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WEB4CO04 100 kW Very Compact Pulsed Solid-State RF Amplifier. Development and Tests ion, controls, vacuum, power-supply 873
  • G.B. Sharkov, A.A. Krasnov, S.A. Polikhov
    NIITFA, Moscow, Russia
  • R. Cisneros, R.J. Patrick
    TMD Technologies, Middlesex, United Kingdom
  A high power solid-state RF amplifier system has been developed and tested. The modular scalable architecture of the system allows to build megawatt-range compact, robust, cost effective RF amplifiers/generators with high plug efficiency. Using a special designed technology of RF power on-board combination for several LDMOS transistors and very compact high power RF combiners, the amplifier with output power of 100 kW and duty cycle of 5% has been fit into a single 19" cabinet. The system has been tested at the output power up to 104 kW with 3.5 ms pulses. The overview of the technologies, the design of the machine, and its main subsystems is given in this talk. The test results and the market perspectives are also presented.  
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