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Keyword: dynamic-aperture

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPB010 Lifetime Reduction due to Insertion Devices at BESSYII insertion-device, lifetime, light source, tune 845
  • J. Feikes (Cornell University), G. Wüstefeld (BESSY)
TOAB009 Controlling Field Quality in Magnet Production magnet-design, magnetic measurements, multipole 173
  • W. Scandale, L. Bottura, A. Devred, V. Remondino, S. Sanfilippo, E. Todesco, C. Vollinger, E. Wildner (CERN)
TOPA002 Superbend Upgrade at the Advanced Light Source brightness, light source, non-linear-dynamics, superconducting magnet 224
  • D. Robin (LBNL)
TPPB039 Design of a Fast Chromaticity Jump in RHIC sextupole 1700
  • C. Montag, D. Bruno, G. Ganetis, J. Kewisch, W. Louie (BNL)
TPPB075 Simulations of Octupole Compensation for Head-Tail Instability at the Tevatron octupole, simulation 1775
  • M. Xiao, T. Sen (FNAL), F. Schmidts (CERN)
WOAA003 Recent Developments in Designs for e+e- Colliders collider, interaction-region, lattice, luminosity 345
  • K. Ohmi (KEK)
WOAB001 Frequency Map Analysis and Particle Accelerators accelerator-theory, light source, non-linear-dynamics, resonance 378
  • J. Laskar (BDL)
WOAB004 Nonlinear Dynamics in the Duke Storage Ring with FEL Wigglers insertion-device, storage-ring, wiggler 391
  • Y.K. Wu, J. Li, V. Litvinenko, S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University)
WPAB076 Design of FFAGs Based on a FODO Lattice acceleration, chromatic-effects, lattice, linear-dynamics 2216
  • J.S. Berg (BNL), C. Johnstone (FNAL)
WPAB077 End Field Effects in Bend-Only Cooling Lattices chromatic-effects, lattice, magnet-design, non-linear-dynamics 2219
  • J.S. Berg, H. Kirk (BNL), A.A. Garren (University of California, Los Angeles)
WPAB081 Completion of the Sextupole Driving Terms Measurement at the SPS   2231
  • R. Tomàs, M. Hayes, F. Schmidt (CERN)
WPAB086 Impact of Narrow Gap Undulators on the Advanced Light Source beam-losses, lifetime, non-linear-dynamics 2246
  • D. Robin, C. Steier, W. Wan, A. Wolski (LBNL)
WPAG012 Lattice with Smaller Momentum Compaction Factor for PEP-II High Energy Ring lattice, simulation 2288
  • Y. Nosochkov, Y. Cai, M. Donald (SLAC)
WPAG013 Tracking Simulations Near Half-Integer Resonance at PEP-II resonance, simulation 2291
  • Y. Nosochkov, Y. Cai (SLAC)
RPAB023 Wigglers and Single-Particle Dynamics in the NLC Damping Rings non-linear-dynamics, wiggler 2772
  • M. Venturini, A. Wolski (LBNL), A. Dragt (University of Maryland)
RPAB025 A Lattice with Larger Momentum Compaction for the NLC Main Damping Rings damping, lattice, linear-collider, wiggler 2775
  • M. Woodley, T.O. Raubenheimer, J. Wu (SLAC), A. Wolski (LBNL)
RPAG004 Beam Diffusion Measurements at RHIC background, halo, intra-beam scattering, transverse-dynamics 2904
  • R. Fliller III, A. Drees, D. Gassner, G. McIntyre, S. Peggs, D. Trbojevic (BNL)
RPPG007 Probing the Non-Linear Dynamics of the ESRF Storage Ring with Experimental Frequency Maps non-linear-dynamics, resonance, tune 3189
  • Y. Papaphilippou, L. Farvacque, A. Ropert (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), J. Laskar (BDL, Paris)
RPPG041 Analytical Estimation of Dynamic Apertures Limited by the Wigglers in Storage Rings accelerator-theory, non-linear-dynamics, storage-ring, wiggler 3267
  • J. Gao (Laboratoire de L'Accelerateur Lineaire [LAL])
RPPG042 Lattice Design of Saga Synchrotron Light Source lattice, light source, simulation 3270
  • Y. Iwasaki, S. Koda, T. Tomimasu (Saga Synchrotron Light Source), H. Ohgaki (Kyoto University), H. Toyokawa, M. Yasumoto (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Y. Hashiguchi, T. Kitsuka, Y. Ochiai, Y. Yamatsu (Saga Prefectural Government)
RPPG043 Linear and Nonlinear Optics Studies in the ANKA Storage Ring lattice, light source, optical-matching, tune 3273
  • A.-S. Müller, I. Birkel, E. Huttel, F. Perez, M. Pont, R. Rossmanith (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)