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Keyword: target

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOAL003 Status of the Spallation Neutron Source accelerator, secondary-beams, spallation 11
  • N. Holtkamp (ORNL)
MPPB090 Effective Source of Sharp Focused Electromagnetic Radiation of Electrons with Moderate Relativistic Energy accelerator, electron, radiation, x-ray 1010
  • V. Grishin, S. Likhachev (Scobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow Lomonosov State University)
TPAG009 Autopsy Results of Failed Lithium Collection Lenses at the FNAL Antiproton Source focusing 1440
  • P. Hurh, A. Leveling (FNAL)
TPAG010 The Design of a Diffusion Bonded High Gradient Collection Lens for the FNAL Antiproton Source focusing 1443
  • P. Hurh, J. Morgan, R. Schultz (FNAL)
TPAG011 Beamline Design for Particle Production Experiment, E907, at FNAL beamline 1446
  • C. Johnstone, C. Brown, D. Carey, M. Kostin, R. Raja (FNAL), E. Hartouni (LLNL)
TPAG013 Li Material Testing- Fermilab Antiproton Source Lithium Collection Lens antiproton, focusing 1452
  • S. Tariq, K. Ammigan, P. Hurh, R. Schultz (FNAL), P. Liu, J. Shang (University of Illinois)
TPPE012 Exploration of Beam Fault Scenarios for the Spallation Neutron Source Target failure detection, operational-performance, spallation 1572
  • S. Henderson, S. Cousineau, V. Danilov, J. Holmes, T. McManamy (ORNL), A. Fedotov, Y.-Y. Lee, D. Raparia, J. Wei (BNL)
TPPE033 Target for Production of X-Rays accelerator, electron, industrial-accelerators, x-ray 1614
  • S. Korenev (STERIS Corporation)
TPPB002 Super-Invar as a Target for Pulsed High-Intensity Proton Beams proton 1628
  • H. Kirk, H. Ludewig, L. Mausner, N. Simos, P. Thieberger, R.J. Weggel (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University)
TPPB003 A High-Field Pulsed Solenoid Magnet for Liquid Metal Target Studies magnet-design 1631
  • H. Kirk, M. Iarocci, J. Scaduto, R.J. Weggel (BNL), G. Mulholland (Applied Cryogenics Technology), P. Titus (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University)
TPPB004 Moving Solid Metallic Targets for Pion Production in the Muon Collider / Neutrino Factory Project neutrino, proton 1634
  • P. Thieberger, H. Kirk, R.J. Weggel (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University)
TPPB044 Concept Design of the Target/Horn System for the BNL Neutrino Oscillation Experiment neutrino 1709
  • N. Simos, A. Carroll, M. Diwan, S.A. Kahn, H. Kirk, H. Ludewig, D. Raparia, W.T. Weng (BNL), K.T. McDonald (Princeton University), G. Evangelakis (University of Ioannina)
WOAA007 R&D Toward Neutrino Factories and Muon Colliders beam-cooling, ionization cooling, muon, neutrino 361
  • M. Zisman (LBNL)
WOAD003 High Power Targets for ISOL Radioactive Ion Beam Facility radioactive beams 439
  • P. Bricault, M. Dombsky, P. Schmor (TRIUMF), A. Dowling (University of Victoria)
ROAC009 Electron Beam/Converter Target Interactions in Radiographic Accelerators ion-effects, plasma, radiography 563
  • J. McCarrick, G. Caporaso, F. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, S. Falabella, F. Goldin, G. Guethlein, D. Ho, R. Richardson, J. Weir (LLNL)
RPAB027 Form-Factor for a Target Used for Positron Generation with Undulator Radiation Conversion polarized beams, positron 2781
  • A. Mikhailichenko (Cornell University)
RPAB055 RIA Fragmentation Line Beam Dump accelerator, shock hydrodynamics, thermal 2847
  • W. Stein (LLNL)
ROPB011 Comprehensive Electro-Magnetic, Thermal, and Structural Finite Element Analysis of the Lithium Collection Lens at the FNAL Antiproton Source focusing 641
  • P. Hurh, J. Morgan, S. Tariq (FNAL)
FPAB003 A Simulation Study of the JLC Positron Source positron 3288
  • T. Kamitani, Y. Ohnishi (KEK), S. Kashiwagi (Waseda University)