Accelerator Magnets and Power Supplies

Title Page
Magnet Design in High- Energy Accelerators 317
  • M. H. Blewett
A Regulated, Pulsed Current System for Focusing Magnets 327
  • R. A. Larson
Magnetic Field Control in the Manitoba Cyclotron 334
  • J. J. Burgerjon, F. Konopasek, K. G. Standing
Ring Magnet Power System for the Zero Gradient Synchrotron 338
  • J. F. Sellers, E. F. Frisby, W.F. Praeg, A.T. Visser
Magnet Exciting Coils 344
  • D. D. Jacobus
Frequency Dependence of the Resistance and Inductance of Solid Core Magnets 349
  • G. Gonzalez, A. Brambilla
Synchrotron - Magnet Cost Studies 354
  • C. G. Dols, R. A. Kilpatrick
A High Field Magnet for the Alternating-Gradient Synchrotron 359
  • G. Parzen
Some Supermagnet Design Considerations 362
  • T. H. Fields, C. Laverick
Stable Superconducting Coils 367
  • Z. J. J. Stekly, J. L. Zar
Magnet for an 800-MeV Separated Orbit Cyclotron 373
  • R.S. Lord, E.D. Hudson
The Argonne ZGS Magnet 377
  • M.H. Foss, T.K. Khoe, R. J. Krizek, W. A. Siljander
Uniform-Field Wedge Magnets: Design 383
  • T.F. Godlove, W. L. Bendel
Uniform-Field Wedge Magnets: Results 385
  • W. L. Bendel, T.F. Godlove
Pole Face Shape Design in High-Energy Accelerators 387
  • C. C. Iliescu
The Focusing Air-Core Magnet Channel for the MSU 55-MeV Cyclotron 392
  • R. E. Berg, H.G. Blosser
Magnetic Field Measurement and Spectroscopy in Multipole Fields 395
  • J.K. Cobb, J. J. Muray
Measurement and Shaping of the Fringing Fields of the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator Magnets 401
  • M. Awschalom, M. V. Isaila, P. J. Reardon, F.C. Shoemaker
Measurement of the Magnetic Median Surface of the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator 405
  • M. Awschalom
Computer Calculations of the Magnetic Field of Alternating Gradient Synchrotron Magnets 408
  • P. F. Dahl, R.S. Christian, G. Parzen
Experience with Computer Models of Two-Dimensional Magnets 412
  • J. H. Dorst
Experimental and External-Proton-Beam Magnet Power-Supply Systems at the Bevatron 416
  • L.T. Jackson
Field Control Type Current Regulator for Electromagnets 421
  • F. F. Cilyo
Control of Trim Coil Currents by Rheostat Bridges with Efficiencies above 80% 425
  • J. R. Atwood, O. K. Fredriksson
Variable Mode Solid State Magnet Cycle Timer 427
  • R. Frankel
High Repition Rate Pulsers for Beam Switching Magnets 430
  • J.L. Cole, I. C. Lutz, J. J. Muray
Electronic Peakers 434
  • W. Michaelson