EPAC1992 Keywords
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Keyword: alignment

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Precision Fiducialization of Transport Components accelerator, insertion, laser, optics 138
  • G. E. Fischer, V. E. Bressler, J. K. Cobb, D. R. Jensen, R. E. Ruland, H. V. Walz, S. H. Williams (SLAC)
Alignment at the ESRF accelerator, booster, field, survey 141
  • D. Martin (ESRF Grenoble)
On the Use of Predeflectors for Improved Beam Loss Concentration betatron, field, scattering, septum 339
  • H. Schönauer (CERN)
The LNLS UVX2 Soft X-ray Source injection, insertion, lattice, lifetime 450
  • L. Lin, L. Jahnel, P. Tavares (LNLS Brazil)
The RFQ2 Complex: the Future Injector to CERN Linac 2 bunching, injection, ion, linac 539
  • M. Weiss (CERN)
The Dynamic Aperture of the LNLS UVX2 Electron Storage Ring field, insertion, multipole, tune 673
  • L. Lin, L. Jahnel (LNLS Brazil)
Treatment of Non-Linearities in Achromatic Trajectory Corrections for Future Linacs accelerator, emittance, lattice, linac 729
  • C. Fischer, G. Guignard (CERN)
Automatic Beamline Calibration Procedures accelerator, beamline, photon, quadrupole 753
  • W. J. Corbett (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford, CA), M. J. Lee (SLAC), Y. Zambre (Stanford Research International, Menlo Park, CA)
The Beam Diagnostics System of the ALPI Post-Accelerator accelerator, beam profile monitor, diagnostics, injection 1085
  • M. Bellato, A. Dainelli, M. Poggi (INFN-LNL, Legnaro)
A Beam Diagnostic System for Accelerator using Neural Networks accelerator, commissioning, electron, field 1155
  • Y. Kijima, M. Mizota, K. Yoshida (Mitsubishi Electric Company, Tokyo), K. Suzuki (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and CSK Corporation, Japan)
Magnetic Measurement of the ELETTRA Storage Ring Prototype Magnets field, magnetic measurements, quadrupole, sextupole 1358
  • F. Gnidica, G. Petrucci, G. Stefanini, D. Tommasini, R. P. Walker, D. Zangrando, S. de Panfilis (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Splitter Magnets for the DANE Project accelerator, field, linac, vacuum 1373
  • C. Sanelli, H. Hsieh (INFN - Lab. Naz. di Frascati, Roma)
Field Measurement of the Magnets for COSY-Jülich accelerator, field, induction, quadrupole 1379
  • U. Bechstedt, W. Borgs, G. Decker, G. Dolfus, W. Ermer, A. Hardt, G. Krol, Ch Lippert, Th Pawlat, J. Rook, M. Rook, D. Rosin, Th Sagefka (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)
Magnetic Components for DANE electron, field, multipole, positron 1385
  • H. Hsieh, M. Modena, C. Sanelli, S. Vescovi (INFN - Lab. Naz. di Frascati, Roma)
Design of the 1.8 Tesla Wiggler for the DANE Main Rings cooling water, field, vacuum, wiggler 1391
  • C. Sanelli, H. Hsieh (INFN - Lab. Naz. di Frascati, Roma)
State of the Construction of the Two INFN Full Length Superconducting Dipole Prototype Magnets for the Large hadron Collider (LHC) collider, controls, field, hadron 1420
  • E. Acerbi, L. Rossi (INFN, L. A. S. A., Milano), M. Bona, D. Leroy, R. Perin (CERN)
Mechanical Design Philosophy and Construction of the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher Ring AmPS radiation, shielding, synchrotron, vacuum 1585
  • A. P. Kaan, R. P. J. Arink, J. H. M. Bijleveld, H. Boer Rookhuizen, G. Bron, J. A. Heemskerk, J. Langedijk, P. Lassing, J. Touw, W. Verlegh (NIKHEF-K)
High Resolution Fresnel Zone Plate Laser Alignment System accelerator, laser, linac, quadrupole 1613
  • V. E. Bressler, G. E. Fischer, R. E. Ruland, T. Wang (SLAC)
A Technique for Performing the Assembly Alignment of the SSC Dipole Magnets collider, survey, target, vacuum 1616
  • R. Viola (SSCL)
Geodetical Concept and Alignment of COSY accelerator, instrumentation, ion, lattice 1622
  • U. Bechstedt, W. Ermer, A. Hardt, G. Krol, J. Rook, D. Rosin, Th Sagefka (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH), R. Nicia, H. Stollenwerk (Ing. Büro Stollenwerk, Bergheim, Germany)
Beam Based Alignment of Sector-1 of the SLC Linac betatron, positron, quadrupole, simulation 1625
  • P. Emma (SLAC)
A Technique for Aligning Sextupole Systems using Beam Optics focusing, optics, quadrupole, sextupole 1628
  • Y. C. Chao (SLAC)