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MOW01 STARS .NET Interface for Windows CE controls, photon, positron 31
  • T. Kosuge
    KEK, Ibaraki
  STARS(Simple Transmission and Retrieval System) is a message transferring software for small scale control systems with TCP/IP sockets and it is installed various control system (Beamline control system, Access control system of experimental hall, Key handling system etc.) at the Photon Factory. This time, we developed STARS .NET interface library for Windows CE with remodeling original STARS .NET interface. Development of STARS GUI client or I/O client becomes very easy with the library. Recently, we tested the library on HP iPAQ 112 with simple GUI program (written in C#) and got satisfactory result. We will describe detail of STARS .NET interface for Windows CE and examples of application.  
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TUP017 Access Control in the Renovated GSI Control System: A Combined Name- and Rights-Server controls 119
  • U. Krause, K. Höppner, S. Matthies
    GSI, Darmstadt
  The GSI control system implements an access control mechanism: Modifying of device settings is possible only when access rights are granted to the user. Originally integrated in the client side of the proprietary network layers, replacement of this middleware by the newly developed CORBA based communication required a new acess control implementation. Authorization is coded in device-specific patterns: A command is executed on the front-end server only when the correct pattern is provided. These patterns are handled by a central rights server, which is combined with the anyway needed CORBA naming resolution service. Being a lightweight approach, it should provide sufficient protection against undisciplined users which otherwise may severely disturb facility's operation.