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MOY03 Surveying Software Technology for Accelerator Control Systems controls, storage-ring, electron, linac 16
  • T. Friedrich, M. Törngren
    KTH/MD, Stockholm
  Virtually all accelerator based research facilities nowadays use a mixture of software libraries, tools, protocols and development techniques to address the facilities’ various control system requirements efficiently. Many of these technologies are open-source and shared between laboratories to various extents. Motivated by the planning of MAX-lab’s new light source project, the MAX IV facility, we have conducted a state-of-the-art survey of these technologies, which will serve as a knowledge base for upcoming design decisions. This paper provides a summary of the topics and conclusions of our survey. In this scope the survey compares software technologies with respect to user features (scientific analysis and operation requirements), quality requirements (integration, performance, services, reliability, security, safety), and other issues. Control system design goals are beneficial long-term effects on feature opportunities, software development and maintenance costs.  
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TUP013 First Experiences with a Device Server Generator for Server Applications for PETRA III controls, linac 108
  • J. Wilgen
    DESY, Hamburg
  In recent control systems at DESY, a device server generator and framework is used for the production of device servers in the TINE/Java environment. The generator significantly simplifies development and provides a standardized architecture for device server programs. First experiences are reported.  
WEP014 Processing of Large Data Sets: Evolution, Opportunities and Challenges extraction 198
  • I. D. Valova
    ICSR, Sofia
  • M. Noirhomme-Fraiture
    FUNDP, Namur
  In the paper are analyzed the applied and theoretical results achieved, as well as some existing drawbacks in technologies for processing of large data sets-OLAP (On-line Analytic Processing), DM (Data Mining) and SDA (Symbolic Data Analysis). A comparative analysis is proposed on different types of data processing and are highlighted the pros and cons of each one of them. Here are discussed benefits and drawbacks at using of data aggregates and visualization of large data set. Some topics of interest are shown for the purposes of additional scientific study, being specifically oriented to software applications.  
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