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Keyword: halo

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOPA007 Designing and Building a Collimation System for the High-Intensity LHC Beam collider, collimation, quench 45
  • R. Assmann, O. Aberle, M. Brugger, L. Bruno, H. Burkhardt, E. Chiaveri, B. Dehning, A. Ferrari, B. Goddard, J.-B. Jeanneret, V. Kain, M. Lamont, F. Ruggiero, R. Schmidt, P. Sievers, J. Uythoven, V. Vlachoudis, L. Vos, J. Wenninger (CERN), I. Baishev (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino), D. Kaltchev (TRIUMF)
TOAA009 Nonlinear Resonance Benchmarking Experiment at the CERN Proton Synchrotron beam-losses, resonance, space-charge 129
  • I. Hofmann, G. Franchetti (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH), M. Giovannozzi, E. Métral, M. Martini (CERN)
TPPB056 Beam Loss and Backgrounds in the CDF and D0 Detectors due to Nuclear Elastic Beam-Gas Scattering accelerator, background, beam-losses, collimation 1733
  • A. Drozhdin, V.A. Lebedev, N.V. Mokhov, L.Y. Nicolas, S.I. Striganov, A.V. Tollestrup (FNAL)
WOAB002 Resonances and Beam Loss in High Intensity Rings accelerator-theory, resonance, space-charge, transverse-dynamics 383
  • A. Fedotov (BNL)
WPPB049 Halo Measurements of the Extracted Beam at the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring beam profile monitor, instrumentation 2521
  • T. Zaugg, M. Borden, A. Browman, D. Fitzgerald, R.J. Macek, R. McCrady, T. Spickermann (LANL)
WPPB070 Large Dynamic Range Beam Profile Measurements beam profile monitor, diagnostics 2565
  • A. Freyberger (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
WPPG011 Challenge of Benchmarking Simulation Codes for the LANL Beam-Halo Experiment simulation, space-charge 2613
  • T.P. Wangler, R.W. Garnett, W.P. Lysenko (LANL), J. Qiang (LBNL)
WPPG025 Beam Halo Formation and Loss Induced by Image-Charge Effects in a Small-Aperture Alternating-Gradient Focusing System heavy-ion, quadrupole, space-charge 2646
  • J. Zhou, C. Chen, B.L. Qian (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center), S. Eylon, E. Henestroza, S.S. Yu (LBNL)
WPPG037 Large Diffuse Halos in Time-Dependent Space-Charge Potentials with Colored Noise collective-effects, emittance, non-linear-dynamics, space-charge 2676
  • C.L. Bohn (Northern Illinois University and Fermilab), I.V. Sideris (Northern Illinois University)
ROAB010 Self-Consistent, Unbiased Exclusion Methods of Emittance Analysis background, emittance, ion-source, variational method 527
  • M.P. Stockli, R.F. Welton (ORNL), R. Keller (LBNL)
RPAG004 Beam Diffusion Measurements at RHIC background, dynamic-aperture, intra-beam scattering, transverse-dynamics 2904
  • R. Fliller III, A. Drees, D. Gassner, G. McIntyre, S. Peggs, D. Trbojevic (BNL)
RPAG028 Jitter Control and Scraping in the 12-View AHF HEBT beam-transport 2948
  • B. Blind, A. Jason (LANL)
RPAG031 Space-Charge Driven Emittance Growth in a 3D Mismatched Anisotropic Beam emittance, space-charge 2954
  • J. Qiang, R.D. Ryne (LBNL), I. Hofmann (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH)