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Herlo, K.

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MOW03 Integration of Renovated Networking Middleware into a Running Control System Environment 37
  • U. Krause, L. Hechler, K. Herlo, K. Höppner, P. Kainberger, S. Matthies, G. Schwarz
    GSI, Darmstadt
  Currently the proprietary networking middleware in the GSI control system is replaced by a CORBA based re-design. Rebuilding all controls components is out of scope, so existing applications as well as device specific front-end software still have to be used. The renovated middle layer has to fit between the former applications device access interface and the front-end framework. Providing similar functionality as before was a major design aspect therefore. However, the new outline, targeting more flexibility and clearity, did not completely provide the established functionality from the beginning. Several extensions, had to be added which on the other hand lead to additional capabilities for future usage of the system.  
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TUP019 Stepping Motor Control for Septum Plate Positioning 125
  • K. Herlo
    GSI, Darmstadt
  A new injection septum will be installed in the GSI accelerator facility. Both septum plates can be adjusted by four stepping motors, where two motors per plate have to be moved simultaneously and in parallel. Since the GSI standard stepping motor controller can handle only one motor at a time, a commercial stepping motor controller, microIOC-M-Box from Cosylab, had to be integrated, that can handle all motors simultaneously. We installed the software development system and ported the new GSI front-end control software, the device manager, to the motor controller. Afterwards, we designed and implemented a new device model that assures parallel movements and does extensive checks to prevent from too large skew angles. In the operator's interfaces, no particular care to meet the position constraints is needed.