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Keyword: algorithms

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPB059 A Numerical Model of Electron Beam Shot Noise free-electron-laser 950
  • B.W.J. McNeil, G.R.M. Robb (University of Strathclyde), M.W. Poole (Daresbury Laboratory)
TOPB002 Multipacting Simulations for Superconducting Cavities and RF Coupler Waveguides RF coupler, multipacting, rf breakdown, rf cavities 264
  • R.L. Geng (Cornell University)
TOPB003 CASCADE - An Advanced Computational Tool for Waveguide Component and Window Design microwave therapy, rf-structure, simulation, software 269
  • L. Ives, J. Neilson, W. Vogler (Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.)
TOPB006 Simulation Using Initial 4D Beam Particle Distributions Synthesized from Experimental Data diagnostics, heavy-ion, simulation 275
  • A. Friedman, D.P. Grote (LLNL), F.M. Bieniosek, C.M. Celata, L.R. Prost, P.A. Seidl (LBNL)
TOPB011 Measuring and Matching Transport Optics at Jefferson Lab beam-transport, emittance, optical-matching 294
  • Y. Chao (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPPE008 Applying Virtual Prototyping to the Innovative Design of Low Energy Accelerators accelerator-theory, cyclotron 1560
  • M. Fan, D. Chen, Shiqui Li, Y. Xiong, T. Yu (HuaZhong University of Science and Technology)
WPAB011 Emittance Growth Study Using 3DE Code for the ERL Injector Cavities with Various Coupler Configurations RF coupler, acceleration, emittance, energy-recovery 2056
  • Z. Greenwald, D.L. Rubin (Cornell University)
WPAB078 Linear Coupling Correction with N-Turn Maps coupling 2222
  • W. Fischer (BNL)
WPPE015 Application Programming Structure and Physics Applications Matlab, accelerator, software 2360
  • C. Chu, J. Galambos, W.-D. Klotz, T.A. Pelaia, A. Shishlo (ORNL), D. Ottavio (BNL), C.K. Allen, C.A. McChesney, N. Pattengale (LANL)
WPPG033 A Modified QuadScan Technique for Emittance Measurement of Space Charge Dominated Beams photoinjector, simulation, space-charge 2667
  • C.G. Limborg, S. Gierman (SLAC), J.G. Power (ANL)
RPAG014 Beam-Based BPM Alignment alignment, beam position monitor 2919
  • R. Talman, N. Malitsky (BNL)
RPPG018 Coupling Correction and Beam Dynamics at Ultralow Vertical Emittance in the ALS coupling, diagnostics, emittance, intra-beam scattering 3213
  • C. Steier, D. Robin, A. Wolski (LBNL), G. Portmann, J. Safranek (SLAC)
FPAB059 Parallel Computation of Beam-Beam Interactions Including Longitudinal Motion beam-beam-effects, parallel computing, simulation 3404
  • F.W. Jones (TRIUMF), W. Herr (CERN)
FPAG002 Application of Model-Independent Analysis Using the SDDS Toolkit   3464
  • L. Emery (ANL)
FPAG033 A Modular On-line Simulator for Model Reference Control of Charged Particle Beams controls, object oriented, simulation, software 3527
  • C.K. Allen, C.A. McChesney (LANL), C. Chu, J. Galambos, T.A. Pelaia, A. Shishlo (ORNL), W.-D. Klotz (ORNL and ESRF), N.D. Pattengale (Sandia National Laboratories)
FPAG036 On-Line Model of the SNS Medium Energy Beam Transport Line beam-transport, commissioning, simulation 3536
  • A. Aleksandrov (ORNL), V. Alexandrov (Branch of INP, Protvino)
FPAG051 Periodic Boundary Conditions in the Parallel Eigensolver OM3P: Application of the Inexact Lanczos Process to Hermitian Systems finite element, simulation, software 3554
  • J.F. DeFord, B. Held (Simulation Technology & Applied Research, Inc.)
FPAG054 Development of 3D Finite-Element Charged-Particle Code with Adaptive Meshing electron gun, optics, simulation 3560
  • L. Ives, T. Bui, W. Vogler (Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.), D. Datta, M. Shephard (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)