Beam Sensing and Handling Devices and Systems, Including Extraction

Title Page
Transport Systems for High Intensity Beams 846
  • R. E. Taylor
The Cambridge Electron Accelerator Beam Position Monitors 856
  • L. Law, L. Holcomb
Position Monitoring Electronics for the Stanford Linear Accelerator 862
  • R.S. Larsen, H. A. Woods
Water Cooled Beam Dumps and Collimators for the Stanford Linear Accelerator 867
  • D. Walz, E.L. Garwin, J. Jurow
The Brookhaven-Columbia Plasma Lens 872
  • E.B. Forsyth, L. M. Lederman, J. Sunderland
Experimental Area Beams from the ANL 12.5 BeV Proton Synchrotron 877
  • L. Ratner, A. V. Crewe, R. George, L.C. Teng
Engineering Design of the AGS Fast Beam Extraction System 882
  • E.B. Forsyth, C. Lasky
Extracted and Secondary Beam Targetry 887
  • D.F. Marcks, R.B. Wehrle
A High Intensity, High Energy Muon Beam at the Brookhaven AGS 895
  • D. Birnbaum, J. Tinlot, T. Yamanouchi
Beam Bump Method of Target Engagement 899
  • R.J. Averill
The Secondary Emission Monitor as a Linear Accelerator Electron Beam Dose Monitor 905
  • C. J. Karzmark
The Design of High-Intensity Muon Channels for a Meson Facility 906
  • H.S. Butler
Design of a Transport System for High Intensity Beams 912
  • A. Passner, R. C. Catura, R. Powers
The NRL Cyclotron Ion Optics System 917
  • P. Shapiro, J. M. Frame, R.B. Theus
Velocity Spectrometers Used in Bevatron Deflected-Beam-Research 922
  • G. Edwards, R. D. Watt
Electrostatic Induction Electrode Systems for Beam-Position Detection 925
  • A. J. Sherwood
The Magnetic Shielding System for the Stanford Two-Mile Accelerator 929
  • W.B. Herrmannsfeldt
The External Electron Beam Facility at the Cambridge Electron Accelerator 931
  • J.M. Paterson
Secondary Emission from Thin Metal Foils Bombarded with 70 - MeV Electrons 935
  • S. A. Blankenburg, J.K. Cobb, J. J. Muray
Production of Stopped Pions and Muons from a Multi-BeV Proton Synchrotron 943
  • V. W. Hughes, R. D. Edge
Removal of the RF Microstructure from the Proton Linear Accelerator Beam 949
  • R. D. Edge, V. W. Hughes, J. Sandweiss
Current Strip for Extraction of the CEA External Electron Beam 954
  • P. H. Burr
Beam Switchyard Instrumentation for the Stanford Two-Mile Accelerator 957
  • D. A. G. Neet
The External Proton Beam for the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator 962
  • J. W. Benoit, K. B. Conner, J. Kirchgessner, F.C. Shoemaker
The RF Traveling Wave Particle Deflector 965
  • W.J. Gallagher
Manipulation of the ZGS Beam for Targeting 969
  • J.H. Martin, J. A. Dinkel, L. A. Klaisner, H. Varga
Excitation of Radial Oscillations in the Beam of the Synchrocyclotron by the Peripheral Cee 973
  • E. Nordberg
Beam Pulse Selector for a Sector Focused Cyclotron 977
  • A. Svanheden, H.A. Howe, M. Reiser
Beam Scanner for the Oxford Electrostatic Tandem Accelerator 980
  • J. Takacs