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Andre, C. A.

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WEP006 BeamView - A Data Acquisition System for Optical Beam Instrumentation 180
  • R. Haseitl, C. A. Andre, F. Becker, P. Forck
    GSI, Darmstadt
  At the GSI accelerator facility, several optical beam instrumentation devices for transversal profile measurement are installed. Their readout is done with FireWire CCD cameras attached to a small embedded device, specialized for image processing tasks (National Instruments Compact Vision System 1456). Here a LabView application preprocesses the images based on user requests. The resulting data (e.g. projections, histograms, compressed or original images) is sent over ethernet to a Windows or Linux PC, reaching frame rates above 30fps at VGA resolution. Using C++ with Qt libraries for networking and GUI purposes, platform independence without source code modification is achieved. In this paper we present the system components and software design to control CCD cameras and various other devices with an easy-to-use graphical user interface for machine operators.  
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