Author: Hsu, S.Y.
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MOPO040 RF Reference Distribution for the Taiwan Photon Source 571
  • K.H. Hu, Y.-T. Chang, J. Chen, Y.-S. Cheng, P.C. Chiu, K.T. Hsu, S.Y. Hsu, C.H. Kuo, D. Lee, C.-Y. Liao, C.Y. Wu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) is a low-emittance 3-GeV synchrotron light source with circumference of 518.4 m which is being under construction at National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) campus. Low noise 500 MHz master oscillator and novel fiber based CW RF reference distribution system will be employed to take advantages of advanced technology in this field and deliver better performance. The preliminary test of the prototype system is summarized in this report.  
TUPC146 Beam Profiles Analysis for Beam Diagnostic Applications 1368
  • C.-Y. Liao, J. Chen, Y.-S. Cheng, P.C. Chiu, K.T. Hsu, S.Y. Hsu, K.H. Hu, C.H. Kuo, C.Y. Wu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Beam profile and its analysis play an important role in beam diagnostics of a particle accelerator system. Use of destructive screen monitor or non-destructive synchrotron radiation monitor for beam profile measurement is a simple way and has been widely used in synchrotron light source facility. Analyze beam profiles can obtain beam parameters including beam center, σ, and tilt angle which has become a useful tool for beam diagnostic. In this report the comparison of fitting strategies affect the analysis results are studied. The computer simulated beam profiles with different background noise level and conditions are used to evaluate the computing time, and the estimated fitting errors.  
WEPC038 Beam Line Design and Beam Measurement for TPS Linac 2091
  • K.L. Tsai, H.-P. Chang, C.-T. Chen, C.-S. Fann, K.T. Hsu, S.Y. Hsu, C.-Y. Liao, K.-K. Lin, H.M. Shih
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • K. Dunkel, C. Piel
    RI Research Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
  A beam line for examining the beam quality of TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) linac was designed and constructed in NSRRC. Beam parameters, such as energy, emittance and charge etc., are verified by using the equipments setup in the beam line for this purpose. The lattice design and its manipulation for the parameter measurements are presented in this report. Preliminary results and the tools associating with the measurement are briefly described.  
THPO034 Optimization of a Dual One-turn Coils Kicker Magnet System 3415
  • K.L. Tsai, C.-T. Chen, C.-S. Fann, S.Y. Hsu, Y.D. Li, K.-K. Lin, K.-B. Liu, H.M. Shih, Y.S. Wong
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Optimization of a dual one-turn coils configuration for fast kicker magnet system is presented in this report. Emphasis has been made on the: 1) optimization of various possible coils arrangement restricted by the existing available hardware; and 2) synchronization between pulsed currents delivering on the respective upper and lower coils. In the consideration of coils arrangement, good field region is utilized as the guiding parameter while adjusting fixture gap between the coils. As for coil currents timing optimization, fast rise-time and pulse shape preservation are used for practical implementation purpose. Both numerical analysis and experimental data will be presented and discussed.