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Keyword: ferrite

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPAE006 Ferrite Evaluation for AHF Proton Synchrotrons radio-frequency 1092
  • J.T.M. Lyles (LANSCE), F. Bridges, L.J. Rybarcyk (LANL)
TPAE034 Using Ferrite as a Fast Switch for Improving Rise Time of IPNS Extraction Kicker kicker, pulsed-power 1159
  • L.I. Donley, J.C. Dooling, G.E. McMichael (ANL)
TPAB053 First Studies for a Low Temperature Higher-Order-Mode Absorber for the Cornell ERL Prototype damping, energy-recovery, higher-order-mode, superconducting-rf 1320
  • M. Liepe, B. Barstow, H. Padamsee (Cornell University)
TOPD004 Calculations and Observations of the Longitudinal Instability Caused by the Ferrite Inductors at the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) instability, storage-ring 326
  • C. Beltran (Indiana University), A. Browman, R.J. Macek (LANL)
TPPB053 PS 13.3-20 MHz RF Systems for LHC accelerator, feedback, rf cavities, synchrotron 1724
  • M. Morvillo, R. Garoby, D. Grier, M. Haase, A. Krusche, P. Maesen, M. Paoluzzi, C. Rossi (CERN)