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Author: Black, E.

Paper Title Page
MPPB078 The Mucool Test Area Linac Experimental Facility at Fermilab 983
  • D. Errede (University of Illinois), R. Alber, A. Bross, M. Foley, S. Geer, C. Johnstone, N.V. Mokhov, B. Norris, M. Popovic, I.L. Rakhno, K. Vaziri (FNAL), E. Black (Illinois Institute of Technology), M.A.C. Cummings (Northern Illinois University)
TPPB087 Gaseous Hydrogen for Muon Beam Cooling 1792
  • R.P. Johnson, R.E. Hartline (Muons, Inc.), C. Ankenbrandt, M. Kuchnir, A. Moretti, M. Popovic (FNAL), M. Alsharo'a, E. Black, D.M. Kaplan (Illinois Institute of Technology)
TPPG013 The Integration of Liquid and Solid Muon Absorbers into a Focusing Magnet of a Muon Cooling Channel 1834
  • M.A. Green (LBNL), R.B. Palmer (BNL), E. Black, M.A. Cummings, D.M. Kaplan (Illinois Institute of Technology), S. Ishimoto (KEK), J.H. Cobb, W. Lau, S. Yang (Oxford University)
WPAE026 Measurements of Beam Driven Hydrodynamic Turbulence 1999
  • J. Norem (ANL), E. Black (Illinois Institute of Technology), L. Bandura, M.A.C. Cummings (Northern Illinois University), D. Errede (University of Illinois)