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Keyword: waveguide

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPAE011 Analytical Design of a Waveguide Iris/Stub Tuning Coupler to an Overcoupled Superconducting Cavity RF coupler, superconducting-rf 1101
  • H. Wang (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
TPAE020 Design and Test of a 100MW X-Band TE01 Window electromagnetic-fields, higher-order-mode, travelling wave 1125
  • J. Neilson, L. Ives (Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.), S.G. Tantawi (SLAC)
TPAE021 Development of a Multi-Megawatt Circulator for X-Band electromagnetic-fields, higher-order-mode 1127
  • J. Neilson, L. Ives (Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.), S.G. Tantawi (SLAC)
TPAB017 RF Power Delivery System Design and Its Component Characterization for PEFP DTL drift tube linac (DTL), klystron, radio-frequency 1222
  • H.J. Kwon, Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, J.M. Han, K.K. Jeong (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPAB022 High Power Testing of the 402.5 MHz and 805 MHz RF Windows for the Spallation Neutron Source Accelerator RF coupler, accelerator, multipacting, radio-frequency 1237
  • K. Cummings, J.M. De Baca, J. Harrison, M. Rodrigiuez, P.A. Torrez, D.K. Warner (LANL)
TPAG001 Rebuilding WR-340 and WR-284 Waveguide Switches to Meet Higher Power at the Advanced Photon Source   1416
  • S. Berg, D. Bromberek, J. Gagliano, G. Goeppner, A. Grelick, A. Nassiri, T.L. Smith (ANL)
TPAG003 Bidirectional Coupler Optimization in WR284-Type Waveguide coupling 1422
  • T.L. Smith, S. Berg, A. Grelick, G. Waldschmidt (ANL)
TPPG022 A Simulation for Electron Trapping and Acceleration in Parabolic Density Profile and Ongoing Experimental Plan accelerator, diagnostics, plasma, wakefield 1849
  • J.U. Kim, N. Hafz, C. Kim, G.H. Kim, H.J. Lee, H. Suk (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
WPAB001 The Advanced Photon Source Injector Test Stand: Phase Two beamline, bunch compression, gun, survey 2029
  • S. Berg, T. Barsz, D. Briddick, M. Givens, G. Goeppner, A. Grelick, W. Jansma, J.W. Lewellen, A. Lopez, M. Martens, W. Michalek, S. Wesling (ANL)
WPPG051 Waveguide Mode Reflectometry for Obstacle Detection in the LHC Beam Pipe Including Signal Attenuation S-parameter, beamline, diagnostics, instrumentation 2700
  • T. Kroyer, F. Caspers (CERN)
RPAG037 Random-Regular Accelerating Structures acceleration, travelling wave, wakefield 2969
  • K. Kramarenko, M.I. Ayzatsky (NSC KIPT)