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Keyword: plasma

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Electron Cyclotron Resonance Sources of Multicharged Ions: State of the Art, Recent Developments and Prospects cyclotron, electron, field, ion 117
  • G. Melin, C. Barué, F. Bourg, P. Briand, M. Delaunay, R. Geller, A. Girard, D. Hitz, B. Jacquot, P. Ludwig, M. Pontonnier (CEN, Grenoble)
Review of Latest Developments of Ion Sources cathode, electron, field, ion 252
  • L. Bex (GANIL, Caen)
Magnetic Confinement Fusion: Recent Results of JET and Plans for the Future electron, field, ion, thermal 390
  • P. H. Rebut (JET, Abingdon)
Experiment of Laser Wake-Field Accelerator acceleration, electron, ionization, laser 581
  • K. Nakajima, A. Enomoto, H. Nakanishi, A. Ogata, Y. Suetsugu (KEK), Y. Kato, Y. Kitagawa, K. Mima, H. Shiraga, K. Yamakawa (Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University), T. Shoji (Plasma Science Center of Nagoya University), M Downer, W. Horton, B. Newberger, T. Tajima (University of Texas Austin), Y. Nishida, N. Yugami (Utsunomiya U.)
Beam Test of a Plasma Lens for Heavy Ion Beam Focusing emittance, field, focusing, ion 593
  • A. Tauschwitz, E. Boggasch, K. -G. Dietrich (MPQ-Garching), D. H. H. Hoffmann, W. Laux, H. Wahl (GSI Darmstadt), M. Stetter, R. Tkotz (Univ. Erlangen)
Plasma Lenses for Heavy Ion Beam Focusing focusing, heavy-ion, ion, target 596
  • E. Boggasch, K. -G. Dietrich, A. Tauschwitz (MPQ-Garching), D. H. H. Hoffmann, W. Laux, H. Wahl (GSI Darmstadt), M. Stetter, R. Tkotz (Univ. Erlangen)
Observation of Resonance in Beat-Wave Experiments with Nd Lasers beat-wave, electron, ion, laser 599
  • F. Amiranoff, E. Fabre, M. Laberge, J. R. Marqués, F. Moulin (LULI Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau), P. Mora (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau), C. Stenz (GREMI Univ. d' Orléans), B. Cros, G. Mathieussent (LPGP, Univ. Paris XI), Ph Miné, B. Montés (LPNHE), P. Benkheiri, Ch. Grégory, F. Jacquet, J. Meyer, P. Poilleux (LPNHE, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau)
Resonances in the Beam-Plasma Interaction due to a Finite Conductor Cylinder dielectric, electron, equilibrium, field 786
  • A. Devia, P. Arango, H. Barco (Universida Nacional de Colombia, Manizales)
Particle Acceleration in Electromagnetic Wave Fields acceleration, coupling, field, vacuum 951
  • K. O. Thielheim (Institute für Reine und Angewandte Kernphysik, University of Kiel)
Numerical Simulation of ECRIPAC Plasma Behaviour with Vlasov Equations including Electron and Ion Collective Effects acceleration, electron, field, ion 976
  • P. Bertrand (GANIL, Caen)
Operation of the Legnaro ECR Ion Source electron, ion, ionization, vacuum 984
  • M. Cavenago (INFN-LNL, Legnaro)
MEVVA Ion Source for Heavy Ion Synchrotron Injection cathode, extraction, ion, vacuum 987
  • B. H. Wolf, H. Emig, P. Spädtke (GSI Darmstadt), I. G. Brown (LBNL)
Latest Developments on Multicharged E. C. R. Ion Sources at GANIL accelerator, electron, ion, target 990
  • P. Sortais, M. Bisch, M. P. Bourgarel, P. Bricault, P. Lehérissier, R. Leroy, J. Y. Pacquet, J. P. Rataud (GANIL)
Duoplasmatron-type Ion Source with Improved Technical and Operational Performance for Linear Accelerator accelerator, cathode, ion, proton 993
  • A. A. Glazkov, N. R. Lobanov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), I. S. Balikoev, V. T. Barchenko, S. I. Zagranichny (Leningrad Institute of Electric Engineering)
Cynetics of Molecular Nitrogen Ionization in Plasma of Gas Discharge Ion Source electron, field, ion 996
  • A. A. Glazkov, N. R. Lobanov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), V. V. Zaitsev (Ivanovo State University)
A Volume Ion Source with Pulsed Magnetic Field accelerator, extraction, field, ion 1008
  • K. J. Antes (Texas Accelerator Center), Å. M. Larsson, C. R. Meitzler (Sam Houston State University)
High Performances from a GaAs Photoemitter acceleration, cathode, electron, laser 1035
  • A. V. Aleksandrov, N. S. Dikansky, N. Cl. Kot, V. I. Kudelainen, V. A. Lebedev, P. V. Logachov (INP, Novosibirsk), G. Lamanna (Dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Bari), R. Calabrese (Dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Ferrara), V. Guidi (Dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Ferrara and Lab. Naz. di Legnaro), L. Tecchio (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and dip. di Fisica Sperimentale dell'Univ. and INFN, Torino), G. Ciullo (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and dip. di Fisica dell'Univ. and INFN, Bari)
RF Driven Multicusp Ion Source for Particle Accelerator Applications cw, electron, extraction, ion 1038
  • K. N. Leung, D. A. Bachman, D. S. McDonald (LBNL)
RF Control System for TRIUMF Booster Cavity booster, cyclotron, modulator, software 1176
  • K. Fong, M. Laverty (TRIUMF)
Beam Test with the CERN Plasma Lens field, focusing, proton, target 1539
  • R. Kowalewicz, M. Lubrano di Scampamorte, S. Maury, S. Milner, H. Riege (CERN), J. Christiansen, K. Frank, U. Neuner, M. Stetter, R. Tkotz (Univ. Erlangen)
Plasma Lens Studies at Erlangen University antiproton, equilibrium, field, focusing 1542
  • M. Stetter, J. Christiansen, K. Frank, U. Neuner, R. Tkotz (Univ. Erlangen)
Application of Plasma Lenses in Positron Sources field, focusing, heavy-ion, positron 1650
  • H. Braun (PSI), D. H. H. Hoffmann (GSI Darmstadt), E. Boggasch, A. Tauschwitz (MPQ-Garching)
Development of Aluminium-26 as a Tracer for Biological Research acceleration, accelerator, background, ion 1669
  • J. S. Lilley, T. W. Aitken, R. A. Cunningham, P. V. Drumm, G. W. A. Newton (Daresbury Laboratory), J. Barker, J. P. Day (University of Manchester)