Author: Chang, J.-C.
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TUPS062 The Ground Testing of TPS Ground System 1677
  • T.-S. Ueng, J.-C. Chang, C.K. Kuan, Y.-C. Lin
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  A ground grid of 4 rings and 62 vertical electrodes has been constructed for the TPS storage ring. The ground resistance was designed to be smaller than 0.2 ohms in order to give a good protection of the TPS electrical facility and personnel. In order to match the building construction schedule the TPS ground grid has been installed about 1/6 segment of the construction project each period. The ground impedance of each segment was measured right after the installation. The ground grid with the diameter of 200 m of outside ring and its low impedance value, also the limit testing space, challenged the measurement of ground resistance. Several different methods of ground testing have been used and the measured results are compared each other. These methods include fall-of-potential method, slope method, intersecting curves method and the test-current-reversal method. The final TPS ground impedance will be measured and compared with the calculation from combining the previous several segment measurements. The actual TPS ground resistance should have a smaller value than expected.  
TUPS063 Power Saving Schemes in the NSRRC 1680
  • J.-C. Chang, Y.F. Chiu, J.-M. Lee, Y.-C. Lin, C.Y. Liu, Z.-D. Tsai, T.-S. Ueng
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC), Taiwan will complete the construction of the civil and utility system engineering of the Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) in the end of 2012. The power consumption of the TPS is estimated about 2.3 times of that of the existed Taiwan Light Source (TLS). To cope with increasing power requirement in the near future, we have been conducting several power saving schemes, which include power requirement control, optimization of chillers operation, application of heat pump, air conditioning system improvement, power factor improvement and the lighting system improvement.  
TUPS064 Construction Status of the Utility System for the 3GeV TPS Storage Ring 1683
  • J.-C. Chang, J.-R. Chen, Y.-C. Chung, C.K. Kuan, K.C. Kuo, J.-M. Lee, Y.-C. Lin, C.Y. Liu, I. Liu, Z.-D. Tsai
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The construction of the utility system for the 3.0 GeV Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) has been contracted out in the end of 2009. The whole construction of the utility system is scheduled to be completed in the end of 2012. Total budget of this construction is about four million dollars. The utility system includes the electrical power, cooling water, air conditioning, compressed air and fire control systems. The TPS construction site is located adjacent to TLS. Some areas of TPS and TLS are overlapped. Under tight schedule, limit budget and geographic constrains, it is a challenge to complete the utility system construction of TPS on time, on budget, and to specification. This paper presents some main issues and status of the utility system construction for the TPS storage ring.