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Keyword: drift tube linac (DTL)

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPB080 A Neutron Source Facility for Neutron Cross-Section Measurements on Radioactive Targets at RIA accelerator, deuteron, irradiation, neutron 989
  • L. Ahle, R. Berio, L. Bernstein, B. Rusnak (LLNL)
TPAB016 Design of 20MeV DTL for PEFP accelerator, klystron, proton, quadrupole 1219
  • Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, J.H. Jang, H.J. Kwon, M.Y. Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPAB017 RF Power Delivery System Design and Its Component Characterization for PEFP DTL klystron, radio-frequency, waveguide 1222
  • H.J. Kwon, Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, J.M. Han, K.K. Jeong (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
TPAB040 TRIUMF ISAC RF System Improvements after 2 Years of Operational Experience RF coupler, radio-frequency, rf-structure 1285
  • I. Bylinsky, Z. Ang, S. Fang, K. Fong, R. Kumaran, J. Lu, R. Poirier (TRIUMF)
TPAG038 Particle-Beam Behavior in the SNS Linac with Simulated and Reconstructed Beams linac, longitudinal-dynamics, superconducting-rf, transverse-dynamics 1515
  • S. Nath, J. Billen, J. Stovall, H. Takeda, L.M. Young (LANL), D. Jeon (ORNL), K. Crandall (TechSource, Inc.)
RPAB030 Development of Room Temperature Accelerating Structures for the RIA accelerator, radio-frequency-quadrupole, rf-structure 2790
  • N.E. Vinogradov, P.N. Ostroumov, E. Rotela, S.I. Sharamentov, S. Sharma, G.P. Zinkann (ANL), J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), D.L. Schrage (LANL)
RPAB033 Results of the IPHI Drift Tube Linac's Hot Model CW Tests cw, electromagnetic-fields, proton, thermal 2799
  • P.-E. Bernaudin, G. Congretel (CE Saclay), P. Balleyguier (French Atomic Energy Commission), A. Fontenille, E. Froidefond, M. Fruneau, D. Marchand, M. Planet, J.-C. Ravel (LPSC Grenoble)
RPAB048 Development of a Low-Energy Proton Accelerator System for the Proton Engineering Frontier Project (PEFP) accelerator, proton, radio-frequency-quadrupole 2832
  • J.M. Han, Y.S. Cho, B.H. Choi, S.H. Han, J.H. Jang, K.K. Jeong, Y.J. Kim, H.J. Kwon, H.H. Lee, J.H. Na, M.Y. Park, K.T. Seol (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
RPAB049 Tuning of the RF Field of the DTL for the J-PARC proton, rf-structure 2835
  • F. Naito, M. Ikegami, T. Kato, E. Takasaki, H. Tanaka (KEK), T. Ito (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)
RPAB051 Mechanical Design of the Drift-Tube Linac (DTL) for the Spallation Neutron Source accelerator, rf cavities, rf-structure 2841
  • T. Ilg, S. Ellis, W. Fox, R. Gentzlinger, R. Martineau, L. Rowton, J. Sims (LANL), G. Johnson (ORNL)
RPAB067 An Energy Upgrade of the REX-ISOLDE Linac radioactive beams, rf-structure 2872
  • O. Kester, H. Bongers, W. Carli, S. Emhofer, D. Habs, K. Rudolph, T. Sieber (Sektion Physik der LMU München)