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MOZ01 Infrastructure Monitoring System for the Advanced Photon Source Control System controls, monitoring, power-supply 19
  • D. E.R. Quock, N. D. Arnold, A. N. Johnson
    ANL, Argonne, Illinois
  An Infrastructure Monitoring System has been developed at Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source (APS) to provide immediate notification to the Controls Group on-call staff in the event of failure of critical controls hardware components or software processes. Approximately 6,000 critical controls components and processes have been identified, many of which can be readily monitored through EPICS records. Nagios , an open-source host, service, and network monitoring program, has been interfaced to EPICS Channel Access monitoring tools to provide historical tracking of controls infrastructure events, email, and pager notifications to on-call staff, and Internet-accessible status displays. Two methods have been evaluated for checking EPICS alarm status data: a modified version of Mauro Giacchini’s NAL plug-in for Nagios, and a Perl script using the Channel Access Perl library recently developed by Andrew Johnson. A Personal Device Assistant-viewable Web page is also generated independently of Nagios that provides customized links to the controls database IRMIS . Performance studies have validated the reliability of Nagios and the Perl Channel Access software.

* www.nagios.org
** www.lnl.infn.it/~epics/NAL.html
*** www.aps.anl.gov/epics/irmis

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MOW01 STARS .NET Interface for Windows CE controls, factory, positron 31
  • T. Kosuge
    KEK, Ibaraki
  STARS(Simple Transmission and Retrieval System) is a message transferring software for small scale control systems with TCP/IP sockets and it is installed various control system (Beamline control system, Access control system of experimental hall, Key handling system etc.) at the Photon Factory. This time, we developed STARS .NET interface library for Windows CE with remodeling original STARS .NET interface. Development of STARS GUI client or I/O client becomes very easy with the library. Recently, we tested the library on HP iPAQ 112 with simple GUI program (written in C#) and got satisfactory result. We will describe detail of STARS .NET interface for Windows CE and examples of application.  
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TUP024 Diverse Uses of Python at Diamond simulation, controls, background 137
  • I. J. Gillingham, M. G. Abbott, T. M. Cobb, M. T. Heron
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  Diamond Control Systems Group has used Python for a range of control system applications. These include scripts to support use of the application build environment, client GUIs and integrated with EPICS as EPICS Channel Access servers and concentrators. This paper will present these applications and summarise our experience.  
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THX02 Photon Beamline Control System as a Product controls, synchrotron, site 221
  • M. Kobal, P. Medvešček, G. Pajor, R. Šabjan, I. Verstovšek
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  Every beamline is different, which makes it impossible to buy a control system of the shelf. Nevertheless well tested and customizable building blocks can be prepared, which are then put together according to customer requirements. Delivering a fully operational control system is not just software development, but also gathering specifications, writing documentation, testing the hardware and trimming the software on site. Based on the delivery of a number of working beamlines, this paper will prove that we have optimized all stages and can guarantee that the purchased control system will be delivered on time, will work according to specifications and will be properly documented. The customers can also count on support.  
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