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Keyword: EPICS

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPE030 Vacuum Systems Renewal for the PF-AR Upgrade commissioning, lifetime, vacuum 809
  • Y. Tanimoto, Y. Hori, T. Nogami, T. Uchiyama (KEK)
TPAG015 Spallation Neutron Source High-Power RF Transmitter Design for High Availability, Ease of Installation and Cost Containment accelerator, operational-performance, radio-frequency 1458
  • J. Bradley III, T. Hardek, M.T. Lynch, D.E. Rees, W. Roybal, P.J. Tallerico (LANL)
WPAG005 Power Supply Performance Monitoring and Analysis Using Operation Data power-supply, storage-ring 2270
  • J. Li, S. Hartman, Y.K. Wu (Duke University)
WPPE012 Improvement of Photon Factory Advanced Ring Control System controls, light source 2351
  • T. Obina, A. Akiyama, T. Katoh, T. Kawamoto, I. Komada, K. Kudo, S. Nagahashi, T.T. Nakamura, J. Odagiri, Y. Takeuchi, N. Yamamoto (KEK)
WPPE014 The Upgrade of HLS Linac Control System controls, linac, power-supply, vacuum 2357
  • G. Liu, X. Bao, L. Chen, C. Li, W. Li, J.P. Wang (National Synchrotron Radiation Lab), J. Li (Duke University)
WPPE017 The EPICS Based Virtual Accelerator - Concept and Implementation accelerator, controls, simulation, software 2366
  • A. Shishlo, P. Chu, J. Galambos, T.A. Pelaia (ORNL)
WPPE028 Cross Platform SCA Component using C++ Builder and Kylix controls 2385
  • H. Nishimura, J.L. McDonald, C. Timossi (LBNL)
WPPE029 Design of Control System for SAGA Synchrotron Light Source controls, storage-ring 2387
  • H. Ohgaki (Kyoto University), K. Kudo, H. Toyokawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Y. Iwasaki, S. Koda, T. Tomimasu (Saga Synchrotron Light Source)
WPPB033 A Physics Based Control System for the Duke Storage Ring controls, storage-ring 2482
  • Y.K. Wu, S. Hartman, S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University)
WPPB047 A Multiwire Proportional Chamber System for Monitoring Low Momentum Beam in Accelerators accelerator, beam profile monitor, diagnostics 2515
  • R. Merl, F. Gallegos, C. Pillai, B.J. Sanchez, F. Shelley, A. Steck (LANL)
WPPB048 High Speed Epics Data Acquisition and Processing on One VME Board accelerator, diagnostics 2518
  • R. Merl, F. Gallegos, C. Pillai, F. Shelley (LANL)
FPAG006 Use of a Simple Storage Ring Simulation for Development of Enhanced Orbit Correction Software orbit-control, simulation, software, storage-ring 3476
  • R. Soliday, M. Borland, L. Emery, H. Shang (ANL)