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Hermes, C.

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TUP014 Software Control for a Multilayer Monochromator 110
  • A. Pazos, M. DiCastro, S. Fiedler, D. Fulla, T. Gehrmann, C. Hermes, D. Jahn, F. Ridoutt, U. R. Ristau, B. Robrahn
    EMBL, Hamburg
  The EMBL is located at the DESY site in Hamburg and operates 5 beamlines at the DORIS III storage ring. Currently the EMBL Hamburg is in charge to build three new beamlines at the new PETRA III high-brilliance synchrotron radiation source which will commence user operation in 2009. A new multilayer double-crystal monochromator has been developed in house. This has been a real application test for the software and hardware architecture of the new PETRAIII beamlines. An embedded-PC controls the electronic integrated in the EtherCAT real-time Ethernet bus. Inside this PC a logic of PLC’s directly drives the hardware allowing real time data acquisition. The control of the system is distributed and remotely accessible by a connection to a TINE device server. The commissioning phase has been done using a Labview TINE client application. The client is able to perform on-the-fly scans thanks to the PLC's base logic. In the following paper the different pieces of the system are presented as well as an overview of the instrument.  
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