EPAC1992 Keywords
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Keyword: damping

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Transverse Feedback and LEP Performance feedback, kicker, pick-up, tune 66
  • L. Arnaudon, S. Myers, R. Olsen, E. Peschardt (CERN)
Review of Compact Synchrotron Light Sources electron, field, injection, x-ray 93
  • E. Weihreter (BESSY, Berlin)
Multi-bunch Instabilities: Observations, Cures electron, feedback, impedance, synchrotron 269
  • R. D. Kohaupt (DESY)
Comparison of Theory and Experiment on Beam Impedances: The Case of LEP electron, feedback, impedance, tune 273
  • B. Zotter (CERN)
Higher Order Mode Suppression in Accelerating Structures coupling, ferrite, field, impedance 307
  • E. Haebel (CERN)
Measured Emittance versus Store Time in the SLC Damping Ring emittance, linac, synchrotron, tune 342
  • F. J. Decker, P. Emma, P. Krejcik, T. Limberg, M. Minty, H. Moshammer, T. Raubenheimer, M. Ross, J. T. Seeman, R. Siemann, W. Spence, J. Spencer, M. Woodley (SLAC)
Experimental Observations of Instabilities in the Frequency Domain at LEP feedback, instability, lattice, synchrotron 345
  • D. Brandt, K. Cornelis, A. Hofmann (CERN)
PEP-II Asymmetric B. Factory: R & D Results background, collider, feedback, vacuum 459
  • J. Dorfan, A. Hutton (SLAC), M. S. Zisman (LBNL), W. A. Barletta (LLNL)
Recent Improvements in the SLC Positron System Performance diagnostics, electron, linac, positron 527
  • P. Krejcik, J. Corbett, S. Ecklund, P. Emma, T. Fieguth, R. Helm, A. Kulikov, T. Limberg, H. Moshammer, M. Ross, R. Siemann, W. Spence, M. Woodley (SLAC)
A Possible Design of the NLC e+ Source electron, linac, positron, target 530
  • H. Braun (PSI), R. Pitthan (CERN), J. Clendenin, S. Ecklund, A. Kulikov (SLAC)
Calculations of Emittance and Damping Time Effects in the SLC Damping Rings betatron, emittance, field, tune 682
  • T. Limberg, H. Moshammer, T. Raubenheimer, R. Siemann, J. Spencer (SLAC)
Transverse Wakefields at High Dispersion emittance, linac, quadrupole, wakefield 759
  • F. -J. Decker (SLAC)
Study of Injection Transient in Coupled Cell Linac Cavities accelerator, field, injection, linac 774
  • Yu. V. Senichev (INR, Moscow)
Transverse Impedance of BESSY impedance, resonance, synchrotron, tune 795
  • P. Kuske (BESSY GmbH)
Impedance and Beam Dynamics in DANE coupling, impedance, instability, kicker 804
  • S. Bartalucci, L. Palumbo, M. Serio, B. Spataro, G. Vignola, M. Zobov (INFN-LNF, Frascati), G. Di Massa, R. Fedele, M. R. Masullo, V. G. Vaccaro (INFN Sezione di Napoli)
DANE Longitudinal Feedback feedback, impedance, kicker, synchrotron 807
  • M. Bassetti, O. Coiro, A. Ghigo, M. Serio (INFN - Lab. Naz. di Frascati, Roma), M. Migliorati, L. Palumbo (Dip. di Energetica Universitá di Roma)
Straightline Cooling System for Obtaining Beams of Electrons and Positrons with Minimal Emittance collider, emittance, field, wiggler 848
  • N. S. Dikansky, G. I. Budker, A. A. Mikhailichenko (INP, Novosibirsk)
Superconducting Cavities Calculations for a B-Factory field, impedance, resonance, vacuum 877
  • O. Henry, A. Mosnier (CEN Saclay)
Numerical Evaluation of Beam Coupling Impedances in Heavily Damped Accelerating Cavities coupling, field, impedance, waveguide 907
  • P. Arcioni (Dept. of Electronics, Univ. of Pavia, Italy), K. Ko, R. P. Pendleton (SLAC)
Study on a Longitudinal Damper System accelerator, betatron, injection, kicker 1061
  • J. Xu (BNL)
Down Sampled Signal Processing for a B Factory Bunch-by-Bunch Feedback System equilibrium, factory, feedback, kicker 1067
  • H. Hindi, D. Briggs, J. Fox, W. Hosseini, A. Hutton (SLAC)
Amplification and Damping of Synchrotron Oscillations via a Parametric Process accelerator, feedback, injection, synchrotron 1079
  • J. D. Fox, P. Corredoura (SLAC)
A Wide Band Electronic Phase Shifter for the Phase Control of the Second Harmonic Acceleration Voltage in the CERN Booster Synchrotron acceleration, antiproton, booster, synchrotron 1223
  • G. C. Schneider (CERN)
High Power Testing of the Prototype Accelerating Cavity (352 MHz) for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) impedance, photon, positron, vacuum 1254
  • J. Bridges, Y. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom, K. Primdahl (ANL)
Design Criteria and Measurements of Prototype of the DANE Accumulator Cavity coupling, field, spectrum, thermal 1260
  • S. Bartalucci, R. Boni, A. Gallo, H. Hsieh, G. Raffone, B. Spataro (INFN - Lab. Naz. di Frascati, Roma)
DANE Accelerating Cavity: R&D accelerator, impedance, simulation, waveguide 1263
  • S. Bartalucci, R. Boni, A. Gallo, M. Serio, B. Spataro, G. Vignola (INFN - Lab. Naz. di Frascati, Roma), L. Palumbo (Dip. di Energetica Universitá di Roma 'La Sapienza'), R. Parodi (INFN, Genova)
Higher Order Mode Damping Studies on the PEP-II B-Factory RF Cavity accelerator, feedback, impedance, waveguide 1289
  • R. Rimmer, D. Goldberg, G. Lambertson, F. Voelker (LBNL), F. P. Adams, M. S. de Jong (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario), K. Ko, N. Kroll, R. Pendleton, H. Schwarz (SLAC)
Study of High Order Modes for the LNLS RF Cavity coupling, field, impedance, synchrotron 1298
  • D. Wisnivesky, R. H. A. Farias, M. A. Remy, Y. X. Zhao (LNLS Brazil)
Further Developments of the Broad Band H. O. M. Suppressor at Trieste coupling, field, spectrum, waveguide 1301
  • A Massarotti (Sincrotrone Trieste and Dip. di Fisica Univ. di Trieste), G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Determination of Field Strength and Quality Factor of Heavily HOM Damped Accelerator Cavities accelerator, coupling, dielectric, field 1307
  • P. Hülsmann, H.-W. Glock, H. Klein, M. Kurz (Institut für Angewandte Physik de JWG-Universität Frankfurt)
A High Voltage Resonant Converter for Pulsed Magnets cw, impedance, kicker, resonance 1429
  • F. S. Rafael, J. Apfelbaum, A. C. Lira, J. A. Pomilio (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Sincrotron, Brazil)
Half-Integer Fast Resonant Extraction with Quasi Rectangular Spill extraction, quadrupole, target, tune 1501
  • M. Gyr, E. B. Vossenberg (CERN)