EPAC1990 Keywords
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Keyword: insertion

Title Other Keywords Page
Status of the ESRF field, quadrupole, synchrotron, vacuum 65
  • G. Mülhaupt (ESRF)
The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider RHIC at Brookhaven accelerator, collider, field, ion 70
  • S. Ozaki (BNL)
Status of the Synchrotron Light Source ELETTRA feedback, kicker, radiation, vacuum 478
  • M. Puglisi (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Status of the Magnetic Design of the Insertion Devices for ELETTRA field, multipole, radiation, undulator 1359
  • B. Diviacco, R.P. Walker (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Mechanical Design of the ELETTRA Insertion Devices and Vacuum Chamber alignment, thermal, undulator, vacuum 1362
  • C. Poloni, R.P. Walker (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Magnetic Measurement Systems for the ELETTRA Insertion Devices field, magnetic measurements, radiation, synchrotron 1365
  • D. Zangrando, R.P. Walker (Sincrotrone Trieste)
A Study of a TBA Lattice for the Pohang Light Source ion, lattice, light source, wiggler 1399
  • K. Nam, J. Choi (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Layout of the BESSY II Lattice acceptance, lattice, sextupole, tune 1420
  • B. Kuske, G. Isoyama, H. Lehr, G. Wüstefeld (BESSY)
Effects of Helical Undulators on Beam Dynamics equilibrium, field, tune, undulator 1423
  • L. Tosi, R. Nagaoka (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Studies on Linear and Dynamics Apertures in the LHC field, injection, multipole, tune 1435
  • F. Galluccio, W. Scandale, L. Wang (CERN)
New Insertion Optics for the SPS P-PBAR Collider collider, lattice, luminosity, optics 1458
  • P. E. Faugeras (CERN)
The Decapole Correction Scheme for RHIC emittance, ion, lattice, tune 1467
  • J. Claus, G. F. Dell, H. Hahn, G. Parzen, M.J. Rhoades-Brown, A.G. Ruggiero (BNL)
LEP Optical Configurations for Injection, Acceleration and Physics acceleration, field, injection, optics 1482
  • G. Guignard, J.P. Koutchouk, Y. Marti, F. Ruggiero, A. Verdier (CERN)
Investigation on Compact Spin Rotators at LEP emittance, field, optics, polarization 1500
  • G. Guignard, J.P. Gourber (CERN)
Multibunch Instability Investigation for the ELETTRA Cavities damping, instability, radiation, synchrotron 1618
  • E. Karantzoulis, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)