Author: Bosser, J.
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WEPS007 CNAO Synchrotron Commissioning 2496
  • C. Priano, G. Balbinot, G. Bazzano, J. Bosser, E. Bressi, M. Caldara, H. Caracciolo, L. Falbo, A. Parravicini, M. Pullia, C. Viviani
    CNAO Foundation, Milan, Italy
  • C. Biscari, A. Ghigo
    INFN/LNF, Frascati (Roma), Italy
  The CNAO (National Center for Oncological Hadrontherapy), located in Pavia, is the first Italian center for deep hadrontherapy with proton and carbon ion beams. The CNAO synchrotron initial commissioning has been carried out using proton beams in the full range of energies: 60 to 250 MeV/u. The first foreseen treatments will need energies between 120 and 170 MeV/u. The nominal proton currents have been reached. The energy scaling of the synchrotron systems and parameters leads to an extracted energy that matches the measured particle range better than 0.1 mm, fitting the treatment requirements, with repeatable beam size and beam current in the treatment room at all investigated energies. A summary of the main results of the synchrotron commissioning is presented.  
THOAA01 Beam Diagnostics Commissioning at CNAO 2848
  • H. Caracciolo, G. Balbinot, G. Bazzano, J. Bosser, M. Caldara, A. Parravicini, M. Pullia, C. Viviani
    CNAO Foundation, Milan, Italy
  The National Centre for Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO) is the first Italian facility for the treatment of deep located tumors with proton and carbon ion beams using active scanning. The commissioning with proton beams is concluded and CNAO is going to start treating patients with protons; in the meantime the machine commissioning with carbon ions beam is going on. Beam diagnostics instrumentation is fundamental to measure beam properties along the lines from sources to patients. Some significant measurements performed during proton beam commissioning and the performances achieved with the CNAO beam diagnostic systems are presented in this paper.  
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