Author: Vidal, J.O.
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PLC Based Control Systems Workshop  
  • E. Blanco Viñuela, B. Fernández Adiego, B. Schofield, J.O. Vidal
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  This workshop intends to create a collaborative space where attendees will show their best practices, tools employed and return of experience when engineering PLC based control systems. Topics that will be addressed: 1.Specifications, requirements trace, documents: analysis, design, implementation. 2.Software development: standards and/or frameworks, novel paradigms (e.g. automatic code generation, object orientation), language choice and coding conventions, best practices. 3.Testing and verification: methodologies and tests (FAT, SAT), simulation, static analysis, verification (e.g. formal methods). 4.Application management: versioning, deployment, online changes, upgrades, reverse engineering. 5.Technology evolution: embedded communications (e.g. OPC-UA, MQTT…), edge computing, new domains of application.  
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