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Wegner, R.

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FROBC02 RF Structures for Linac4 3821
  • F. Gerigk, N. Alharbi, M. Pasini, S. Ramberger, M. Vretenar, R. Wegner
    CERN, Geneva
  Linac4 is proposed to replace the existing proton linac at CERN (Linac2). Using an increased injection energy of 160 MeV instead of 50 MeV Linac4 is expected to double the beam intensity in the PS Booster and will thus be the first step towards higher brightness beams in the LHC. In this paper we re-assess the choice of RF structures for Linac4. Different accelerating structures for different energy ranges are compared in terms of RF efficiency, ease of construction and alignment, necessary infrastructure, and cost. Eventually we present the final choice of structures for Linac4.  
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