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Classification: Beam Cooling

Paper Title Page
WPAE012 To the Radiation of Particles in a Solenoid 1963
  • A. Mikhailichenko (Cornell University), E. Bessonov (Moscow FIAN)
WPAE026 Measurements of Beam Driven Hydrodynamic Turbulence 1999
  • J. Norem (ANL), E. Black (Illinois Institute of Technology), L. Bandura, M.A.C. Cummings (Northern Illinois University), D. Errede (University of Illinois)
WPAE027 Muon Cooling in the RFOFO Ring Cooler 2002
  • R.C. Fernow, J.S. Berg, J.C. Gallardo, R.B. Palmer (BNL)
WPAE028 Layout and Optics for the RHIC Electron Cooler 2005
  • J. Kewisch, I. Ben-Zvi, X. Chang, C. Montag, D. Wang (BNL)
WPAE029 Muon Storage Rings for 6D Phase-Space Cooling 2008
  • H. Kirk (BNL), D. Cline, Y. Fukui, A.A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAE030 Effect of Solenoid Field Errors on Electron Beam Temperatures in the RHIC Electron Cooler 2011
  • C. Montag, J. Kewisch (BNL)
WPAE032 Lithium Lenses Based Muon Cooling Channel 2014
  • V. Balbekov (FNAL)
WPAE033 Investigation and Simulation of Muon Cooling Rings with Tilted Solenoids 2017
  • V. Balbekov (FNAL)
WPAE036 Commissioning of the Fermilab Electron Cooler Prototype Beam Line 2020
  • S. Nagaitsev, A. Burov, K. Carlson, B. Kramper, T. Kroc, J. Leibfritz, M. McGee, G. Saewert, C.W. Schmidt, A. Shemyakin, A. Warner (FNAL), V. Tupikov (BINP), S. Seletsky (University of Rochester)
WPAE037 Analysis of a Grid Window Structure for RF Cavities in a Muon Cooling Channel 2023
  • A. Ladran, D. Li, J. Staples, S. Virostek, M. Zisman (LBNL), A. Moretti (FNAL), R.A. Rimmer (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
WPAE040 Longitudinal Cooling of a Strongly Magnetized Electron Plasma 2026
  • Jinhyung Lee, J.R. Cary (University of Colorado at Boulder)