Table of Sessions
MOAA Special Invited
MOAB Status Reports
MOPA Major Challenges
MOPB Software Technology
TOAA Special Invited/Status Reports
TOAB Status Reports
TOPA Data and Information Management
TPPA Software Technology
TPPB Integration of Industrial Systems/Status Reports
TOPB Control System Evolution
WOAA Special Invited/Integration of Industrial Systems
WOAB Operational Tools
WOPA Software Technology
WPPA Control System Evolution
WPPB Hardware Technology/Major Challenges
ROAA Special Invited/Process Tuning, Modeling, Automation, and Synchronization
ROAB Engineering Processes, Project Management Collaboration
ROPA Data and Information Management
RPPA Process Tuning, Modeling, Automation, & Synchronization/Data & Information Mgmt
RPPB Engineering Processes, Project Management Collaboration/Operational Tools
ROPB Operational Tools
FOAA Special Invited/Hardware Technology
FOAB Hardware Technology
FOPA Control System Evolution
FOPB Closing Remarks