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Jordan, K.

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FOAB03 Ethernet Based Embedded IOC for FEL Control Systems 720
  • A. C. Grippo, K. Jordan, S. W. Moore, D. W. Sexton, J. Yan
    Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
  An Ethernet-based embedded Input Output Controller (IOC) has been developed as part of an upgrade to the control system for the Free Electron Laser Project at Jefferson Lab. Currently most of the FEL systems are controlled, configured, and monitored using a central VME bus-based configuration. These crate-based systems are limited in growth and usually interleave multiple systems. In order to accommodate incremental system growth and lower channel costs, we developed a standalone system, an Ethernet-based embedded controller called the Single Board IOC (SBIOC). The SBIOC is a module that integrates an Altera FPGA and the Arcturus uCdimm Coldfire 5282 Microcontroller daughter card into one module, which can be easily configured for different kinds of I/O devices. The microcontroller is a complete System-on-Module, including highly integrated functional blocks. A real-time operating system, RTEMS, is cross-compiled with EPICS, allowing us to download the RTEMS kernel, IOC device supports, and databases into the microcontroller. This embedded IOC system has the features of a low-cost IOC, free open source RTOS, plug-and-play-like ease of installation, and flexibility.  
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