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MOZ02 The Concept of EMBL Beamline Control at Petra III controls, synchrotron, feedback, vacuum 22
  • U. R. Ristau, M. DiCastro, S. Fiedler, A. Pazos
    EMBL, Hamburg
  • P. Duval
    DESY, Hamburg
  The EMBL is located at the DESY site in Hamburg and operates 7 beam lines at the DORIS III synchrotron. Currently the EMBL Hamburg constructs three new beam lines at the new PETRA III synchrotron. In the past the level of beam line automation is significantly increased. Control system tasks are changed to more data through put, faster reaction times and require more flexibility. The control electronic has to allow fast feedbacks and precise data synchronization. Sample changer offer higher speed and sample capacity. The transport of videos and the huge amount of experimental data via the control system requires networks with large bandwidth and high efficient control system transport protocols. The EMBL has chosen TINE as beam line control system. TINE features like the multi cast option and the efficient TINE transport protocol help to minimize the network load. The control electronic will be the real time PLC control EtherCat for motor control and data acquisition. Fast data acquisition will be performed with FPGA and PXI electronic. Presented will be the beam line control concept, the control electronic layout and the first finished applications.  
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