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Wu, H.

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MOX01 TINE Release 4 in Operation 1
  • P. Duval, P. K. Bartkiewicz, S. W. Herb, H. Wu
    DESY, Hamburg
  • S. Weisse
    DESY Zeuthen, Zeuthen
  The TINE* control system evolved in great part to meet the needs of controlling a large accelerator the size of HERA, where not only the size of the machine was a determining criterion, but also the seamless integration of different platforms and programming languages of the many applications developers. In keeping pace with new technologies and the new generation of accelerators such as PETRA3, FLASH, PITZ and associated pre-accelerators and beamlines, TINE has undergone a major “face-lift” in its most recent version, 4.0.1, where platforms such as Java and LabView are not only supported, but emphasized. In addition, TINE Release 4 integrates the video subsystem, the device layer, and central services to a much greater extent than its predecessor. We report here on many of the new features and how they are currently being used in operations.

* http://tine.desy.de

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WEZ01 The TINE Common Device Interface in Operation 154
  • P. Duval, H. Wu
    DESY, Hamburg
  • U. R. Ristau
    EMBL, Hamburg
  The Common Device Interface (CDI)* is the primary device layer used in the TINE** control system. It offers a generic, database-driven view of a server’s hardware, where a hardware address, irrespective of the underlying bus, simply appears as a named device, which is accessed via the TINE client API. To date, CDI-supported busses include several CAN implementations, RS232, TwinCat***, Libera****, Siemens PLC, as well as the DESY in-house bus SEDAC. In this paper, we report on the latest features of CDI and more importantly on the first experiences of using CDI in operations, primarily in the PETRA3 pre-accelerator chain and in DC, Servo, and stepper motor control at the EMBL beamlines.

* Duval and Wu, “Using the Common Device Interface in TINE”, Proceedings PCaPAC 2006.
** http://tine.desy.de
*** http://www.beckhoffautomation.com
**** http://www.i-tech.si/products.php

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