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Keyword: linear-dynamics

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TOPA009 Single-Particle Beam Dynamics in BOOMERANG light source, non-linear-dynamics 244
  • A. Jackson (Australian Synchrotron Project), H. Nishimura (LBNL)
WPAB074 Linear Model for Non-Isosceles Absorbers coupling, ionization cooling, muon 2210
  • J.S. Berg (BNL)
WPAB075 Linear Design of Combined-Function Ionization Cooling Lattices chromatic-effects, ionization cooling, lattice 2213
  • J.S. Berg, H. Kirk (BNL), A.A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAB076 Design of FFAGs Based on a FODO Lattice acceleration, chromatic-effects, dynamic-aperture, lattice 2216
  • J.S. Berg (BNL), C. Johnstone (FNAL)
RPAG051 New Regions of Stability for Periodically Focused Particle Beams beam-transport, focusing, space-charge 2990
  • R. Pakter, J.S. Moraes, F.B. Rizzato (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)