Tevatron Beam-Beam Simulations at Injection Energy 1772
  • M. Xiao, B. Erdelyi, T. Sen (FNAL)
TPPB075 Simulations of Octupole Compensation for Head-Tail Instability at the Tevatron 1775
  • M. Xiao, T. Sen (FNAL), F. Schmidts (CERN)
TPPB076 The Special Applications of Tevatron Electron Lens in Collider Operation 1778
  • X.L. Zhang, V. Shiltsev (FNAL), F. Zimmermann (CERN), K. Bishofberger (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPB077 Upgrades of the Tevatron Electron Lens 1781
  • X.L. Zhang, J. Crisp, J. Fitzgerald, G. Kuznetsov, M. Olson, H. Pfeffer, G. Saewert, A. Semenov, V. Shiltsev, N. Solyak, D. Wildman (FNAL), M. Tiunov (BINP), E. Kashtanov, S. Kozub, V. Sytnik, L. Tkachenko (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino), K. Bishofberger (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPB079 Design Study of 1 MHz Induction Cavity for Induction Synchrotron 1784
  • K. Torikai, Y. Arakida, S. Inagaki, J. Kishiro, K. Koseki, E. Nakamura, K. Takayama, T. Toyama, M. Wake (KEK), K. Ishibashi (Kyushu University)
TPPB084 Progress in Designing a Muon Cooling Ring with Lithium Lenses 1787
  • Y. Fukui, D. Cline, A.A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles), H. Kirk (BNL)
TPPB085 Longitudinal Bunch Rotation Scheme in a Muon Cooling Ring 1790
  • Y. Fukui (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPB087 Gaseous Hydrogen for Muon Beam Cooling 1792
  • R.P. Johnson, R.E. Hartline (Muons, Inc.), C. Ankenbrandt, M. Kuchnir, A. Moretti, M. Popovic (FNAL), M. Alsharo'a, E. Black, D.M. Kaplan (Illinois Institute of Technology)
TPPB088 MICE: The International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment 1795
  • Y. Torun (Illinois Institute of Technology)
TPPB090 Bench Measurements of Low Frequency Transverse Impedance 1801
  • A. Mostacci (University of Rome), U. Iriso-Ariz (BNL), F. Caspers, L. Vos (CERN)
TPPB092 A Very Fast Ramping Muon Synchrotron for a Neutrino Factory 1804
  • D.J. Summers (University of Mississippi), J.S. Berg, R.B. Palmer (BNL), A.A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPB093 A POP Experiment Scenario of Induction Synchrotron at the KEK 12GeV-PS 1807
  • K. Takayama, Y. Arakida, S. Igarashi, D. Iwashita, J. Kishiro, K. Koseki, E. Nakamura, M. Sakuda, H. Sato, Y. Shimosaki, M. Shirakata, K. Torikai, T. Toyama, M. Wake (KEK), K. Horioka, M. Shiho (Tokyo Institute of Technology)