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Ptitsyn, V.

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WEO2C01 Beam-Beam Simulations Challenges for Future Electron-Ion Collider eRHIC 516
  • V. Ptitsyn, Y. Hao, V. Litvinenko
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York

The future electron-ion collider eRHIC - under design at BNL - will collide the electron beam accelerated in an energy recovery linacs with protons or ions circulating in the accelerator ring. This linac-ring collisions bring up a number of unique features in beam-beam interactions. For in-depth studies of the beam-beam effects and resulting the luminosity limitations, we developed a dedicated simulation code. We researched the effects of the mismatch, the disruption and the pinching on the electron beam. Relevant dynamics of the proton beam including the kink instability in combination with incoherent beam-beam effects was also explored in detail. In this talk we will describe the main features of our simulation code and will present the most important simulations results.


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