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TPAT098 A Review of TeV Scale Lepton-Hadron and Photon-Hadron Colliders collider, luminosity, linac, hadron 4329
  • S. Sultansoy
    Gazi University, Faculty of Science and Arts, Ankara
  Funding: Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey.

The investigation of lepton-hadron and photon-hadron collisions at TeV scale is crucial both to clarify the strong interaction dynamics from nuclei to quark-parton level and for adequate interpretation of experimental data from future hadron colliders (LHC and VLHC). In this presentation different TeV scale lepton-hadron and photon-hadron collider proposals (such as THERA, "LEP"-LHC, QCD Explorer etc) are discussed. The advantages of linac-ring type colliders has been shown comparatively.

TPPP019 Collective Effects in Lepton Ring of eRHIC electron, impedance, ion, positron 1628
  • D. Wang, M. Farkhondeh, C. Tschalaer, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart, J. van der Laan
    MIT, Middleton, Massachusetts
  • M. Blaskiewicz, Y. Luo, L. Wang
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York
  Funding: Department of Energy.

The eRHIC is a new generation lepton-hadron collider undergoing design studies by a collaboration of BNL, MIT, DESY and BINP. The collider complex will consist of a hadron machine that is mainly the existing RHIC with necessary upgrades, and a new lepton machine that can provide intense, highly polarized electron and positron beams at energy of 5-10 GeV. The ring-ring option of eRHIC is to build a 5-10 GeV electron ring with a injector chain. In this paper the beam lifetime of lepton beams is calculated.