EPAC1990 Keywords
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Keyword: damping

Title Other Keywords Page
Progress Towards the Design of a Next Linear Collider accelerator, collider, klystron, linac 28
  • R. D. Ruth (SLAC)
Final Focus Test Beam for the Next Linear Collider collider, emittance, field, linac 125
  • J. Buon (LAL for the SLAC, KEK, INP, LAL and DESY Collaboration)
A New HOM-Free Accelerating Resonator coupling, field, impedance, spectrum 149
  • G. Conciauro, P. Arcioni (Dip. di Elet. di Pavia)
A Review of Polarized Electron and Positron Beams electron, optics, polarization, positron 164
  • D. P. Barber (DESY)
Review of Linear Colliders accelerator, alignment, ion, radiation 174
  • H. Henke (TU Berlin)
Disruption Limitation to the Beam-Beam Tune Shift in Circular Colliders luminosity, resonance, simulation, tune 255
  • S. V. Milton, L. Rivkin (PSI, Villigen)
Compact Synchrotron X-Ray Sources field, injection, linac, x-ray 295
  • M. N. Wilson (Oxford Instruments, Oxford)
Review of Progress in the Field of Superconducting Cavities collider, electron, field, thermal 303
  • S. Noguchi (KEK)
Linac - Ring - Collider B-Factory collider, electron, lattice, linac 383
  • P. Grosse-Wiesmann, G. Coignet, C.D. Johnson, D Möhl, R. Schmidt, W. Weingarten, L. Wood (CERN & LAPP, Annecy-le-Vieux)
High Luminosity BB Factories Using Novel Techniques background, linac, luminosity, positron 395
  • W. A. Barletta, D.B. Cline, C. Pellegrini (Cent. for Advance Accel., Los Angeles & LLNL, Livermore)
Phase Gradients in Acceleration Structures acceleration, accelerator, linac, travelling wave 523
  • F. -J. Decker, R. K. Jobe (SLAC)
Performance of the LEP Q-Meter during Operation and Machine Studies accelerator, betatron, commissioning, tune 771
  • I. Farago, K. D. Lohmann, M. Placidi, H. Schmickler (CERN)
Design and Functionality of the LEP Q-Meter betatron, coupling, spectrum, tune 774
  • K. D. Lohmann, M. Placidi, H. Schmickler (CERN)
Commissioning of the LEP Transverse Feedback System feedback, kicker, pick-up, tune 901
  • L. Arnaudon, S. Myers, R. Olsen (CERN)
500 MHz Cavities for the Trieste Synchrotron Light Source ELETTRA field, simulation, thermal, waveguide 919
  • A. Massarotti, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Higher Order Mode Damping in an ALS Test Cavity coupling, impedance, resonance, waveguide 928
  • A. F. Jacob, W. Barry, G.R. Lambertson (LBL, Berkeley & CEBAF, Newport News)
Coupled Transmission Line Higher Order Mode Damper booster, coupling, factory, impedance 979
  • T. Enegren, R.L. Poirier, W.R. Smythe (TRIUMF, Vancouver & Univ. of Colorado)
Techniques for Beam Impedance Measurements above Cutoff impedance, radiation, simulation, waveguide 1049
  • G. R. Lambertson, A. F. Jacob, R.A. Rimmer, F. Voelker (LBNL)
First Operation of Superconducting Nb Sputtered Cu Cavities in the CERN SPS acceleration, feedback, field, thermal 1079
  • C. Benvenuti, D. Bloess, D. Boussard, G. Cavallari, E. Chiaveri, E. Haebel, N. Hilleret, H.P. Kindermann, T. Linnecar, G. Passardi, V. Rossi, R. Stierlin, J. Tückmantel, W. Weingarten (CERN)
RF System for High Luminosity e+e- Circular Colliders coupling, focusing, injection, luminosity 1088
  • P. Marchand (PSI, Villigen)
Design Criteria and Lattice Study for the LNF -Factory lattice, luminosity, radiation, wiggler 1476
  • S. Bartalucci, M. Bassetti, M. Biagini, C. Biscari, S. Guiducci, M.R. Masullo, L. Palumbo, M. Preger, M. Serio, B. Spataro, G. Vignola (INFN-LNF, Frascati; INFN Sez., Napoli & Dip. Energ. Univ. Roma)
Betatron Phase Advance Measurement in LEP betatron, commissioning, injection, optics 1485
  • A. M. Fauchet, J.P. Koutchouk (CERN)
Spin Matching Conditions in Large Electron Storage Rings with Purely Horizontal Beam Polarization photon, polarization, synchrotron, wiggler 1503
  • R. Rossmanith (CEBAF)
Effects and Tolerances of Injection Jitter in the SLC and Future Linear Colliders emittance, injection, ion, linac 1506
  • T. Limberg, J. T. Seeman, W. L. Spence (SLAC)
Head-Tail Damping Measurements at SRC injection, ion, radiation 1518
  • I. Hsu, W. Trzeciak (SRC, Madison)
Beam Loss Due to Multiple Scattering with Residual Gases in a Slow Accelerating Electron Synchrotron electron, injection, photon, scattering 1527
  • Y. Gomei, K. Nakayama, S. Sukenobu (TOSHIBA Corp., Kawasaki)
Phase Analysis of Resonant Effects with Synchrotron Radiation in Electron Accelerators electron, radiation, resonance, synchrotron 1545
  • V. P. Belov, A. A. Makarov, V. Z. Nicogosian, K. A. Sadoian (D. V. Efremov SRIEA, Leningrad & YPI, Yerevan)
Damping of Coherent Synchrotron Oscillations Occuring at Injection of 7.5 GeV Protons into PETRA II accelerator, injection, proton, synchrotron 1551
  • A. Gamp, J. Kibinski, A. Millhouse, M. Schweiger, H. J. Stuckenberg (DESY)
Beam Behaviour under a Deflecting Mode Synchronized with an Accelerating Mode in RF Cavities betatron, deflecting mode, emittance, synchrotron 1557
  • K. Miyata, M. Nishi (Hitachi Ltd.)
Multibunch Instability Investigation for the ELETTRA Cavities insertion, instability, radiation, synchrotron 1618
  • E. Karantzoulis, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Analytical and Numerical Study of the Dispersion Relation of the Interaction between a Hot Cylindrical Plasma and Electron Beams electron, field, ion, plasma 1639
  • A. Devia, P. Arango, O. E. Ospina, A. Salazar (Dep. de Fis. Univ. Nac. Manizales Caldas)
Coherent Beam-Beam Oscillations in Asymmetric Colliders coupling, instability, luminosity, radiation 1647
  • A. Aleksandrov, D. Pestrikov (INP, Novosibirsk)
Measurement of the Beam-Beam Effects as a Function of the Separation in LEP luminosity, positron, tune 1664
  • K. Cornelis, W. Kalbreier, M. Meddahi, V. Mertens, M. Placidi, H. Schmickler, R. Schmidt, G. von Holtey (CERN)
Measurements of Longitudinal Phase Space in the SLC Linac emittance, ion, linac, wakefield 1762
  • K. Bane, C. Adolphsen, T. L. Lavine, M. Ross, J. Seeman, K. Thompson (SLAC)