Performance of Existing Accelerators; Proposed Accelerator Designs, Facilities,

Title Page
Machine Operation at the Brookhaven Alternating Gradient Synchrotron 439
  • R. R. Adams, W. F. Gefers, J. Spiro
Operation of a 3 GeV Fast Cycling Proton Synchrotron 445
  • E. P. Tomlinson
Practical Operating Problems at the RPI Linac 449
  • R. Krasse, R. Browne, R. Fullwood
A Comparison of Theoretical and Actual Beam Performance of a 140 MeV Electron Linear Accelerator at the University of Saskatchewan 457
  • J. Haimson, L. Katz
Positron Production with the USNRL Linac 462
  • M. E. Toms, T.F. Godlove
A Positron Linear Accelerator Design 465
  • C.S. Nunan
A Storage Ring for 10 BeV Muons 470
  • J. Tinlot, D. Green
Comparison of Colliding and Single Beam Proton Accelerators 476
  • W. M. Brobeck
An Accelerator for Isotope Conversion - The Recycle Accelerator 479
  • M.S. Zucker, B. Manowitz, M. Steinberg
Proposed High Intensity, High Energy Cyclotron for Light and Heavy Ions 484
  • J.J. Livingood, K.W. Johnson, T.K. Khoe, G.S. Mavrogenes, W. J. Ramler, R. A. Winje
A Low Energy Separated Orbit Cyclotron 489
  • E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord, R.E. Worsham
A Waveguide Resonant Ring Electron Accelerator 494
  • S. D. Winter
Injector and Waveguide Design Parameters for a High-Energy Electron-Positron Linear Accelerator 499
  • J. Haimson
General Description of the NRL Sector-Focusing Cyclotron Facility 508
  • R. O. Bondelid
Use of an Isochronus Cyclotron for Neutron Time-of-Flight Experimentation 512
  • H.A. Howe, M. Reiser, A. Svanheden
Power System Operation at the Cambridge Electron Accelerator 517
  • W. S. C. Henry
Problems in the Design of Cryogenic Target Facilities for Electron Scattering Experiments 519
  • H. F. Kaiser
The NRL Cyclotron Data Acquisition and Processing System 527
  • R.G. Allas
Electronic Instrumentation at the R.P.I. Linac 530
  • R. Fullwood, W. A. Bryant, D. E. Kraus
Flexibility in Accelerator Engineering Housing 535
  • I. Mackinlay
Controlling Accelerator Engineering Costs 540
  • R. Avery, D. J. Breuner
A Hypervelocity Microparticle Linear Accelerator for Use in Micrometeoric Simulation 544
  • E. H. Dingman