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Keyword: quadrupole

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPE002 RHIC Power Supplies: Lessons Learned From the 1999 - 2001 RHIC Runs Siberian snake, power-supply, quench, sextupole 743
  • D. Bruno, W. Eng, G. Ganetis, R.F. Lambiase, W. Louie, J. Sandberg, C. Schultheiss (BNL)
MPPE014 Increasing Output Current Stability of Power Supply with Component Replacement power-supply 767
  • Kuo-Bin Liu, Y.-C. Chien, C.-S. Fann (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
TPAB016 Design of 20MeV DTL for PEFP accelerator, drift tube linac (DTL), klystron, proton 1219
  • Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, J.H. Jang, H.J. Kwon, M.Y. Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPPB027 Beam Optics Design on a New Injection Scheme for the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) emittance, injection, space-charge 1676
  • H. Li, S. Bernal, T. Godlove, R.A. Kishek, P.G. O'Shea, M. Reiser, M. Walter (University of Maryland)
WOAC006 Beam Transport Experiments over Half-Turn at the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) beam-transport, electron, emittance, space-charge 426
  • S. Bernal, B. Beaudoin, Y. Cui, D. Feldman, R. Feldman, M. Glanzer, T. Godlove, I. Haber, J. Harris, M. Holloway, Y. Huo, R.A. Kishek, D. Lamb, W.-T. Lee, H. Li, P.G. O'Shea, B. Quinn, M. Reiser, A. Valfells, M. Walter, M. Wilson, R. Yun, Y. Zou (University of Maryland)
WPAE007 Performance of the First LHC Main Quadrupoles Made in Industry magnetic measurements, quench, superconducting magnet 1948
  • T. Tortschanoff, K.-M. Schirm, W. Venturini-Delsolaro (CERN), R. Burgmer, H.-U. Klein, D. Krischel, B. Schellong, P. Schmidt, T. Stephani (ACCEL Instruments GmbH), M. Durante, M. Peyrot, J.-M. Rifflet, F. Simon (CE Saclay)
WPAE014 Conceptual Design of Large-Bore Superconducting Quadrupoles with Active Magnetic Shielding for the AHF magnet-design, superconducting magnet 1966
  • V.S. Kashikhin, G. Ambrosio, N. Andreev, S. Bhashyam, V.V. Kashikhin, T. Peterson, J. Tompkins, A.V. Zlobin (FNAL), A. Jason, J.P. Kelley, P. Walstrom (LANL)
WPAE018 Aperture Limitations for 2nd Generation Nb3Sn LHC IR Quadrupoles interaction-region, luminosity, magnet-design, superconducting magnet 1975
  • A.V. Zlobin, V.V. Kashikhin, J.B. Strait (FNAL)
WPAE019 Status of LHC Low-Beta Quadrupole Magnets, MQXA, at KEK interaction-region, superconducting magnet 1978
  • N. Ohuchi, Y. Ajima, N. Higashi, M. Iida, N. Kimura, T. Nakamoto, T. Ogitsu, H. Ohhata, T. Shintomi, S. Sugawara, K. Sugita, K. Tanaka, A. Terashima, K. Tsuchiya, A. Yamamoto (KEK), T. Fujii, E. Hashiguchi, T. Kanahara, S. Murai, W. Odajima, T. Orikasa (Toshiba Corporation)
WPAE021 Field Quality Analysis of a Second Generation IR Quadrupole for the LHC interaction-region, magnet-design, superconducting magnet 1984
  • P. Ferracin, S. Caspi, L. Chiesa, D.R. Dietderich, S.A. Gourlay, R.R. Hafalia, A.F. Lietzke, A.D. McInturff, G. Sabbi, R.M. Scanlan (LBNL)
WPAE023 Superconducting Focusing Quadrupoles for Heavy Ion Fusion Experiments cryomodule, heavy-ion, superconducting magnet 1990
  • G. Sabbi, A. Faltens, M.A. Leitner, A.F. Lietzke, P.A. Seidl (LBNL), R.B. Meinke (Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc.), J.J. Barnard, S.M. Lund, N. Martovetsky (LLNL), C. Gung, J. Minervini, A. Radovinsky, J. Schultz (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center)
WPAB062 Cost Based Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for Systems of Accelerator Magnets accelerator, magnet-design, operational-performance 2177
  • C.M. Spencer (SLAC), S.J. Rhee (Stanford University)
WPAB068 Canadian Light Source Magnets kicker, orbit-control, septum, sextupole 2195
  • L. Dallin, D. Lowe, J. Swirsky (Canadian Light Source)
WPAB069 Permanent Magnet Quadrupole for Final Focus for Linear Collider focusing, linear-collider, nanometer, permanent-magnet 2198
  • Y. Iwashita, T. Mihara (Kyoto University), E. Antokhin (BINP), M. Kumada (National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS)), M. Aoki (Sumitomo Special Metal Co.,Ltd.)
WPPG017 Magnetic Lattice for the HIF Neutralized Transport Experiment (NTX) heavy-ion, pulsed-power, space-charge 2628
  • D. Shuman, S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, P.K. Roy, W. Waldron, S.S. Yu (LBNL), T. Houck (LLNL)
WPPG025 Beam Halo Formation and Loss Induced by Image-Charge Effects in a Small-Aperture Alternating-Gradient Focusing System halo, heavy-ion, space-charge 2646
  • J. Zhou, C. Chen, B.L. Qian (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center), S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
RPPG030 First Experimental Test of Emittance Measurement Using the Quadrupole-Mode Transfer Function emittance 3240
  • M.H. Wang (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center), S.Y. Lee, Y. Sato (Indiana University)