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Keyword: laser

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOPB010 Design, Construction and Status of an All Niobium Superconducting Photoinjector at BNL cw, photoinjector, rf cavities, superconducting-rf 92
  • T. Srinivasan-Rao, I. Ben-Zvi, A. Burrill, G. Citver, A. Hershcovitch, D. Pate, A. Reuter, J. Scaduto, Q. Zhao, Y. Zhao (BNL), H. Bluem, M. Cole, A. Favale, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems), J. Delayen, P. Kneisel (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
MPPE005 Light Triggered Thyristor Crowbar for Klystron Protection Application klystron, solid state devices 749
  • W. Merz, J.-P. Jensen (DESY)
MPPB066 X-Ray Laser Seeding for Short Pulses and Narrow Bandwidth attosecond, free-electron-laser, x-ray 959
  • W.S. Graves, M. Farkhondeh, F.X. Kaertner, R. Milner, C. Tschalaer, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart, J.B. van der Laan (MIT-Bates), D.E. Moncton (ANL), W. Fawley (LBNL)
MPPB076 The MIT Bates X-Ray Laser Project bunch compression, free-electron-laser, superconducting-rf, undulator 980
  • T. Zwart, M. Farkhondeh, W.S. Graves, F.X. Kaertner, R. Milner, D.E. Moncton, C. Tschalaer, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, J.B. van der Laan (MIT-Bates)
TPAG041 Beam in Gap Measurements at the SNS Front-End beam-transport, chopper, diagnostics 1524
  • A. Aleksandrov, S. Assadi, W. Blokland, C. Deibele, W. Grice, J. Pogge (ORNL)
TPPG004 Proposal for a Pre-Bunched Laser Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at the BNL DUV-FEL Facility bunching, plasma accelerator 1819
  • X.J. Wang, B. Sheehy, Z. Wu (BNL), W. Gai (ANL), A. Ting (Naval Research Laboratory)
TPPG016 Shaping of Pulses in Optical Grating-Based Laser Systems for Optimal Control of Electrons in Laser Plasma Wake-Field Accelerator controls, plasma accelerator, wakefield 1840
  • C. Toth, J. Faure, C.G.R. Geddes, W.P. Leemans, J. van Tilborg (LBNL)
TPPG018 Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Optical Injectors for Plasma Accelerators injection, plasma accelerator 1846
  • D.F. Gordon, R.F. Hubbard, T. Jones, P. Sprangle, A. Ting (Naval Research Laboratory), B. Hafizi (Icarus Research, Inc.)
TPPG024 Photonic Crystal Laser Accelerator Structures crystal, dielectric, simulation 1855
  • B. Cowan, M. Javanmard, R.H. Siemann (SLAC)
TPPG028 Miniaturization Techniques for Accelerators accelerator, radiation 1861
  • J. Spencer (SLAC), J. Mansell (Intellite Inc), W. Ha, T. Plettner, J. Wisdom (Stanford University)
TPPG034 Acceleration of Injected Electrons in a Laser Beatwave Experiment beat-wave, plasma accelerator 1873
  • S.Ya. Tochitsky, C. Clayton, C.V. Filip, C. Joshi, K.A. Marsh, P. Musumeci, R. Narang, C. Pellegrini, J.B. Rosenzweig, R. Yoder (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPG035 A Proposal to Experimentally Demonstrate a Novel Regime of Electron Vacuum Acceleration by Using a Tightly Focused Laser Beam acceleration, electron 1876
  • F. Zhou, D. Cline, L. Shao (University of California, Los Angeles), H.K. Ho (Fudan University)
TPPG045 Generation of an Ultra-Short Relativistic-Electron-Bunch by a Laser Wakefield plasma accelerator, wakefield 1900
  • A.G. Khachatryan, K.-J. Boller, F.A. van Goor (University of Twente)
TPPG046 Charged Particle Interaction with a Chirped Electromagnetic Pulse acceleration 1903
  • A.G. Khachatryan, K.-J. Boller, F.A. van Goor (University of Twente)
TPPG047 Laser Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at KERI accelerator, electron, wakefield 1906
  • G.H. Kim, C. Kim, J.U. Kim, H.J. Lee, H. Suk (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
TPPG048 STELLA-II: Demonstration of Monoenergetic Laser Acceleration accelerator, bunching, inverse-free-electron-laser, permanent-magnet 1909
  • W.D. Kimura, L.P. Campbell, C.E. Dilley, S.C. Gottschalk, D.C. Quimby (STI Optronics, Inc.), M. Babzien, I. Ben-Zvi, J.C. Gallardo, K.P. Kusche, I.V. Pogorelsky, J. Skaritka, V. Yakimenko (BNL), R.H. Pantell (Stanford University), D. Cline, F. Zhou (University of California, Los Angeles), L.C. Steinhauer (University of Washington)
TPPG049 Electron Acceleration by Laser Wakefields in Tapered Plasma Densities acceleration, plasma accelerator, wakefield 1912
  • H. Suk, C. Kim, G.H. Kim, J.U. Kim, H.J. Lee (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
TPPG054 Towards Realizing Optical Injection of Electrons in Resonantly Excited Plasma Wakefields energy-spread, plasma accelerator, simulation, wakefield 1921
  • N. Saleh, S. Chen, W. Theobald, D. Umstadter, C. Widjaja, V. Yanovsky, P. Zhang (University of Michigan)
TPPG057 Stability of Electron Orbits in the Strong Wake Fields Generated by a Train of FSEC Bunches acceleration, wakefield 1930
  • C. Wang (Yale University), T.C. Marshall (Columbia University), J.L. Hirshfield (Omega-P, Inc. and Yale University)
WPAB008 Tests of Niobium Cathode for the Superconducting Radio Frequency Gun cathode, photoinjector 2047
  • Q. Zhao, T. Srinivasan-Rao (BNL), M. Cole (Advanced Energy Systems)
WPAB016 On the Photocathodes Used at the TTF Photoinjector cathode, injection, photoinjector, space-charge 2071
  • S. Schreiber (DESY), P. Michelato, L. Monaco, D. Sertore (INFN)
WPAB026 An Electron Source for a Laser Accelerator bunching, electron gun 2101
  • E. Colby, C.D. Barnes, C.M. Sears (SLAC)
WPAB028 Experimental Measurements of the ORION Photoinjector Drive Laser Oscillator Subsystem electron, photoinjector, pulse-stretcher, timing 2107
  • D.T. Palmer, R. Akre (SLAC)
WPAB031 The UCLA Pegasus Plane-Wave Transformer Photoinjector accelerator, electron gun, photoinjector, standing wave 2112
  • G. Travish, G. Andonian, P. Frigola, S. Reiche, J.B. Rosenzweig, S. Telfer (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAB090 Generation of Femtosecond Electron Bunches and Hard-X-Rays by Ultra-Intense Laser Wake Field Acceleration in a Gas Jet acceleration, electron, femtosecond, x-ray 2258
  • M. Uesaka, T. Hosokai (University of Tokyo), K. Kinoshita, A. Zhidkov (National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS))
WPPB001 Techniques for Synchronization of X-Ray Pulses to the Pump Laser in an Ultrafast X-Ray Facility femtosecond, light source, timing 2408
  • J. Corlett, L. Doolittle, R. Schoenlein, J. Staples, R. Wilcox, A. Zholents (LBNL)
WPPG054 The SNS Laser Profile Monitor Design and Implementation accelerator, diagnostics, photon, spallation 2706
  • S. Assadi, A. Aleksandrov, W. Blokland, A. DeCarlo, C. Deibele, P. Gibson, W. Grice, M. Hechler, T. Hunter, J. Kelly, P. Ladd, G. Murdoch, J. Pogge, K. Potter, D. Purcell, T.J. Shea, D. Stout (ORNL)
ROAB008 Chirped-Laser Based Electron Bunch Length Monitor diagnostics, instrumentation 519
  • G. Berden, G. Knippels, D. Oepts, A.F.G. van der Meer (FELIX, FOM-Rijnhuizen), J.L. Shen (Capital Normal University), I. Wilke (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), W.A. Gillespie, S.P. Jamison, A.M. MacLeod, X. Yan (University of Abertay Dundee)
RPAG047 Characteristics of Pulse Compression in Laser Pulse Amplification by Stimulated Raman Backscattering plasma, plasma physics, simulation 2984
  • J.B. Kim (KERI and POSTECH), H.J. Lee, H. Suk (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute), I.S. Ko (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
RPAG049 Effect of Preplasmas on High-Energy Ion Generation by an Intense Laser Pulse Irradiated on Overdense Plasmas soliton, wakefield 2987
  • H.J. Lee, C. Kim, G.H. Kim, J.U. Kim, H. Suk (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute), J.B. Kim (KERI and POSTECH)
FOAB004 Simulation of Accelerated Electron Spectra in Laser Wakefield Accelerators injection, plasma accelerator, simulation, wakefield 716
  • R.F. Hubbard, D.F. Gordon, T. Jones, J.R. Peñano, P. Sprangle, A. Ting (Naval Research Laboratory), B. Hafizi, A. Zigler (Icarus Research, Inc.), D. Kaganovich (LET Corporation)
FOAB005 All-Optical Beamlet Train Generation plasma accelerator, simulation, wakefield 719
  • J.R. Cary, R. Giacone, C. Nieter (University of Colorado at Boulder), E. Esarey, G. Fubiani, W.P. Leemans (LBNL), D.L. Bruhwiler (Tech-X Corporation)
FPAB023 Ion and Neutral Beam Generation by 1TW, 50fs Laser Irradiation of Thin Foils ion-source 3335
  • Y. Wada, T. Kubota, A. Ogata (Hiroshima University)