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Keyword: ion-source

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOPB002 Commissioning of the Spallation Neutron Source front End Systems accelerator, beamline, commissioning, radio-frequency-quadrupole 65
  • A. Aleksandrov (ORNL)
MOPB003 Heavy Ion Fusion Sources brightness, emittance, simulation, space-charge 70
  • D.P. Grote (LLNL), J. Kwan (LBNL)
MOPB004 H- Surface Converter Source Development at Los Alamos h-minus 73
  • G. Rouleau, E. Chacon-Golcher, E. Geros, E.G. Jacobson, B.J. Meyer, B.A. Prichard Jr., J. Sherman, J.E. Stelzer, R.R. Stevens Jr. (LANL)
MOPB007 Advanced ECR Sources for Highly Charged Ions   81
  • S. Gammino, L. Ando, L. Celona, G. Ciavola (INFN), A. Girard, D. Hitz, G. Melin (CEA Grenoble)
MOPB008 Commissioning of the Superconducting ECR Ion Source VENUS heavy-ion, injection 86
  • D. Leitner, S.R. Abbott, R.D. Dwinell, M.A. Leitner, C.M. Lyneis, C. Taylor (LBNL)
MOPB009 Design of an EBIS for RHIC heavy-ion 89
  • J. Alessi, E. Beebe, D. Graham, A. Kponou, A. Pikin, K. Prelec, J. Ritter, V. Zajic (BNL)
MPPB085 Initial Performance of a 6 GHz "Volume" ECR Ion Source ionization 998
  • Y. Liu, G.D. Alton, J.M. Cole, F.W. Meyer, G.D. Mills, C.A. Reed, C.L. Williams (ORNL), H. Bilheux (University of Versailles)
TPPE009 First Tests of a CW RFQ Injector for the IUCF Cyclotrons cw, cyclotron, injection, linac 1563
  • V.P. Derenchuk, V. Anferov, D.L. Friesel, W.P. Jones (Indiana University), R.W. Hamm (AccSys Technology Inc.), J. Staples (LBNL)
TPPE019 CRYRING Progress: Weak Beams, Rare Ions and Ordering crystallization, diagnostics, electron cooling, storage-ring 1590
  • A. Kàllberg, G. Andler, L. Bagge, M. Björkhage, M. Blom, H. Danared, P. Löfgren, A. Paàl, K.-G. Rensfelt, A. Simonsson, F. Österdahl, M. af Ugglas (Manne Siegbahn Laboratory)
WPPG005 On Emittance Evolution in the Extraction System of High-Current Electron and Ion Sources electron gun, emittance, non-linear-dynamics, space-charge 2601
  • J.-M. Lagniel, P. Balleyguier, D. Guilhem, J.-L. Lemaire, N. Pichoff, M. Promé (French Atomic Energy Commission)
ROAB010 Self-Consistent, Unbiased Exclusion Methods of Emittance Analysis background, emittance, halo, variational method 527
  • M.P. Stockli, R.F. Welton (ORNL), R. Keller (LBNL)
FPAB001 Polarized H- Ion Source Performance During the 2003 RHIC Run h-minus, polarization, polarized beams 3282
  • J. Alessi, B. Briscoe, O. Gould, A. Kponou, Vincent LoDestro, D. Raparia, J. Ritter, A. Zelenski (BNL), V. Klenov, S. Kokhanovski, V. Zubets (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
FPAB004 Diffusion of Alkali Species in Porous Tungsten Substrates Used in Contact-Ionization Sources   3291
  • E. Chacon-Golcher (LANL), J. Kwan (LBNL), E.C. Morse (University of California, Berkeley)
FPAB005 Fabrication of Large Diameter Alumino-Silicate K+ Sources heavy-ion 3294
  • D. Baca, J. Kwan, J.K. Wu (LBNL), E. Chacon-Golcher (LANL)
FPAB006 Beam Optics of a 10-cm Diameter High Current Heavy Ion Diode gun, heavy-ion, injection 3297
  • J. Kwan, F.M. Bieniosek, J.-L. Vay (LBNL), E. Halaxa, G. Westenskow (LLNL), I. Haber (University of Maryland)
FPAB007 Characterization of an RF-Driven Plasma Ion Source for Heavy Ion Fusion heavy-ion 3300
  • G. Westenskow, E. Halaxa, R.P. Hall (LLNL), J. Kwan (LBNL)
FPAB009 Development and Status of the SNS Ion Source h-minus, injection, neutron, spallation 3306
  • R.F. Welton, S.N. Murray, M.P. Stockli (ORNL), R. Keller (LBNL)
FPAB010 Proof-of-Concept Experiments for Negative Ion Driver Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion heavy-ion 3309
  • L. Grisham (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University), S.K. Hahto, S.T. Hahto, J. Kwan, K.N. Leung (LBNL)
FPAB013 First Test of the Charge State Breeder BRIC radio-frequency, radioactive beams 3318
  • V. Variale, V. Valentino (INFN), P. Bak, Y. Boimelshtein, P. Logatchov, B. Skarbo, M. Tiunov (BINP), A. Boggia, G. Brautti, T. Clauser, A. Raino (Dipartimento di Fisica di Bari and INFN)
FPAB023 Ion and Neutral Beam Generation by 1TW, 50fs Laser Irradiation of Thin Foils laser 3335
  • Y. Wada, T. Kubota, A. Ogata (Hiroshima University)